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Service desk integrations


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Service desk integrations

  1. 1. JIRA Service Desk Integrations BRUNO CONDE • XPAND IT
  2. 2. Confluence Service Desk suggests relevant documentatio n for the question being raised…
  3. 3. ConfluenceQuestions Share knowledge and find answers with internal Q&A. It's harder than it should be to get answers to your questions at work. Give people a way to ask questions within their teams or of anyone in the entire organization. Drop a list of popular questions onto any Confluence page to create a dynamic FAQ. Let the community determine knowledge gaps and fill them with Q&A.
  4. 4. KnowledgeBase Articles Allows an Agent to create a Knowledge Base Article from a given Service Desk ticket.
  5. 5. Hipchat Service Desk Ticket Updates
  6. 6. Email Channel A customer sends an email to the email address linked to your service desk. A new request is created and an email notification is sent to the customer with the request details. An agent comments on the corresponding issue in service desk, which sends the customer an updated email notification. The customer replies to these email notifications until the request is resolved.
  7. 7. Thank you! BRUNO CONDE • XPAND IT