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The New Science of Positive Psychology by Manuela Glasbrenner from MetaThoughts


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Xtraordinary Women Networking Session: Somerset West

TOPIC: The New Science of Positive Psychology by Manuela Glasbrenner from MetaThoughts

5 July 2012 - Manuela Glasbrenner Erinvale Golf Estate, Somerset West

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The New Science of Positive Psychology by Manuela Glasbrenner from MetaThoughts

  1. 1. The new Science ofPositive Psychology 5 July 2012 - Manuela GlasbrennerErinvale Golf Estate, Somerset West
  2. 2. What is Positive Psychology? Dr. Martin Seligman (2004) Psychology should be... 1. ... bothered with human strengths as much as it is with weaknesses. 2. ... about building the best things in life just as we repair the worst. 3. concerned about making normal people´s lives happier as with healing pathology.
  3. 3. A little bit of history... Emil Kraepelin We don´t learn about health if we only know disease People can make choices that lead them to become happy and healthy. Sigmund Freud
  4. 4. What is Positive Psychology? Interventions1. Primary Prevention 3. Primary Enhancement„Stop the bad before it happens“ „Make life good“ 2. Secondary Prevention 4. Secondary Enhancement „Fix the problem“ „Make life the best it can be“
  5. 5. Happiness – why bother? - LongevityCecilia OPayne 54% alive at age 85 90% alive at age 94 “God started my life off well by bestowing upon me grace of inestimable value. The past year which I spent as a candidate studying at Notre Dame has been a very happy one. Now I look forward with eager joy to receiving the Holy Habit of our Lady and to life a life of union with Love Divine.” 11% alive at age 85 34%alive at age 94Marguerite Donnelly“I was born on September 26, 1909, the eldest of seven children, fivegirls and two boys. My candidate year was spent in themotherhouse, teaching chemistry and second year Latin at NotreDame Institute. With gods grace, I intend to do my best for ourorder, for the spread of religion and for my personal sanctification.”
  6. 6. Studying Positive Emotions The Broaden and Build Theory (2000) Positive emotions Negative emotions (e.g. joy) (e.g. fear) => creative thinking => protectionBarbara Fredrickson => action => no action
  7. 7. Studying Positive Emotions Building resources through an upward spiral Opening up to New thoughts cues & possibilities & activities broadening Building resources more Positive (social support, skills, emotions knowledge etc.) Increased health & fulfilment
  8. 8. Studying positive emotionsPositive emotions lead to improvements in... Thinking abilities Social life Perception Interactions with people Problem solving Relationships Creativity Generosity Goal setting Health Job performance Pain resistance Persistence Immune functioning Productivity Resistance to viral infections Income Later lung cancer onset Overall success
  9. 9. Obstacles on the path to happiness? Why „bad news“ is stronger than „good news“TOWARDS... AWAY! Amygdala
  10. 10. What makes you happy?
  11. 11. What makes you happy? Pleasures Gratifications Consuming Activities Sensations Inner drive Come easy Require effort Immediate reward Reward afterwards One can not fail Risk of failure Temporary Last longer Use of strengths
  12. 12. The strengths based approach
  13. 13. The strengths based approach Talent: Our strongest neural connections: „Natural patterns of thoughts, feeling or behavior“ + knowledge = consistent, near Strength perfect performance in + skills an activity strength weakness
  14. 14. How to detect your talents?Spontaneous reactionsHow do you approach situations when you are under stress?Try different activitiesWrite down two activities you would like to try outRapid learningsWhat have you learnt in the past that came very easily to you?SatisfactionWhich (work) activity are you looking forward to?Listen to your yearningsWhat did you enjoy most when you were a child?
  15. 15. Where now from here? Summary Positive We are at the beginning of a new understanding of Psychology the choices that lead to happiness.Positive Emotions Positive emotions help us to be better in all areas of life. Feel positive and create an upward spiral! Remember your brain detects a lion behind every Bad news? bush. Are your fears really a lion or actually a door to walk towards to open? Take a look at what makes you feel happy: Pleasures in life What are lasting sources of happiness? Your strengths are absolutely unique. Find them and Strengths then sail off to make the difference nobody else can make.
  16. 16. Where now from here? Subscribe to my blog on Book reviews , interviews and news on Positive Psychology Positive Psychology Coaching Meetup on Positive Psychology & Happiness, 19 July, CT