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MAP16 Startup Accelerator Workshop


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The MAP16 Startup Accelerator Application Workshop highlights the application process, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and tips for applying.

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MAP16 Startup Accelerator Workshop

  1. 1. M A P 1 6 S T A R T U P A C C E L E R A T O R A P P L I C A T I O N W O R K S H O P M A K E I T G O O D M E L B O U R N E A C C E L E R A T O R P R O G R A M J E R E M Y K R A Y B I L L
  2. 2. M A P S T A R T U P A C C E L E R A T O R• Applications Open: Now! • Application Deadline: 17 April Visit our website:
  3. 3. M A P S T A R T U P A C C E L E R A T O R E L I G I B I L I T Y Are one of the founders a student, staff or alumni from our participating faculties? • Melbourne School of Engineering; • Faculty of Business and Economics / Melbourne Business School; • Faculty of Arts; • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; • Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning; • Melbourne Law School; • Faculty of Science; or • Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.
  4. 4. M A P S T A R T U P A C C E L E R A T O R S E L E C T I O N S T A G E S 17 March - 17 April 28 April 4-6 May and 12 May 25 May18 May (Do not submit application at the last minute!)
  5. 5. The Basics Do you have an idea? Do you have a team? Do you want to do MAP?
  6. 6. The Application Process Online Video Pitch Night Selection Interviews MAP Team – just questions. Selection Panel - It’s also a pitch, but with questions. Still a pitch, with an audience. It’s a pitch.
  7. 7. What is a good pitch
  8. 8. My Preferred Pitch Format Who you are What the problem/opp is How and Why you can win • INTRODUCE YOURSELF!! • One sentence elevator pitch • Who your team is • Traction if you have it They’re more like guidelines • What is the problem you solve? • What is the market opportunity? • HOW BIG IS THIS MARKET? • What’s your solution? • What else is out there? • Why are you better? • What’s your traction? • HOW WILL YOU MAKE MONEY? • How will MAP help you? • Say thanks • DON’T GO OVER TIME!
  9. 9. Have you watched 100 pitches? *You should watch at least 100 pitches. Things you should watch: Youtube (seriously) Guy Kawasaki Mary Meeker MIT PITCH CONTEST VIDEOS Early Steve Jobs Paul Graham Dave Mcclure Heidi Ganahl Stanford Tech Ventures Steve Blank Reid Hoffman Aaron Levie Identity 2.0 keynote Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave (Deloitte)
  10. 10. Style Stuff • Preferably very enthusiastic BE enthusiastic Where is your team? Don’t confuse me BE knowledgeable Ditch the script You’re the only one here • Preferably in the room • Preferably silent after intros • Probably worse speakers than you • Don’t give me options • Don’t attack me with data • Especially about your market • Avoid anecdotes/weasel words • Don’t read from cards • Avoid video for Pitch Night • Cut content to keep it quick • Don’t talk about other teams
  11. 11. Content Stuff • Especially at the interview • CAC is usually important Know your market Give me facts For the web guys Deck-to-speech ratio Show me competition Show me money • Domain names are im.por.rta.nt • Can distract the audience • Competition is good • Know how you will make it • Know what you’ll do with it • Join the few most important ones
  12. 12. Awesome Teams Do This Have worked in it especially Know the problem Know the solution Have a solid team Need the experience Show real traction Are having a good time Domain experience, having worked together, good size You can be too successful or at the wrong stage If you don’t have real traction, start making some Be enthusiastic Or at least convince us that theirs is viable
  13. 13. Things You Will Need to Overcome: Not being convincing Having no traction Not having clear direction Being terrible at pitching Pursuing a bad market
  14. 14. QUESTIONS? Follow-ups, coaching sessions: Other resources: Open-office-hours: Co-founder open mic event: