Xuber Case StudyXuber and HowdenInsurance Brokers LimitedWe’re not so different.When Howden wanted to enhance its agility ...
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Xuber and Howden Insurance Brokers Limited case study


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When Howden wanted to enhance its agility to further improve client service, it looked no further than Xuber, its incumbent partner for Brokasure Desktop, to provide it with solutions that transformed some manually intensive tasks.

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Xuber and Howden Insurance Brokers Limited case study

  1. 1. Xuber Case StudyXuber and HowdenInsurance Brokers LimitedWe’re not so different.When Howden wanted to enhance its agility to furtherimprove client service, it looked no further than Xuber, itsincumbent partner for Brokasure Desktop, to provide it withsolutions that transformed some manually intensive tasks.The CustomerFounded in 1994 with just one office, Howden Broking Group has extended its reach as a global provider of specialistinsurances to have over 40 offices in 22 countries today. Awarded Insurance Broker of the Year in 2011, Howden hasa strong reputation for understanding its clients’ in depth wholesale and reinsurance requirements and deliveringexceptional service, from initial negotiations right through to the settlement of claims. Used by particular divisionswithin Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd for many years, Brokasure Desktop is part of a software family that canautomate the entire insurance life cycle for international intermediary insurance firms around the globe.
  2. 2. The Challenge The ApproachManaging a number of varied risks for clients, would help us to move away from paper-based As its incumbent software solution for a largeHowden needs to produce a large volume of manual tasks to one that used real-time data proportion of the business, Brokasure Desktopclient account statements on a regular basis, all more effectively, thereby providing a better delivers several different modular products.of which were manually produced and printed service for our clients”. “Seamless integration of any new tool isevery month, and then posted to clients. Another challenge facing Howden was how to of significant importance to us and Xuber,“Producing statements for our clients provide management and the business with and they were able to enhance our existingwas a time consuming task,” commented accurate and up to date information quickly in solution to address our challenges,” saidJackie Hobbs, Business Process & Systems a variety of formats. As Hobbs outlined, “We Hobbs. “Xuber developed a new moduleImplementation Manager for Howden. “We found it difficult and time consuming to turn our (eStatements) for a sister company, which theyhad to manually raise and print each individual data into flexible and useful information”. then adapted to suit our requirements, therebystatement and then post it out. Special allowing us to automate our manual statement Howden needed to harness the power of itsstationery was required and the relevant printer processing, and together with a reporting data to help its operational team drive benefitswas out of action for other users for an entire tool provided by Xuber (SID), allowed us to for the company.day each month. We needed a solution that manipulate and report on our data”.The Xuber Solution End Processing In addition to running and maintaining Brokasure its exact needs. “Our account manager iseStatements Desktop, and providing tailored modifications an ‘industry expert’, and his experience andThe comprehensive Insurance Broking to the solution, Xuber also performs Howden’s knowledge means that any requested changesAccounts (IBA) ledger incorporates key facilities Brokasure Desktop operational tasks. “This to our Brokasure solutions are incorporatedaimed at ledger control and bad debt exposure. time-critical processing, which Xuber performs within a very short space of time”, said Hobbs.eStatements reduced the time for Howden at the end of each day, month and year, enablesto prepare and distribute statements, which our in-house IT resources to concentrate on Accuracy of Informationimproved the flexibility of service Howden other areas”, commented Hobbs. Prior to implementing SID, Howden used towas able to provide its clients. manually run system default reports. “We can The Benefits now run pre-built reports around aged debt,SID Reporting Tool for example. At the push of a button we get a Cost SavingsThis tool provides the ability for Howden to clear picture of specific, real time data which By automating the creation and production of arms our finance team with the information theyextract critical information from a central SQL its accounting statements, Howden has realised need to concentrate efforts in this area, makingdatabase for comprehensive management cost savings in both employee productivity the process more effective and efficient for allreporting without reducing the performance of and physical resources. “eStatements has parties concerned”.the processing application. The tool enables enabled us to save not only on postage andad-hoc queries or scheduled reports to be built stationery, it has reduced the workload of a Partner Confidencequickly and uses real time data from the MI SQL senior IBA technician’s in relation to thesedatabase, which is subject to daily integrity Brokasure Desktop has been a market leading tasks significantly”, confirmed Hobbs.checks to ensure the MI data is in sync with product for over 30 years, proving its continuedthe detail contained within Brokasure. worth to the insurance market. “By meeting Enhanced Customer Service changes demanded by the market such as“The reporting tool provides us with the ability Howden can now automate the frequency of its regulatory requirements or integration withto easily perform simple ad-hoc enquiries and statements, giving their clients an up to date view Microsoft platforms, we can see that Xuber issearches from complex reporting without the of their situation. “eStatements has made a huge committed to keeping their product up to dateneed for specialised IT technical knowledge. difference to the IBA team, releasing the pressure and relevant, which is important to us”, said Hobbs.We can now see information electronically in and helping them to provide a more accuratea variety of formats and distribute this quickly service to our clients with real-time statement The Futureto our management or divisional teams as information. In addition, SID is very agile andrequired”, commented Hobbs. “The tools main Howden actively works with Xuber to enhance fast in producing reporting in a format that canbenefit for Howden is that it provides the means Brokasure Desktop through a joint development be tailored with our own corporation detailsfor people without an IT technical background initiative. “We have a say in how the software and sent to whomever requires the information.”to accurately provide up to date information as is developed, and work as an integral part of aand when required. Additionally, reports can be team that makes sure that the solution supports Responsivepublished to a web based application, meaning our objectives”, concluded Hobbs.they can reach a wide audience, wherever Xuber employs experienced insurancethey are situated. And when we don’t have professionals, which means its clients benefitthe resources to do that, Xuber does it for us”. from working with a partner that understandsTo receive our latest customer case studies,or if you would like to become one, pleasecontact us at xuber.com©Xchanging 2012 Xuber UK Xuber USA Xuber India Xuber Malaysia Headquarters 200 W. Adams, Suite 1175, 271 Udyog Vihar, Phase-II, Unit 2B-2-1, Plaza Sentral, 34 Leadenhall Street, Chicago, IL 60606, USA Gurgaon-122016, India Jalan Stesen Sentral, KL Sentral, London, EC3A 1AX, UK +1 877 288-3333 +91 (0)78382 43333 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +44 (0)20 3604 3333 team@xuber.com team@xuber.com +91 (0)78382 43333 team@xuber.com team@xuber.com