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IP-PBX for Small Business


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The Ideal IP-PBX for Small Business & Multi-site Implementations.
Xorcom Business Phone Systems – IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for Small Business.
While small business IT budget is limited, in today’s work environment it is possible to get customized and modern voice communications in a fraction of the cost of the same capabilities only 10-15 years ago. As a small business owner, it is good to know the capabilities of modern day business phone systems, which extend far beyond the classic key-systems of the past. Knowing that it is possible to make more out of every interaction with the customer, and making sure the employees are able to provide the best service with the least waste of time.
Is My Business a Call Center?
While most businesses do not consider themselves call centers, it is becoming more and more popular for small business to set up their phone system with call center capabilities to ensure maximum effectiveness of employees and minimum waiting time for customers. Features like smart queue management, priority VIP customers, dynamic agents, reporting tools, smart multi-layer IVR (auto-attendant) and many more features that used to cost a lot are available today for very affordable pricing.
Therefore, many small businesses with even two or three people that are answering the phone for service or sales now set up this as a small call center with professional management of call flow and proper statistics and real-time monitoring that provides the business owner with visibility, so that she can take the right decisions based on data.
Cloud PBX, Virtual Phone System, Classic PBX
Today’s phone systems are more software than hardware, which allows more flexibility on how they are implemented. You can choose whether you want to run the PBX as a software-only virtual machine on a general purpose in-house, set it up in the cloud with a reliable provider, or have an integrated appliance in-house.
Download free CompletePBX demo system with up to 3 extensions.

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IP-PBX for Small Business

  1. 1. Introducing Spark CXS1000
  2. 2. New CompletePBX Family Member • Ideal for: • small businesses • multi-site implementations • Compact: 9” 1U chassis • Feature-rich: CompletePBX v. 4.5x • Budget-friendly
  3. 3. Spark Capabilities • Up to 30 extensions • Optional ½ PRI (up to 16 channels) • Up to 16 analog ports (FXS and/or FXO) • Up to 8 BRI ports (16 channels) • Up to 30 concurrent SIP calls • Up to 16 concurrent E1/T1 calls • Up to 16 concurrent E1/T1/BRI/ FXS/FXO calls
  4. 4. Spark Specifications • CompletePBX v. 4.5x • 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU • 10/100 Ethernet port • 1GB RAM • Two USB2 ports • 8GB micro SD storage • HDMI port • Audio port
  5. 5. What is CompletePBX? • A comprehensive business-grade VoIP telephony system with no per user license fees • A single product line of varying hardware configurations optimized to support communications requirements of businesses from 2-1500 users
  6. 6. Sampling of Included Telephony Apps
  7. 7. Major Benefits of CompletePBX Web-based interface for easy implementation and management Enterprise-class communication features, unified communication options and basic call center functionality are standard, with no per user license fees Modular support for PRI, BRI, FXO and FXS telephony interfaces Interoperability with SIP standard endpoints, including flexible tool for adding new vendors/models . Built-in mechanisms to regulate access for heightened security Hospitality-ready integrated solution that interfaces with leading property management systems (PMS) Easily tailored to suit a wide variety of vertical markets: e.g., healthcare; legal; manufacturing; car dealerships; campuses; consultants; contractors Open application programmable interface enabling easy integration of third party products
  8. 8. Standard Features in CompletePBX Administration Security Interfaces & Integration System Economy User Experience Unified Communications Workgroup Features
  9. 9. User Experience • Basic Call Features • Call back • Call forward • Call parking • Call pickup • Call waiting • Camp on • DISA (Direct Inward System Access) • DND (do not disturb) • Find me / Follow me • Transfer (blind, attended) • Voicemail • Caller ID • Customization (incoming/outgoing) • Display • Lookup • Blocking • Routing • Screening • On Call Waiting • CDR (Call Details Record) • Corporate phone books • Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs) • Inbound/Outbound fax support • Language support • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) • Short-code dialing • Speed Dial • User-friendly Web interface • Video calls • Voicemail-to-email • Wake-up Calls / Reminders
  10. 10. Unified Communications • Audio conferencing • Call recordings access • Corporate phone book • Disaster recovery* • Fax-to-email • One number reach • Operator panel (switchboard) • Paging and intercom • Presence • Short-code dialing • VMX Locator • Voicemail to e-mail • Web access to voicemail, fax, and recordings *Optional
  11. 11. Workgroup Features • Call monitoring • Call queues • Call recording* • Caller Name Lookup • CDR (Call Details Record) • Click-to-call • Conferencing (on-the-fly) • Hot-desking • Hunting groups • IVR / Auto-attendants • Pick-up groups • Presence (agent status) • Queue priorities • Ring group strategies • Statistical reporting • Time-based routing • Visual switchboard * On an external server
  12. 12. Administration • Backup and Restore* • Endpoint provisioning tool • Feature codes • Music / Announcements • Network settings tool • Pre-defined user roles • Remote administration • Storage monitoring • System status screen • System-wide speed dial • Time Conditions • User-friendly Web interface *Optional
  13. 13. Security • Built-in firewall • Call encryption (SIP TLS, sRTP) • Intrusion detection and blocking • Customizable user roles • Limiting or blocking of outbound calls • PIN-protected outbound calls • Routing Groups
  14. 14. Interfaces & Integration • PRI, BRI ISDN, FXO, FXS • SIP phones • Soft phones, smartphones, tablets • TDM/SIP/IAX trunks • TDM-VoIP gateway
  15. 15. System Economy • Advanced dialing rules • Built-in expansion options: • extensions • voicemail boxes • hunt groups • call center groups • auto attendants (IVRs) • Cell phone integration • Disaster recovery • DUNDI (Peer Lookup) • Incoming fax detection • Least Cost Routing • No per user licenses! • PIN-protected outbound calls • PSTN or Digital Failover • Remote extensions • Shared voice/fax line • Voice conference bridges • Voice conferencing • VoIP softswitch
  16. 16. Enhanced User Experience: Launch Pad
  17. 17. Standard Office Implementation
  18. 18. Multi-Site Office Implementation
  19. 19. Sales Benefits of Xorcom Spark • Simple, pre-configured, 100% integrated: works ‘out of the box’ to save time and money • Small, professional, 9” 1U chassis • Full telephony connectivity: FXS, FXO, PRI (E1/T1), T1 CAS, E1/R2, BRI ISDN • Connects to VoIP (SIP, IAX), incl. soft phones • Built-in security!
  20. 20. Support Benefits of Xorcom Spark • Free 12-month product warranty • On-going free software upgrades for future features (for customers under service contracts) • Rapid Tunneling™ for easy remote maintenance • Rapid Recovery™ for backup/restore* * Optional
  21. 21. Thank You