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A look at the extensive range of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database support and managed service offerings that are available from Xynomix Ltd, one of the UK's leading suppliers in this arena. Visit www.xynomix.com or call 0845 222 9600 to find out more.

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Xynomix: Database Support

  1. 1. Xynomix database support... Back ForwardWe offer our customers a range of support services based around Oracle andMicrosoft SQL Server database environments: 1. Full Support & Managed Services 2. Pay as you Go Support Service 3. Second-Line Support Services 4. Consultancy The Xyno-Mix support package allows these services to be tailored to your individual requirements – so that you only ever pay for support that you actually need!
  2. 2. services... Back ForwardFull support & managed- Monitored database environments 24x7x365- Increased system performance and availability- Preemptively maintained databases = reduced system downtime- Unlimited access to our team of dedicated Oracle and MS SQL Server DBA’s
  3. 3. support service... Back ForwardPay as you go Emergency DBA sick cover Maintenance Tasks Security PatchingSupport for ‘One-Off’ Fixes System Updates Support on a ‘Per-Project’ Basis
  4. 4. Second line support services ... Back Forward Our ‘Second-Line Support’ Services for Oracle & MS SQL Server are delivered to each client’s specification. The different options that are available for service delivery are:Contractually – You define the support hours & we guarantee a response within thirty minutes!When Required - You call our support desk at any time during normal working hours and our DBAand consultancy team will be scheduled to assist you remotely until the problem is resolved.By Telephone – As a contracted second-line support client you can contact our support desk, whichis redirected to a senior DBA out of hours, for advice and technical support.Remotely - The majority of our second-line support can be delivered remotely and is as effectiveand secure as having a team of DBAs sitting in the next server room.
  5. 5. Back Forward Consultancy...Xynomix provide a full range of Oracle and MS SQL Server consultancy services aroundthe database level, including: Troubleshooting Health Checks Installations Upgrades Performance Tuning
  6. 6. But that’s not all ... Back ForwardXynomix offer a wide range of additional services around Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, as well as Linux and Unix operating systems: As well as support services, we can also offer expert advice on Oracle Licensing, full training courses around the complete Oracle range, as well as advice and consultancy around the complete VMware virtualization product suite. Xynomix are about tailored, bespoke services to meet your Oracle & MS SQL Server needs – if you do not see the service you require, then please contact us today. We’d love to help!
  7. 7. So why not... Back END ‘Think Xynomix for Database Support?’ info@xynomix.com - 0845 222 9600 – www.xynomix.com We would love to hear from you!