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New media 1216833 yerim choi

  1. 1. Social Media Recommendations Public Relations & Advertising 1216833 Yerim Choi
  2. 2. - Table of Contents 1. Introduction of ‘FREEMED’ 2. Analysis of FREEMED Social Media Page 3. Analysis of Competitors’ Social Media Page - UNICEF - World Vision 4. SWOT & Insights 5. Recommendation for FREEMED
  3. 3. Freemed - Freemed is non-profit medical organization. It was established in 2008 by some university students as a Social Enterprise. In 2012, it was approved as non-profit organization. - Most acting members of freemed are university students. And many of alumni and doctors help to operating organization. - Since freemed is non-profit organization, they have to do fundraising. - Freemed operates three main projects.
  4. 4. 3 projects MHI : Freemed operate MHI project (MHI : Maternal Healthcare Initiative) to decrease mother death rate of underdeveloped countries. They distribute medical devices such as delivery kit, Antenatal Diagnostic Tool Kit. They also try to construct medical infra in underdeveloped country. And they educate local people how to use the kits. CLINIC : Freemed provide free clinic service in Seoul station to the homeless. Freemed help people living healthy. Clinic service is operated consistently. Health Education : Freemed helps children to recognize the value and importance of health. By teaching to children medical information, Freemed expect children to grow healthy and brightly.
  5. 5. Analysis of Freemed Facebook page - 2,280 likes - Most people who click ‘likes’ and share contents are fans of freemed page. - M.H.I / Clinic / Health education posting + informative posting (such as recruiting) - In 2012, freemed write all information on their facebook timelines. However, these days freemed upload contents through blog links. - We cannot search Freemed facebook page when we search ‘freemed’ in Korean. - People cannot post on freemed facebook page. Only freemed facebook manager can write something on their timelines.
  6. 6. Analysis of Freemed Facebook page / Best effective content 141 Likes / 4 Comments Informative This posting notice event of Freemed. It encourage people to participate their events.
  7. 7. Analysis of Freemed Facebook page / worst effective content 10 Likes / 4 Comments / 6 Shares Timeline message is not attractive. It is lack to appeal other people. Posting with too little information can be confusing.
  8. 8. Analysis of Freemed Facebook page / Good Example 78 Likes / 52 Comments / 63 Shares Good Example This content was written based on their vivid experiences. Picture is also interesting!
  9. 9. Analysis of Freemed Facebook page / Bad Example 19 Likes / 2 Comments / 7 Shares People don’t know about OCS totally. And time line message is not attractive. It is lack to appeal other people. Maybe, nobody wants to click the link.
  10. 10. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) - UNICEF is created to help others who suffer from poverty, violence, diseases and discrimination place. - The UNICEF facebook page is meant to be an engaging and learning environment for their fans to share ideas and learning environment. - The UNIFEF has many facebook pages. They have page of each country, community page, and ‘UNICEF We Action’ page. Each page seems to be similar to others, but they have subtle differences in point of managing style. - Facebook users can post contents on UNICEF page. - Global UNICEF page, which use English have 2,773,662 likes - The Korean committee for UNICEF Facebook page retains 33,271 likes. - ‘UNICEF We Action’ page retains 393,419 likes.
  11. 11. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page - In this report, I will focus on ‘UNICEF We Action’ page which is updated most actively and provide variety contents. - UNICEF started to managing facebook page on 4th June, 2012 / rapidly grow. - Contents of UNICEF have many parts of emotional things. They tell stories of some children who suffered from problems. Sometimes they give information about their events. They also encourage people to donation. (Saying help specific child) Emotional touching picture + story of the picture + action link - Sometimes, They upload daily message about national holiday or weather. - Video could not appeal many people. Especially, if celebrity were not appears, people tend to disregard that contents.
  12. 12. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page / Best effective content 196,967 Likes / 533 Comments / 294 Shares The Best Effective Since everybody can participate in this campaign, it could maintained many ‘likes’. Compared with other campaign, clicking the ‘likes’ is more easy. And we can easily realize that our participation is closely connected with real contribution.
  13. 13. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page / worst effective content This is the worst effective content of ‘UNICEF We Action’ 84 Likes / No share page. It gave information to people. However, content was not attractive. People have interest in helping children but they don’t have hugely interest in history of organization. If they want to give information to others, they should have made their contents more interesting.
  14. 14. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page / Good Example 28,458 Likes / 249 Comments / 2,306 Shares Good Example content of ‘UNICEF We Action’ page is participation campaign. People can easily recognize that if they do something, they can really help children directly.
  15. 15. Analysis of UNICEF Facebook page / Bad Example 2,214 Likes / 10 Comments / 19 Shares Bad Example content of ‘UNICEF We Action’ page is introduction content. - ‘We make something, if you do something, it will be~’ ->Since we cannot confidence of result, we could not persuade many people.
  16. 16. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page - World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. - World Vision Korea facebook page retains 4,458 likes - World Vision facebook page use friendly sentence. And most of their contents are focused on specific child. It can make people moved and encourage people decide donation. - World Vision makes contents with their activities. - World Vision use causal message effectively. - World Vision creates contents using ‘wise saying’ - World vision post child’s letters. Who was received help of World Vision. - Posting which related with their ambassador is especially popular
  17. 17. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Best effective content 5,225 Likes / 50 Comments / 37 Shares The best effective content of World Vision facebook page. Ambassador of World Vision appear in this posting. And it also includes ‘wise saying’. Visually Catching + Touching Sentence
  18. 18. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Worst effective content 8 Likes / 1 Comments The worst effective content of World Vision facebook page. We cannot read this content at once. And even though we want to help them, we could not found way easily.
  19. 19. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Good Example 1 813 Likes / 4 Comments / 14 Shares Good example Through this posting, people see how their donation being used. And people will more trust project of World Vision and will have more affection in this organization.
  20. 20. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Good Example 2 3,354 Likes / 20 Comments / 857 Shares Good example This daily life message was shared many times. This content includes timely proper messages. It encourage people think about their action one more time. And through sharing, brand name of ‘World Vision’ will be more spread.
  21. 21. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Other Good Examples
  22. 22. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Bad Example 1 446 Likes / 5 Comments / 33 Shares Bad example This posting includes video file. It is informative. However, people rarely click play button except there are huge attractive factors (such as celebrity).
  23. 23. Analysis of World Vision Facebook page / Bad Example 2 613 Likes / 26 Comments / 12 Shares Although this project is supported by company, it is not popular. Contents design is not good (Not touching) / message is hard to catch
  24. 24. SWOT & Insights Similarities - Contents (message + Picture) - They have contents which saying ‘Help children!’ Difference - Most postings of UNICEF, World Vision are written on timeline directly. However, Freemed use their blog mainly. (Write blog link on Facebook) Unexpected things - Regardless of contents quality, publicity effects seems to different irregularly.
  25. 25. SWOT S - many fans of Freemed facebook page are related with the organization. Therefore, page fans have deeply interest in contents of freemed facebook page. And they are more likely to cliking the likes button or share that contents. - Most people who click the like button and share are young age. And many of their facebook friends are also online consumers. (consumer who are classified as joiners, collectors, critics, conversationalists, creators.). therefore, contents can be spread effectively. - Most contents are informative. Therefore it is easy to introduce other people about what to do in Freemed. Intimacy / active
  26. 26. SWOT W - Contents are similar each other. - Freemed is not famous compared to UNICEF or World Vision. - Not interactive
  27. 27. SWOT O - Young generation (Who likes freemed Facebook page) use facebook actively, they can spread contents more effectively. (In point of speed) T - Freemed do not have many ‘likes’ compared to competitors. - Freemed is managed by volunteers who have their own job. Therefore it is hard to manage facebook page actively like UNICEF or World Vision.
  28. 28. In conclusion - Freemed should retain more page fans. Let’s start event to increase fans - People have a interest when they believe that their participation can be really helped to someone. (Sponsorship) Be more detail! - Contents should be made easy and accessible. Let’s write more information on timeline! (Do not depend hugely on blog) - Upload contents often than now. Let’s use daily message (timely proper message & consider participation)
  29. 29. To Improve brand Facebook Page of Freemed. - Freemed facebook page contents should be written more friendly. - When they make contents, It will be good to focus on specific person or situation. Media Contents / Strategies - If someone likes specific contents and share them, company do proportional donation. (sponsorship) - Post should be written timely, easy and encouraging. - Freemed should open their facebook page and try to communicate with people actively. Like this!
  30. 30. Recommendation Facebook page of freemed doesn’t have a number of fans. I recommend events to increase the number of ‘likes’. # Happy Christmas with Freemed Have you ever walk around in Christmas? There are many families, couples who seem to very happy. However, if you pay little more attention to other thing, you can see some people who seem to lonely and cold. We think everyone have to happy in Christmas Please share this post and write comments to encourage the homeless. 1share = a pair of socks
  31. 31. Recommendation Make contents which includes child’s story # Let me introduce a lovely girl! It is very cold outside! Today, let me introduce a girl who lives in warm!! country, Kenya. Her name is ‘Elizabeth’ and she wants to be a nurse who can help the sick. Few days later, she becomes a sister!!! >.< She is very happy. However, she is a little bit worry… Since she saw a friend’s mother passed away during delivery. Please encourage Elizabeth to be a good sister. And take care of yourself ;) (Your encouragement will be sent with delivery kits)
  32. 32. Thank you