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Migrating to git


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Migrating to git

  1. 1. Migrating to Git PEDRO GONÇALVES • CTO • XPAND IT • @LPSG78
  2. 2. The integration between git and Subversion is so well done that several of us have been using git as our interface to all our Subversion repositories.” “ With git-svn you can use git to interface SVN repos JOHN DOE DEVELOPER
  3. 3. GIT SVN git-svn – use git to interface SVN repos • Checking out a Subversion repository is as simple as can be • git-svn clone -s local_dir • Making local branches • git checkout -b new_branch_name [old_branch_name] • Adding changes and commiting • git rm • git add • git commit
  4. 4. GIT SVN git-svn – use git to interface SVN repos • Merging local branches • git checkout master • git merge <feature_branch> • Updating from and committing back to Subversion • git-svn rebase • git-svn dcommit
  5. 5. git-svn is not Git. To make use of the full power of Git, you should migrate! svn2git is a tiny utility for migrating projects from Subversion to Git while keeping the trunk, branches and tags where they should be.
  6. 6. SVN2GIT svn2git • Checking out a Subversion repository • svn2git --authors ~/authors.txt • git branch –a • git tag –l • Add remote Git repository • git remote add origin • Push all branches and tags • git push --all • git push --tags
  7. 7. SVN2GIT Some work for the extra mile, don’t forget to: • Convert .svnignore to .gitignore (there is a helper script for this) • Create a proper authors file (there is a helper script for this) • Shutdown, or set your SVN repo to read-only after the migration
  8. 8. It is possible to use SVN and Git at the same time! SubGit is a tool for a smooth, stress-free SVN to Git migration. Create writable Git mirror of a local or remote Subversion repository and use both Subversion and Git as long as you like.
  9. 9. SUBGIT MIRROR • Use SubGit to create a bi-directional Git-SVN mirror of existing Subversion repository. • Push to Git or commit to Subversion at your convenience. • SubGit will take care of synchronization
  10. 10. SVN Mirror for Atlassian Stash
  11. 11. HISTORY • vss2git - Windows GUI application that exports all or parts of an existing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 repository to a new Git repository • git-tfs - a two-way bridge between Team Foundation Server Control and git, similar to git-svn. TFS 2013 already includes a Git Server (direct migration). Other importers
  12. 12. HISTORY • git cvsimport - Salvage your data out of another SCM people love to hate • fast-export - A mercurial to git converter. • git-p4 - Import from and submit to Perforce repositories Other importers
  13. 13. Thank you! PEDRO GONÇALVES • CTO • XPAND IT • @LPSG78