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Xoriant Smartphone apps accelerator


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Xoriant Smartphone Application Accelerator, a set of libraries help in speeding the application development on various Smartphone platforms. Using the accelerator libraries, any application features can be incorporated in 20-50% less time than what it would take to develop from scratch. Additionally since some of the underlying foundation has already been tested, the application quality is also significantly higher. The Xoriant Smartphone Accelerator libraries are available for iPhone, Android, Nokia – QT, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

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Xoriant Smartphone apps accelerator

  1. 1. Accelerate Your Mobile Application DevelopmentXoriant Smartphone Apps Accelerator
  2. 2. Current Scenario –Mobile Platform Confusion • Several SmartPhone platforms are out in the market • Each platform requires language/platform skills that are specific to each platform • Porting a smartphone application from one platform to another is – – Time consuming – Error prone – Expensive and Inefficient: Requires teams with specific platform skills
  3. 3. The Xoriant Solution • Help accelerate SmartPhone application development by providing building blocks (framework) for each Smartphone platform. • The building blocks provide a set of features that we have seen common across various applications that we have developed. • The building blocks provide a well tested and feature rich set of features, using which you can rapidly build your application. • Development time is cut by 60-70% in several cases.
  4. 4. Overview of Xoriant Solution • SmartPhone App Accelerator for the following platforms: – iPhone – Android – Nokia – QT – Blackberry – Windows Mobile • The App Accelerator contains building blocks that address commonly used idioms/areas in most Smartphone applications. • These have been identified through real world experience of developing several Smartphone applications.
  5. 5. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks Application Location Based Social Media UI Widgets Configuration Services Integration File / Database Audio/Video Utilities Auto Update Management Sensor Synchronization Networking Telephony Module Management Framework Logging Security Internationalization MVC Framework Framework
  6. 6. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks • Application Settings Application • User Preferences • Configuration • XML based or Properties file based configuration Initialized at application startup Location • GPS Module abstraction Based • Google Maps Integration Services • ListView • DetailView UI Widgets • CRUD Form for simple operations • Login Form
  7. 7. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks • API Wrapper for popular Social Media sites like: Social Media • Facebook • Twitter Integration • Orkut File / • File Abstraction API Database • Database Abstraction API • Commonly used file and database operations Management • REST API client wrapper Networking • SSL support • Web Service invocation wrapper
  8. 8. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks Audio/Video • Media Integration API • XML/JSON Parser API Utilities • Date/Time/String functions • Encoding/Decoding support • Version support in applications Auto Update • Get notified in case of new application version
  9. 9. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks • Send / Receive Calls Telephony • Call Log access Module • Send / Receive SMS Sensor • As applicable to a platform, wrappers to work with Sensors like Motion, Management Accelerometer, Temperature,etc. • Online/Offline support Synchronization • Automatic Synchronization of data Framework when connection is up.
  10. 10. Xoriant App Accelerator –Building Blocks • Encryption/Decryption API for storing sensitive data on device Security • Authorization support via enabling/disabling functions in the application • Detailed level of logging Logging Framework • Capture screenshots and send for debugging Internationalization • Full support for internationalization • MVC Framework , which brings structure to the application code MVC Framework • Application Controller concept that manages the whole application
  11. 11. Case Studies Some Applications Built UsingXoriant SmartPhone App Accelerator
  12. 12. Real Estate iPhone Application• Real Estate iPhone application developed using Xoriant Smartphone Apps Accelerator to help users search homes based on current location & also to put properties for sale.
  13. 13. Airplane Mobile Wifi Connectivity• Mobile client software developed using Xoriant App Accelerator on iPhone and Blackberry for Wifi broadband provider to connect to the airplane based server
  14. 14. Mobile Restaurant Deals• Mobile application developed using Xoriant Smartphone Apps Accelerator on iPhone and Android offering restaurant deals to mobile users using their location data
  15. 15. More Information Xoriant Corporation 1248 Reamwood Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA Tel: +1 (408) 743-4477 Email: info@xoriant.com