YCIS What To Consider When Moving to Beijing


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Tips for foreign families relocating to Beijing.
Find out more at http://www.ycis-bj.com/

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YCIS What To Consider When Moving to Beijing

  2. 2. Moving to Beijing •  So, you and your family are considering making the big move to Beijing. As China’s capital city hosting a population of over 20 million, the idea of making a new home in Beijing is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. •  Luckily, with a bit of preparation, the move to Beijing becomes less daunting. To follow are seven important topics to consider before moving your family to Beijing
  3. 3. Cost of Living The popular notion that because everything in China is “cheap,” you can live a life of luxury for a fraction of the cost is misleading… Comparing San Francisco and Beijing: Consumer prices in San Francisco = 52% higher Rent in San Francisco = 79% higher Food •  Non-imported food and consumer products can be extremely cheap, but the quality of these items is inconsistent and sometimes unreliable Foreign Items •  High-priced foreign items, such as cars, are subject to a 20% price increase known as a “luxury tax” Standard of Life •  You need around $6,176.34 (¥37,850.47) in New York, NY to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with ¥19,000 in Beijing
  4. 4. Schools Many parents worry about the quality of education their child will receive if they are living abroad... •  Beijing offers: •  Some of the best international schools in China •  A premium Asian learning environment •  Opportunities for growing children to engage in cross-cultural learning A fun and engaging school environment An equally, if not more, valuable education than what is offered in the child’s home country Beijing’s international schools can offer:
  5. 5. Schools Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) offers an international curriculum that combines the best of Eastern and Western educational philosophies and practices Bilingualism Creative expression Individual growth Community service Strong, intelligent, global- minded students This promotes In order to foster
  6. 6. Housing •  Where in Beijing you choose to live can have a big impact on your family’s daily life and the people with whom you interact. •  YCIS Beijing facilities are: Located close to many of the major residential areas Easily accessible by car or public transport The most important thing: Choose a house or apartment in an area that feels right for your family
  7. 7. Housing Some of the most popular areas for foreigners to live in Beijing are: •  798 •  Sanlitun •  Guomao •  Shuangjing •  Wudaokou •  Nanluoguxiang/ Gulou The art area The embassy area Also known as the Central Business District or CBD The modest, mature expat community Renovated hutongs, with class and style Cheap university area
  8. 8. Diet •  Moving to China will give you a unique opportunity to experience a mix of Eastern and Western cuisines •  If you are looking for Western grocery stores, the most popular are April Gourmet, Jenny Lou’s and BHG Market. Many families enjoy mixing their favourites with local staples
  9. 9. Transportation •  In 2012, Beijing was named the city with the worst traffic in the world by IBM due to weak enforcement of traffic laws and lack of parking. •  Tokyo and New York have more cars per capita than Beijing but nowhere near the same traffic congestion.
  10. 10. Transportation •  Taxis are plentiful in Beijing and can be a life-saver if you’re in a time crunch. •  May be difficult to catch one during rush hour •  Investing in a bicycle or electric scooter is also a quick and easy transportation solution. Be cautious, as drivers in the city are often oblivious or impatient ALWAYS wear a helmet!
  11. 11. Daily Life Modern fitness centres Shopping malls Outdoor parks Movie theatres Citywide events and clubs dedicated to promoting friendship Aside from the rich cultural sightseeing activities available in the capital, Beijing is full of activities to occupy your spare time: Plus the city’s extensive number of restaurants is continuously increasing!
  12. 12. The People Common misconception Everyone you meet will be rude, brusque, or trying to rip you off Many Chinese locals view most Westerners as being apathetic and judgemental Truth Chinese people as a whole are kind, respectful, hard working and extremely generous Most Chinese people are excited about meeting foreigners who have an interest in working or living in their country
  13. 13. The People •  A good rule of thumb when moving to China: •  Leave any sense of entitlement at home •  Treat everyone you meet with the respect you would offer someone inviting you into their home •  Being enthusiastic and open-minded will prove to others that you are a truly global citizen This will lead to a network of friends and colleagues made up of expats and Chinese alike that will be invaluable to your life in China and elsewhere after