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Supanek Portfolio 2012 5 2


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Supanek Portfolio 2012 5 2

  1. 1. The Portfolio ofSTEPHEN MICHAEL SUPANEKDetail Seeker GET IN TOUCHType Afficionado PHONE #: (610) 691-2832Studious ResearcherVisual Thinker EMAIL: hrssms3@verizon.netIdea GeneratorMulti Role PlayerTeam Collaborator ONLINE: My Online Portfolio
  2. 2. Thank you for taking a look through striving for greatness, and a person my portfolio. You’re viewing my always motivated for opportunities work because I truly admire yours. to learn, grow, and contribute. I am a highly passionate designer MY PERSONAL LOGO PROGRESSION 2002 2007 2009 An evolution of my personal logo throughout the last several years.“Providing, meaning to a mass of “We are all born with genius. It’s “My argument is that all graphicunrelated needs, ideas, words and like our fairy godmother. But what designers hold high levels of re-pictures - it is the designer’s job to happens in life is that we stop sponsibility in society. We takeselect and fit this material together listening to our inner voices, and we invisible ideas and make themand make it interesting.” no longer have access to this ex- tangible. That’s our job.” - Paul Rand traordinary ability to create poetry.” - Neville Brody - Milton Glaser
  3. 3. 1 2 3FRUIT GUSHERS BUS TRANSIT ADSTransit ad series for Fruit Gushers snacks by Betty Crocker, used on the insides ofbuses. Advertising II class project, Kutztown University 2007. 1 Gushers Oil Derrick Transit Ad 2 Gushers Volcano Transit AdELEMENTS: 3 Bus Transit Ads 3 Gushers Whale Transit Ad