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Type narativ enarativ

  1. 1. TYPE OF NARRATIVE Diajukan untuk memenuhi salah satu tugas mata pelajaran Bahasa inggrisDisusn oleh : 1. Kurniawan Nur Abdillah 2. Sutendi 3. Sinta Kartika 4. Komar Riana 5. Iroh 6. Iis 7. Meilani 8. Yusi SMA NEGERI DARMARAJA Jalan Cikondang No.90 Darmaraja Sumedang
  2. 2. Folklore: The Origin of Landak River Long time ago, lived a farmer and his wife in a village by the side of aforest. They lived simply and they like to help other people, especially one who inafflictions. One night, the farmer and his wife were resting in their house. Thefarmer was sitting beside his sleeping wife. Suddenly, a white centipede came outfrom the wife‟s head. The farmer was amazed. He then followed the centipedeuntil they reach a small pond not far from their house. Then the centipedesuddenly disappeared. The farmer went home and found his wife still soundlyasleep. In the morning, the wife told his husband about the dream she had lastnight. “I was walking through a vast field, and I came to a lake. I saw a gianthedgehog in the lake. It was glaring at me, so I ran away.” After he heard hiswife‟s dream, the farmer went back to the small pond. In the pond, he sawsomething very shiny. He came to the shiny object and took it. It was a goldenhedgehog statue. It was very beautiful. Its eyes were made of diamond. Thefarmer then brought the statue home. At night, the farmer had a dream. A giant hedgehog came to him, “Pleaselet me stay in your home. As return, I will give you everything you want. Justcaress the statue‟s head and say the prayer. There are two kinds of prayers, one isto start your wish and the second is to stop your wish. Now memorize theprayers.”In the next day, the farmer told his wife about his dream. They really wanted toprove it. The farmer slowly caressed the statues head. He said the prayer andasked for rice. Suddenly, rice came out of the mouth of the statue. The rice kepton coming out from the statues mouth. The farmer immediately said the prayer tostop it. The rice then stopped coming out from the statue. The farmer and his wife then asked for other things, jewelry and otherstuff they needed. They became very rich. But they still like to help other people.A lot of poor came to them for help. Unfortunately, a thief found out about thesecret of the golden hedgehog statue. Pretending to be a poor asking for help, hestole the statue from the farmer‟s house. The thief blurred to the district area of Ngabang. There was a drought inthe area. The thief wanted sympathy from the people, so he said to them that he
  3. 3. would provide them with water. The thief thencaressed the hedgehog statue and said the prayer.Water came out of the statue‟s mouth. All the peoplewere so happy. But the water kept on coming out. Thethief didn‟t know the prayer to stop the wish. Peoplewho saw the incident were really scared. They ranaway to avoid the water as it was started to flood thearea. The thief also wanted to run away, but he cannotmove his legs. In his vision, there was a giant hedgehog holding both his legs.Water kept coming from the statue and slowly it became a river. The thief wasdrowned in the river. People then named the river as Hedgehog River or SungaiLandak.
  4. 4. Fable: A Little Rabbit and Crocodiles A little rabbit wanted to find some food in a forest. But unfortunetely hefound a big river so that he couldnt cross to another side. The rabbit lookedaround. He got surprised when he saw a huge crocodile floating on the river. Thecrocodiles eyes watched him out. "Aha!" the little rabbit smiled. He suddenly gotan idea. "Hello, my lord crocodile! Would you please come here," he shouted.Hearing the rabbit called him, the crocodile swam closer. "Hmm, whats up?" "Iknow youre hungry. Im bringing some food for you and all your friend. Youknow its a big cow. I think it would make you so satisfied," the rabbit said."Really? Where is it?" the crocodile said. "Its in the back of that tree," the rabbitpointed out a tree behind him. "Ill give you, but I must know how manycrocodiles are here. Could you call your friend to come?" The crocodile lookedhappy. Then he called his friends. After a while 20 crocodiles had come. "Ok.Now please stay in line. Im going to count your number," said the rabbit. Allcrocodiles moved and made a row. A moment later the big river was covered bycrocodiles waiting some food that rabbit promised. The rabbit jumped to the firstcrocodiles back. He began to count. "One, two, three,..." the rabbit counted byjumping up to crocodiles back one by one. "nineteen, twenty," After stepping thelast crocodile, the rabbit jumped into the river bank and ran into the forest. Thenhe laughed and shouted, "Stupid!"Read more at: http://www.sekolahoke.com/2011/08/narrative-text-example-little-rabbit.html
  5. 5. Legend: The Legend of Rawa Pening Once upon a time, there was a little poor boy came into a little village. Hewas very hungry and weak. He knocked at every door and asked for some food,but nobody cared about him. Nobody wanted to help the little boy.Finally, a generous woman helped him. She gave him shelter and a meal. Whenthe boy wanted to leave, this old woman gave him a “lesung”, a big woodenmortar for pounding rice. She reminded him, “please remember, if there is a floodyou must save yourself. Use this “lesung” as a boat”. The “lesung” was happy andthanked the old woman.The little boy continued his journey. While he waspassing through the village, he saw many people gathering on the field. The boycame closer and saw a stick stuck in the ground. People challenged each other topull out that stick. Everybody tried, but nobody succeeded. “Can I try?” asked thelittle boy. The crowd laughed mockingly. The boy wanted to try his luck so hestepped forward and pulled out the stick. He could do it very easily. Everybodywas dumbfounded.Suddenly, from the hole left by stick, water spouted out. It did not stop until itflooded the village. And no one was saved from the water except the little boy andthe generous old woman who gave him shelter and meal. As she told him, he usedthe “lesung” as a boat and picked up the old woman. The whole village became ahuge lake. It is now known as Rawa Pening Lake in Salatiga, Central Java,Indonesia.
  6. 6. Short story: Why the sea is salt (short stories from Taiwan) There were two brothers who lived in a village by the sea, the elder wascalled Chi Hua and the younger Chi Ming. When their father died. Chi Hua took all the family property for himself. Hisbrother had nothing. Chi Ming was poor and worked hard every day to collectfirewood to make a living. One night, he had a dream. In this dream, an old mancame to him. “I am the god of stone,” he said. “I want to help you because you are honestand hard-working. If you will climb to the top of the mountain behind yourvillage, you will find a stone gate there. Open the gate and go inside. There aremany fairies living there. Ask them for anything you want and they will give it toyou. Don‟t be greedy, however. Ask for the stone grindstone which you will findthere. It is a magic grindstone. Whatever you want, it will make for you.” The next day, Chi Ming climbed the mountain. He carried a basket of foodwith him. When he arrived at the stone gate, he went inside. He found himself in alarge cave. There were many fairies living there. However, they did not haveenough food to eat. He gave them the basket of food and they were very pleased. “You can take away all the gold and silver you can carry.” They said to him. “Please give me instead the magic grindstone,” Chi Ming asked. The fairies handed over the grindstone to him. Chi Ming thanked them andcarried it away with him. When he returned home. He felt hungry. He asked the grindstone for somefood. In no time, a wonderful meal appeared on the table. From that day on,everything he wanted was given to him by the magic grindstone. Not long afterwards, his elder brother, Chi Hua, heard of Chi Ming‟s goodfortune. While Chi Ming was sleeping he crept into the house and stole the magicgrindstone. He sailed away in a little boat with the magic grindstone. “what shall I ask for?” he thought. “I know. Everyone need salt. I‟ll ask thegrindstone to give me as much salt as I want. I‟ll soon become a rich man.” He then asked the grindstone for the salt, “All right,” said the grind stone.itstarted grinding away and the boat soon filled with salt. There was alt everywhere.But Chi Hua was so greedy that he did not want to tell the grindstone tostop.Finally, the boat sank under the weight of the salt and Chi Hua wasdrowned.From the day on. The grindstone continued to make salt at the bottom ofthe sea. That is why the sea is so salty.
  7. 7. Mysteries: The Smartest Parrot Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrotlike it. The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would notsay the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano.The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand whythe parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catanohowever the bird kept not saying the word. At the first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry.“You stupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can‟t you say the word?Say Catano! Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard toteach, the parrot would not say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to thebird over and over; “Say Catano or I‟ll kill you”. The bird kept not to say the wordof Catano. One day, after he had been trying so many times to make the bird sayCatano, the man really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrotand threw it into the chicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner“You are as stupid as the chickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily.Then he continued to humble; “You know, I will cut the chicken for my meal.Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too, stupid parrot”. After that he left thechicken house. The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened thedoor and was very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chickenhouse. There were three death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrotwas standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I‟llkill you”.
  8. 8. Romance:"Romeo and Juliets Romantic and Tragic Story"In the town of Verona there lived two families, the Capulets and the Montagues.They engaged in a bitter feud. Among the Montagues was Romeo, a hot-bloodedyoung man with an eye for the ladies. One day, Romeo attended the feast of theCapulets, a costume party where he expected to meet his love, Rosaline, ahaughty beauty from a well-to-do family. Once there, however, Romeos eyes feltupon Juliet, and he thought of Rosaline no more.The vision of Juliet had been invading his every thought. Unable to sleep, Romeoreturned late that night to the Juliets bedroom window. There, he was surprised tofind Juliet on the balcony, professing her love for him and wishing that he werenot a "Montague", a name behind his own. "Whats in a name? That which we calla rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo was ready to deny hisname and professed his love. The two agreed to meet at nine o-clock the nextmorning to be married.Early the next morning, Romeo came to Friar Lawrence begging the friar to marryhim to Juliet. The Friar performed the ceremony, praying that the union mightsomeday put an end to the feud between the two families. He advised Romeo keptthe marriage a secret for a time.On the way home, Romeo chanced upon his friend Mercutio arguing with Tybalt,a member of the Capulet clan. That qurreling last caused Merquito died. Romeowas reluctant no longer. He drew his sword and slew Tybalt died. Romeo realizedhe had made a terrible mistake. Then Friar Lawrence advised Romeo to travel toMantua until things cool down. He promised to inform Juliet.In the other hand, Juliets father had decided the time for her to marry with Paris.Juliet consulted Friar Lawrence and made a plot to take a sleeping potion forJuliet which would simulate death for three days. The plot proceeded according tothe plan. Juliet was sleeping in death.
  9. 9. Unfortunately, The Friars letter failed to reach Romeo. Under the cover ofdarkness, he broke into Juliets tomb. Romeo kissed the lips of his Juliet one lasttime and drank the poison. Meanwhile, the effects of the sleeping potion wear off.Juliet woke up calling for Romeo. She found her love next to her but was lyingdead, with a cup of poison in his hand. She tried to kiss the poison from his lips,but failed. Then Juliet put out his dagger and plunged it into her breast. She died
  10. 10. Horror Stories: A GhostWe were speaking of sequestration, alluding to a recent lawsuit. It was at the closeof a friendly evening in a very old mansion in the Rue de Grenelle, and each ofthe guests had a story to tell, which he assured us was true. Then the old Marquis de la Tour-Samuel, eighty-two years of age, rose andcame forward to lean on the mantelpiece. He told the following story in hisslightly quavering voice. "I, also, have witnessed a strange thing — so strange that it has been thenightmare of my life. It happened fifty-six years ago, and yet there is not a monthwhen I do not see it again in my dreams. From that day I have borne a mark, astamp of fear, — do you understand? "Yes, for ten minutes I was a prey to terror, in such a way that ever since aconstant dread has remained in my soul. Unexpected sounds chill me to the heart;objects which I can ill distinguish in the evening shadows make me long to flee. Iam afraid at night. "No! I would not have owned such a thing before reaching mypresent age. But now I may tell everything. One may fear imaginary dangers ateighty-two years old. But before actual danger I have never turned back,mesdames. "That affair so upset my mind, filled me with such a deep, mysterious unrestthat I never could tell it. I kept it in that inmost part, that corner where we concealour sad, our shameful secrets, all the weaknesses of our life which cannot beconfessed. "I will tell you that strange happening just as it took place, with no attempt toexplain it. Unless I went mad for one short hour it must be explainable, though.Yet I was not mad, and I will prove it to you. Imagine what you will. Here are thesimple facts: "It was in 1827, in July. I was quartered with my regiment in Rouen.Read more athttp://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Ghos835.shtml
  11. 11. Myths: The Judgement of Paris When the dark beauty, Hecuba, the wife of King Priam, was pregnant, she had aterrifying dream. She dreamed she gave birth to a firebrand and awoke screaming that the city of Troy was burning to the ground. Alarmed by this, her husbandconsulted his son, the seer Aisacros, who told him the baby would one day causethe destruction of his country. Accordingly Priam ordered that the child should be put to death. So, after the boy was born, he was given to the chief herdsman, Agelaus, to be killed. Agelaus left the child on Mount Ida to die from exposurebut, returning five days later, found the boy still alive and took him home, wherehe brought him up secretly. As a young man, Paris became noted for his extreme beauty, wit and prowess.At about this time the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the hero and the sea-goddess, was celebrated on Mount Pelion. All the gods and goddesses were invited, with the noted exception of Eris, the Goddess of Strife, who was hideous anddisagreeable. Angered at being left out of the nuptuals she strode into the middle of the wedding feast and threw a golden apple into the assembled company. Itlanded between the three most powerful goddesses, Hera, Athene and Aphrodite.Picking it up, Zeus found it was inscribed „For the Fairest‟. Wisely deciding not to judge between the three deities himself, Zeus nominated the beautiful Paris as arbiter, but first he sent Hermes to enquire whether he would be willing to act asjudge. Paris agreed and so a time was set for the three goddesses to appear to him on Mount Ida.When the day came, Paris sat himself on a boulder and waited with beating heart for the arrival of the three great deities. All at once a great light appeared which covered the entire mountain. At first Paris was blinded, but then the goddesses cloaked their light in cloud so that he was able to look at them. First Hera, thegreat queen, approached him and flaunted her beauty in front of him. Radiant with glory she made him a promise. If he awarded her the apple, she would grant himwealth and power. He would rule over the greatest kingdom on earth. Paris felt the
  12. 12. excitement of this and his ambition rose up and yearned for her gift.After that, grey-eyed Athene approached him, drawing near and bending down, sothat he might look into the magical depths of her eyes. She promised him victoryin all battles, together with glory and wisdom - the three most precious gifts a mancould have. This time Paris felt his mind leap with excitement and with desire for the riches of knowledge and the glory of prowess.Then it was the turn of Aphrodite. Hanging back a little, she tilted her head so that her hair fell forward, concealing a blush on her face. Then she loosened the girdle of her robe and beneath it, Paris caught sight of her perfectly formed breast, white as alabaster.„Paris,‟ she said, and her voice seemed to sing inside his head. „Give me the apple and in return I will give you the gift of love. You will possess the most beautifulwoman in the land, a woman equal to me in perfection of form. With her you willexperience the greatest delights of love-making. Choose me, Paris, and she will be yours.‟ Then Paris, overpowered by the intoxication of her words and her beauty, found himself handing her the apple without even pausing to reflect on his decision, guided only by the strength of his desire. So it was that Paris awarded the Apple of Discord to Aphrodite, and Hera andAthene became his implacable enemies. True to her promise, Aphrodite gave himHelen, the most beautiful woman living on the earth at that time - but, in order to enjoy her, he had to snatch her from her powerful husband, Menelaus. So began the terrible ten-years‟ war between the Trojans and the Greeks in which many a brave hero lost his life, including Paris himself, and after which the great hero Odysseus wandered the seas for a further ten long years before returning home.
  13. 13. Human Experience: Bus was Flowing Right Behind Me I stayed a night at Sakhuwa of Gati VDC because a landslide near Baserihad blocked the road, The next morning, I hopped onto the bus with registrationnumber Ba 2 Kha 4013 that was on the way to Barhabise from Tatopani. I took a seat by the doorside and remember that there were around 35passengers, including me. The driver started the bus. A kilometer into the journey,I noticed a ditch on the road.The driver tried to avert the ditch. Before I could know what was going on, thebus started hurtling towards the Bhotekoshi. I had given up hope of surviving, but found a ventilator glass broken. Icame out of the shattered glass and plunged into the Bhotekoshi. The river carried me for about 35 kilometers and left me on the shallowsurface. I passed out after that. The rescuers took me to a hospital when I regainedconsciousness. I heard later that all except four passengers had survived. I have sustainedinjuries on the face, hands and other body parts. Nonetheless, I feel that survivingwas my destiny.