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Language Skills And The Multicultural Environment At YCIS Beijing


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Language skills, through the learning of English and Mandarin, has long been a part of the way that YCIS Beijing successfully prepares their students for a diverse and globalised world. By encapsulating a multicultural environment, YCIS Beijing hopes to teach students about the importance of cultural understanding and appreciation.

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Language Skills And The Multicultural Environment At YCIS Beijing

  1. 1. Language SkillsAnd The Multicultural EnvironmentAt YCIS Beijing
  2. 2. ‘Global Village’ • YCIS recognises the world is becoming more integrated as people from around the world live and work together. • Our multilingual and cultural education system reflects this and allows us to provide a rounded education.
  3. 3. Beijing A growing hub for global business and tourism. This means the city has a blend of Eastern heritage and values combined with Western influence. Our location in the heart of the city allows us to reflect this mix and use it to better educate our students. Field trips are often taken, such as to the Temple of Heaven.
  4. 4. Staff Our Early Years and Primary classes each have two teachers: one Western and one Chinese. YCIS employs diverse and international teachers: This allows for greater development of language skills while children are young and are more able to learn languages compared to adolescents and adults.
  5. 5. Multicultural Student Body • Students from over 40 countries • Interchange between a wide range of cultural traditions YCIS • Our students understand other cultures from an early age • Knowledge and skills which can be used through their education and adulthood Benefits
  6. 6. Bilingualism Benefits for our pupils YCIS Policy Talented Teachers Global Character of YCIS Student Interaction • By teaching language skills from an early age, we ensure that our pupils can speak fluent Chinese and English. • This promotes greater academic performance.
  7. 7. Our wide range of activities also provide multicultural and multilingual education outside of the classroom by allowing our students to directly engage in a range of pursuits. New skills learnt here are often transferable to academic pursuits. Extra-Curricular Activities
  8. 8. World Classroom Students between Years 7- 10 are offered the chance to see the world on group trips: • A wide range of destinations across Europe, Africa and the North America • Includes trips to local schools and community service activities which will promote greater awareness of issues facing different countries and cultures Visit to a Romanian orphanage Trip photo in Tanzania Hiking in Hawaii
  9. 9. Long-Term Benefits Greater Adaptability Our students are provided with the necessary skills to adapt to the many challenges they will face in adulthood. Eastern and Western influences will aid our students when adapting to cultural situations. Intercultural Competence Providing understanding and knowledge of different cultures gives our students an advantage over others, which will serve them well in all walks of life.