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Xrosswater introduction jan 2013


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Xrosswater introduction jan 2013

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 2012Xrosswater LtdXrosswater Ltd produce a unique industrial strength bulk shippable floating structure, designed for use inmining and industrial water applications. Manufactured in USA & Europe under strict quality control, we offer apre-fabricated floating structure that is extremely versatile, immensely strong, light and made to last. All thecomponents are pre-formed, pre-drilled and packed in custom crates with all necessary fasteners and toolsincluded, facilitating rapid assembly and quick deployment in required locations.View our website for video and PDF brochures in multiple languages. Xrosswater’s product uses material designed to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in industrialmarine locations. The products ingenious patented design is multi-configurable, allowing the sectionsto be assembled SIDE2SIDE, END2SIDE, END2END. So whether the requirement is a walkway, pipesupports (up to 500kg p/m fully supported or greater if partially supported), pump platforms or workplatform, Xrosswater can offer a solution. Xrosswater’s product has been designed from 20 years experience in the mining industry. The productis primarily produced from aluminum, HDPE and laminated material, with a simple to follow pictorialassembly guide. The product maintains a buoyancy of up to 1000 kg per 3m section. On-site assemblyset-up and training is offered. Walkway DeckA 12mm thick laminated marine deck, overlaid with a highly resistant NON-SLIP abrasion resistancesurface (Taber Test EN 438-2). Grey in color and similarly used as non-static ship decks, pedestrianbridges, scaffolding and truck beds demonstrating the products strength, quality & weather resistance. Aluminium or FRP StructureThe components are produced from RECYCLED aluminum. There are many optional fittings offeringpipeline support, cables tray, width expansion to make platforms etc. We offer as an option a 100%FRP, Stainless steel and HDPE version now for low PH dams. Handrail structure (optional)The handrails structure is a TUBE FRP in bright safety yellow with black stanchions An option is a10mm stainless steel cable with stainless steel turnbuckles coated in a thick bright safety yellow PVC. Pipe support bracket for 300mm diameter (optional)Pipe support bracket are available that easily attach to the outside edge of the walkway at deck leveland can support a pipeline up to 300mm in diameter. Pipe support outrigger for 500mm diameter (optional)larger pipelines can be suspended from extended crossmembers, thus lowering the center of gravity byallowing the pipe weight to be supported by the water the walkway floats in itself. AssemblyOnce assembled, each section is 3m x 1.5m. Assembly is very fast and simple. 4-6 fitters canassemble up to 70 meters per day Helical Anchors.(optional)New corrosionproof system in2012 for ACIDwater tailings
  3. 3. anchors designed to be rotated into the ground by hand or with drive tools. Used as underwatermooring anchors can be provided Bulk Shippable1 x 40ft (12m) container = 600 meters long x 1.5m wide1 x 20ft (6m) container = 270 meters long x 1.5m Xrosswater Warehouse & 8 drill CNC fabrication equipmentSince 1996 Xrosswater has pioneered the designing, producing and delivery of large floatingstructures and floating walkways for mine and industrial requirement around-the-world. Clientsinclude: Debswana, Rio Tinto, Anglo Gold, Anglo Platinum, Exarro, Alberta Oil Sands, Plus Petroletc. To date over 7500 linear meters have been delivered across Asia, Africa, Americas with 500meters carried into the Peruvian Amazon beneath a helicopter. The Xrosswater product ismanufactured in the USA & Europe by ISO certified manufactures.Some of the recent projects completed;Anglo Gold Ashanti, Namibia 42mKoza Gold 320m, TurkeyDebswana 810m walkway and penstock platformPlus Petrol, Peruvian Amazon 504m (Airlifted in by Chinook helicopter)Water Reservoir, Algeria 417m with pipe line support and 6x6 pump platformDownstream of Mine: Pollution monitor, Manitoba, Canada 21 mGold mine Zimbabwe 70m,Oil Sand (Shell) Alberta Canada 90m with 2 specialised equipment platforms.Debswana 270 m walkway with Grid inserts and penstock platform
  4. 4. meter walkway in Peruvian Amazon Penstock platform on Mine Tailings Dam504 Meter leaving for South America Units assembled ready for installationCrates containing 21m x 1.5m of walkway Pipeline support brackets (300mm dia)
  5. 5. Pipe suspended beneath outriggers.Walkway Grate insert to reduce wind drag and optimize shipping capacityPipe & cable support for 300mm dia pipe
  6. 6. Walkway for dredger application. 25 degree pivot4.5m sq pump platform 300kg buoyancyAlgeria 417m with pump platforms & pipe support
  7. 7. for Oil Sand WITH CRANE LIFTING EYES
  8. 8. Sands Canada Operation 90 meters 11m hoisted into position (Oil Sands)810 meters Diamond Mine in Africa270m with 1m grid inserts for De Beers, Botswana