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MAP15 Parkhound Pitch Deck


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Parkhound Pitch Deck

Published in: Business
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MAP15 Parkhound Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Michael Nuciforo Co-founder
  2. 2. Problem Parking is hard to find Parking is frustrating Parking is expensive
  3. 3. Solution Residential Commercial On-street
  4. 4. Business Model $550 avg. booking 10% commission x = $55 revenue
  5. 5. Market Size 184k inner-city properties with unused parking $130 Billion Worldwide $1.5 Billion Australia
  6. 6. The Team Louise Robert Michael
  7. 7. 20,000+ MONTHLY SITE SESSIONS 2,000+ PARKING SPACES $1k WEEKLY EARNINGS Sessions growing at 30% Revenue growing at 40% Performance Parking spaces growing at 65%
  8. 8. New income from underutilised commercial parking spaces Opportunities Off-street parking provided in previously untapped locations
  9. 9. Competition Australia International Off-street Residential Off-street Commercial On-street Payment On-street Search
  10. 10. MAP