Chapter 6 logical_fallacies_ii


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Chapter 6 logical_fallacies_ii

  1. 1. Chapter 6: Logical Fallcies IIFallacies of Insufficient Evidence• Mistakes in reasoning in which the premises, though relevant to the conclusion, fail to provide sufficient evidence for the conclusions. 1. Inappropriate appeal to authority 2. Appeal to Ignorance 3. False Alternatives 4. Loaded Questions 5. Questionable Cause 6. Hasty Generalization 7. Slippery Slope 8. Weak Analogy 9. InconsistencyInappropriate Appeal to Authority• Citing a witness or authority that is untrustworthy.Appeal to Ignorance• Claiming that something is true because no one has proven it false or vice versa.False Alternatives• Posing a false either/or choiceLoaded questions• Posing a question that contains an unfair or unwarranted presupposition.Questionable Cause• Claiming without sufficient evidence, that one thing is the cause of something else.Hasty generalization• Drawing a general conclusion from a sample that is biased or too small.Slippery slope
  2. 2. • Claiming, without sufficient evidence, that a seemingly harmless action, if taken, will lead to a disastrous outcome.Weak analogy• Comparing things that are not really comparable.Inconsistency• Asserting inconsistent or contradictory claims.