Are You A Guerrilla


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Creative ways to market your business with Guerrilla Marketing.

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Are You A Guerrilla

  1. 1. GUERRILLA MARKETING The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted in unexpected places. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought- provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.Guerrilla marketing involves unusual approaches such as intercept encounters in public places, street giveaways of products, PR stunts, or any unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. More innovative approaches to Guerrilla marketing now utilize cutting edge mobile digital technologies to engage the consumer and create a memorable brand experience.
  2. 2. GUERRILLA COASTERSAdvertise everything from new shows, products and places! Your BRAND is the BUZZ!
  3. 3. GUERRILLA BOTTLE TOP COASTERPeople gotta eat and drink! Make sure they’re talking about your brand while they do.
  4. 4. GUERRILLA QR CODESFor a truly interactive promotion for your BRAND add QR codes to promotional giveaways for extended BRAND interaction.
  5. 5. GUERRILLA FOOD-TO-GO BOXESWhen they take their food to go, they take your BRAND too! Blanket your surrounding area with a food marketing blitz., perfect for any sales call.
  6. 6. GUERRILLA PIZZA BOXESSurprise your prospect with a piping HOT PIZZA, they will definitely know who it came from.
  7. 7. GUERRILLA COFFEEAdd your marketing BUZZ to the “Daily Grind” - any place you want to influence coffee and hot beverage drinkers. FULL COLOR IMPRINT AVAILABLE.
  8. 8. GUERRILLA COFFEE SLEEVESCreate a BUZZ at the local Coffee Shop. Good to the last drop add COUPONS or SAMPLES!
  9. 9. GUERRILLA NAPKINSPut your brand in the middle of every meal and special event.
  10. 10. GUERRILLA TISSUETake your brand along for the ride. Hand out at events or send DIRECT MAIL. - add COUPONS!
  11. 11. GUERRILLA TISSUE BOXESPut your brand where it will be seen. Perfect for health related promotions.
  12. 12. GUERRILLA SNACK TRAYPut your BRAND in the middle of any Special Event or Meeting you sponsor!– Hotels & Convention Centers, Chamber events & more!
  13. 13. GUERRILLA TAKEOUTTake your BRAND message on the go with Deli Takeout containers.
  14. 14. GUERRILLA GUMThe perfect on the go handout. Perfect for product announcements & new locations.
  15. 15. GUERRILLA MINTSYour Brand message on delicious mints. A great way to introduce new products, drive traffic to a website, for coupons or new location.
  16. 16. GUERRILLA SNACKSThe perfect tasty handout.
  17. 17. GUERRILLA CALLING CARDEngage your customers in a whole new way. Communicate all the details of your products and services with a delicious treat. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE.
  18. 18. GUERRILLA POLESTake your message to malls, shopping centers, special events, stadiums & MORE!
  19. 19. GUERRILLA HANGERSYour brand is sure to stand out in a world of hangers. Display your band image and message boldly by utilizing the front and back of the hanger for multiple messages. Think cleaners, hotels & more!
  20. 20. GUERRILLA URINALPut your message where it can’t be ignored! Perfect for promotions geared towards men.
  21. 21. GUERRILLA CONCRETEPeople look where the walk so they might as well see your BRAND.
  22. 22. GUERRILLA COUNTERCounter mats to help deliver targeted marketing, generate impulse sales, create brand awareness, and sell more!
  23. 23. GUERRILLA HAND FANS - COUPONBecause it’s always hot somewhere. Cool them off with your BRAND and a coupon.
  24. 24. GUERRILLA DOOR HANGERSDoor Hangers are fun and creative way to market your BRAND. Spread your message around town.
  25. 25. GUERRILLA BOOKMARKSThe perfect promotional tool for any book launch or tie in. Give readers something extra by adding a special code or website for fans!
  26. 26. GUERRILLA STICKERSStickers all around town with your BRAND message.
  27. 27. GUERRILLA BAGSThe bag says it all. Put your BRAND MESSAGE in full color at any event.
  28. 28. GUERRILLA POSTERSSpread your message across town.
  29. 29. GUERRILLA ENVELOPESDeliver your BRAND message in style. Make an impact without them knowing what’s even in the inside. Comes in 5 sizes.
  30. 30. GUERRILLA CEREALYour BRAND the breakfast of champions.
  31. 31. GUERRILLA WATERThe perfect On-Pack promotion.
  32. 32. GUERRILLA APPARELWhen a plain white tee shirt just won’t do. Your BRAND in FULL COLOR!
  33. 33. GUERRILLA GAMESYour BRAND the center of fun games at events.
  34. 34. GUERRILLA BACKPACKTaking advertising to a whole new level, by redefining mobile advertising and product BRANDING. Features Brochure Pocket & Drink Holder.
  35. 35. GUERRILLA SAMPLEYour Brand is the sample – Concerts, Festivals, Tradeshows & more!
  36. 36. GUERRILLA TENTSBranding impact and visibility that draws the attention of the public to your Tents.
  37. 37. GUERRILLA SHADE SHACKThe perfect beach promotion. Your BRAND is sure to stand out in the sand.
  38. 38. GUERRILLA BLINDSYour BRAND full color image, picture or message on blinds, benefit is two fold: create necessary shading from the sun, as well as valuable window branding. Sized to fit any window or door.
  39. 39. GUERRILLA ADWe take your BRAND where the action is – Events, Concerts, Festivals & more!