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WordPress TV Team Presentation at the Contributor Day of WordCamp Europe 2016


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Presentation that I did during the Contributor Day of WordCamp Europe 2016, to the group of people interested in helping with

This presentation explains the project and the various possibilities of how you can contribute.


WordPress TV Team Recap:

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WordPress TV Team Presentation at the Contributor Day of WordCamp Europe 2016

  1. 1. WordPress TV Olegs Belousovs Contributor Day – WordCamp Europe 2016
  2. 2. What is WordPress TV?
  3. 3. WordPress TV is a visual resource on the WordPress world, started in 2009 as a project of Automattic.
  4. 4. Article by Matt Mullenweg on the launch of WordPress TV, posted in January 2009:
  5. 5. On there are videos from various WordCamps in the world, and even the Meetups and other WP related events, in addition to the tutorials on WordPress.
  6. 6. The website home page.
  7. 7. Where do the videos come from?
  8. 8. The WordPress Foundation has several A/V kits, which are available to the organizers of WordCamps and can be shipped worldwide.
  9. 9. List of the equipment contained in WordPress Foundation A/V kits:
  10. 10. Personal equipment in possession of a WordCamp organizers and volunteers can be also used to make A/V recordings.
  11. 11. My personal kit to make audio/video recordings at WordPress Meetups and WordCamps.
  12. 12. Who makes the A/V footage?
  13. 13. Normally, shooting is done by volunteers or by organizers of a WordCamp. In some cases, such as for WCEU and WCUS, professional firms are hired.
  14. 14. Professional video operators at the WordCamp US 2015. Photo by Noel Tock.
  15. 15. What happens to taken videos?
  16. 16. The raw video footage, or already post- produced, is loaded on an Amazon S3. This space is provided by Automattic, and to have access you need to ask about it in Making WordPress #wptv Slack channel.
  17. 17. To have access to this resource and upload videos, ask about it in #wptv Slack channel.
  18. 18. The links to video files to be edited or to be uploaded on are placed in a shared spreadsheet, in the respective WordCamp tabs, and the contributors can self-assign videos to work on.
  19. 19. Spreadsheet shared on Google Drive, with videos to edit and upload to
  20. 20. Once finished, the videos are uploaded to from the dedicated page, or directly from backend, by contributors who have access.
  21. 21. website section dedicated to video uploading:
  22. 22. After uploading to, before being published, videos are moderated by the team. We control the audio and video quality, the brightness, the presence of advertising and we complete metadata.
  23. 23. backend used by moderators for controlling and publishing videos.
  24. 24. Which are the numbers?
  25. 25. Since the project was launched, the uploaded videos have grown by 881,88%. 138 uploaded videos in 2009, 1355 in 2015. The WordCamps that joined, rose from 49 in 2009 to 89 in 2015.
  26. 26. The exponential growth of published videos on Thanks to @johnparkinson for this data.
  27. 27. receives on average 3,000 views per day, mostly from English speaking countries.
  28. 28. The statistics showing the data of views in recent months.
  29. 29. The videos on are only in English?
  30. 30. Currently on there are videos in about 24 languages, and WordCamps in the world are increasing every year.
  31. 31. How can I start contributing to WordPress TV?
  32. 32. First thing to do: subscribe to #wptv channel on Making WordPress Slack and show the desire to help. One of us will answer all your questions and explain every detail on how to get started.
  33. 33. The guide that explains how to subscribe to Slack of Making WordPress:
  34. 34. Participate regularly to weekly meetings on Slack, where we discuss things to do or new projects with the team. The WordPress TV team leads are @jerrysarcastic and @roseapplemedia.
  35. 35. Team meetings in #wptv Making WordPress Slack channel are every Thursday at 19:00 (CEST).
  36. 36. Read the guides in Handbook, containing all the information related to and you can find them in the TV section of Make WordPress.
  37. 37. The Handbook containing all the information and answers about
  38. 38. Participate on the WordPress TV P2 blog where we publish our progress, status reports and occasional geek debates. Subscribe to the blog via email and follow the posts and write your comments.
  39. 39. The P2 blog of WPTV team where the various discussions are published:
  40. 40. Which are the main activities to help WordPress TV?
  41. 41. Making audio and video recordings at one of the WordCamps, WordPress Meetups or other WordPress related events.
  42. 42. Editing shooted videos with a software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
  43. 43. Uploading to videos that have already been edited by you or any other contributors.
  44. 44. Moderating the uploaded videos in accordance with criteria established by the WPTV team and in the Handbook.
  45. 45. Improving existing videos already uploaded to, correcting audio, brightness and removing logos.
  46. 46. Uploading videos from also on the official YouTube channel.
  47. 47. Recording and uploading video tutorials on how to use WordPress.
  48. 48. Transcribing, translating and/or editing subtitles for already uploaded videos.
  49. 49. There are other WordPress TV satellite projects?
  50. 50. From January 2015 we started the official WordPress TV channel on YouTube. For now, videos are uploaded manually, and we are waiting to automate it.
  51. 51. The official WordPress TV channel on YouTube:
  52. 52. There are a number of other projects related to WordPress TV, as a plugin to show videos in wp-admin, helping organizers of WordCamps, writing and reviewing the Handbook…
  53. 53. A complete list with all the active projects related to WordPress TV:
  54. 54. Thanks for your interest and time. I hope to see you contribute to WordPress. ;)
  55. 55. Olegs Belousovs WordPress TV, Community & Polyglots contributor. Email: | Twitter: @sgelob @xtraboy | Making WordPress Slack: @oleg