Littlebopeeple Starcom competition


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won the first place at the Starcom Powerade case competition

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Littlebopeeple Starcom competition

  1. 1. Powerade  Communica&on  Plan   Execu&ve  Summary   •  Use  media  in  ways  that  will  grab  the  a9en&on  of  our  target   •  Make  a  connec&on  with  our  target  through  the  most   frequently  used  media   •  Make  placements  where  our  target  will  be  most  suscep&ble   to  retaining  a  message     This  will:   •  Make  Powerade  a  more  recognizable  brand   •  Increase  in  growth  for  Powerade  in  the  sports  drink   category   1  
  2. 2. Powerade  Objec&ves  and  Strategies  Business  Objec&ve  -­‐  Increase  Powerade  market  share  in  sports  drink  category  Marke&ng  Objec&ve  -­‐  Create  Powerade  brand  percep/on  as  the  sports  drink  that  thinks  everyone   should  get  powerful  nutrients  out  of  their  sports  drink  –  athlete  or  not    -­‐  Increase  favorability  among  these  men  as  the  go-­‐to  drink  for  hydra&on  -­‐  Grow  Powerade  by  giving  it  an  image  that  more  of  these  men  can  relate  to  -­‐  Increase  usage  by  making  it  more  available  and  prevalent  for  these  men   2  
  3. 3. Powerade  Keeps  him  Energized  for  his  Busy  Life   Target:  Males  ages  25-­‐34  Young  Professional  Rising  Up   Scheduled  Exerciser   Always  Busy  the  Ladder         -­‐  Makes  &me  in  his  busy   -­‐  Striving  to  be  the  best  in  -­‐  Household  between  $75K   schedule  to  work  out  at   their  field     and  $100K   least  2  to  3  &mes  a  week   -­‐  Ge]ng  married  or  -­‐  Balancing  many  new   -­‐  Likes  compe&&on,  but   having  kids  and   responsibili&es   works  out  for  personal   commi9ed  to  being  the   health  instead   best  parent  and  spouse   possible     The  Diligent  Adventurer       He  likes  having  many  different  things  to  look  forward  to  in  life  –    work,  friends,  a  family,  or   staying  healthy.  He  focuses  on  each  aspect  with  much  detail  and  commitment.   Powerade  relates  to  the  men  that  are  interested  in  athle&cs,  but  work   out  solely  for  health  benefits.   3  
  4. 4. Communica&ons  Strategy   These  men  have  busy  lives  to  balance.  They  are  young  professionals,  growing  spouses,  and  new  parents.  However,  even  with  all  these  commitments,  these  men  will  find  &me  to  keep  up  with  their  healthy  workouts.  They  are  in  between  home,  the  office,  and  the  gym.  Create  a  plan  that  coordinates  with  how  they  use  media  in  their  busy  lives  and  when  they   get  a  chance  to  use  it.  Allow  them  to  depend  on  Powerade  as  the  drink  to  pick  up  when   they  need  to  be  replenished  and  get  on  with  their  demanding  lives.   Powerade  Interacts  with     Every  Aspect  of  his  Life   TV   Print   Online   Connect  with  him  when  he   Stay  in  his  mind  while  he’s   Keep  the  conversa&on   gets  the  chance  to  lean   reading  up  on  his  personal   going  by  interac&ng  with   back  and  take  a  break  from   interests.   him  through  his  &ght   his  hec&c  life.       connec&on  to  social  media.   Radio   OOH   Promo&onal   Presence  on  the  radio   He’s  constantly  driving   He  wants  the  best  for  the   while  he  goes  to  and  from   around  town,  so  catch  him   community  he  lives  in.   work  helps  grab  his   while  he’s  on  the  move.   Show  him  that  Powerade   a9en&on.     does,  too.   4  
  5. 5. Television   Connect  with  him  when  he  finally  has  a  one-­‐track  mind.  Timing:  Q1  &  Q4   He  loves  to  keep  up  with  his  favorite  sports  and   teams,  so  splurge  on  the  ESPN  programming  that   includes:     -­‐  ESPN   -­‐  ESPN2   -­‐  ESPN  Classic   -­‐  ESPNews   He  won’t  watch  more  than  25  hours  of  television  per   week,  so  make  sure  to  catch  him  on  his  other  favorite   sta&ons:   -­‐  Spike  TV   -­‐  USA   -­‐  Comedy  Central   5  
  6. 6. Print   Meet  him  where  he  is  surround  by  his  interests.   Timing:  Q3  &  Q4  ESPN  The  Magazine  -­‐  In  addi&on  to  the  television  buy,  place  in  ESPN  the  Magazine  to  keep  Powerade  in  his  mind  when  he’s   reading  about  his  favorite  sports.  -­‐  Men  that  read  ESPN  The  Magazine  are  43%  more  likely  to  drink  sports  drinks  than  the  general   popula&on.  Sports  Illustrated  -­‐  This  is  a  great  way  to  reach  the  sec&on  of  these  men  that  may  not  be  subscribed  to  ESPN  the  Magazine,   yet  s&ll  want  to  read  sports  magazines  to  keep  up  on  their  interests.  -­‐  Of  those  that  read  Sports  Illustrated,  19.3%  of  them  are  25-­‐34  year  old  males.  Na&onal  Geographic  -­‐  Help  support  his  healthy  lifestyle  by  showing  him  that  he  can  use  Powerade  for  ge]ng  outside  and   being  ac&ve.  -­‐  This  allows  him  to  see  Powerade  interac&ng  with  a  different,  more  adventurous  side  of  his  life.  Men’s  Health  -­‐  He  will  be  reading  this  to  get  &ps  on  how  to  keep  a  healthy  lifestyle.  Let  him  see  that   Powerade  supports  everyone  –  athlete  or  not.  -­‐  Out  of  all  the  people  that  read  Men’s  Health,  25.2%  of  them  are  25-­‐34  year  old  males.   6  
  7. 7. Online   Connect  his  social  lifestyle  to  his  ac&ve  lifestyle.   Timing:  Q2  &  Q3   Social  Media:  Q1-­‐Q4  -­‐  Round  out  the  ESPN  collabora&on  with  an  online  spot.    -­‐  25-­‐34  year-­‐old  males  are  53%  more  likely  to  go  on  than  the  general  popula&on.  It’s  a                    great  way  to  reach  a  huge  group  of  these  men!  -­‐  He’s  proud  of  how  healthy  and  ac&ve  he  is!  Allow  him  to  share  it  with  the  Facebook  world.  Ask  him   what  his  best  workout  of  the  day  was  or  if  he  met  any  new  goals  at  work.    -­‐  Include  him  in  the  conversa&on.   -­‐  Tweet  about  health  news,  about  sports  news,  and  even  about  the  progress  your  Twi9er   followers  have  made  with  their  healthy  lifestyles.     -­‐  Keep  your  followers  interested  and  reading  your  tweets.  -­‐  Professional  life  can  be  just  as  exhaus&ng  as  a  good,  hard  workout  can.  Use  a  specialized  adver&sement   to  let  him  know  Powerade  is  the  perfect  drink  to  energize  and  hydrate  him  –  even  outside  of  the  gym.  -­‐  Out  of  all  people  that  go  to,  men  ages  25-­‐34  are  25.4%  of  them.   7  
  8. 8. Out  of  Home  and  Radio   Catch  him  while  he’s  out  and  about.  Timing:  Q2  &  Q3  Billboards    -­‐  He’s  constantly  traveling,  and  Powerade  can  take  advantage  of  this  by  reminding  him  that  it’s  the  perfect   sports  beverage  to  keep  him  energized  when  he  gets  &red  of  all  of  it.  -­‐  Out  of  men  ages  25-­‐34,  19.5%  of  them  drive  300  or  more  miles  a  week.  Radio  -­‐  Along  with  being  a  heavy  traveler,  he  is  constantly  tuned  into  his  favorite  radio  sta&ons.  -­‐  Out  of  all  men  ages  25-­‐34,  22.4%  of  them  listen  to  radio  22.5  or  more  hours  per  week.     Promo&onal   Show  him  Powerade  cares  about  his  health.  Be9er-­‐Than-­‐An-­‐Athlete  of  the  Week  -­‐  Incorporate  the  Facebook  account  and  have  people  submit  stories  of  goals  they  met  in  any  given  week  –   whether  it’s  for  work,  for  their  family,  or  for  their  exercise.  Each  week,  someone  will  be  chosen  to  be  the   “Be9er-­‐Than-­‐An-­‐Athlete  of  the  Week.”  They  will  be  featured  in  a  photo  album  on  the  Facebook  page,   with  the  cap&on  explaining  the  goal  they  set  and  how  they  accomplished  it.  This  is  a  great  way  to  get   people  to  interact  more  with  Powerade  as  a  brand  on  their  social  media.  -­‐  Timing:  Every  week  of  the  year  5K  for  a  Healthy  Lifestyle  -­‐  Team  up  with  to  create  a  5K  that  promotes  physical  ac&vity  and  a  healthy  lifestyle.   This  is  a  great  way  to  get  the  message  across  that  Powerade  is  not  just  for  spor&ng  events  or  for   athletes,  but  that  it  supports  all  kinds  of  healthy,  physical  ac&vity.  -­‐  Timing:  Once  in  June   8  
  9. 9. Campaign  Success  Study  New  Brand  Awareness,  Message  Associa&on,  and   Brand  Favorability  to  determine  Purchase  Intent/ Considera&on   Television   En&re  Na&onal  Campaign  over  secluded  programming   Print   Based  of  Circula&on/Readership  of  chosen  magazines   Online   Interac&on  Time/Rate  of  Clicks   Promo&onal   A9endance  at  Event/Word  of  Mouth  Spread   Out  of  Home   Frequency  of  impressions   Radio   Number  of  Listeners   9  
  10. 10. Catch  Him  at  the  Best  Time   Jan.   Feb.   Mar.   Apr.   May   June   July   Aug.   Sept.   Oct.   Nov.   Dec.   TV     Print   Online/ Promo.   OOH   Radio  TV  Ra&onale:  TV  pa9erns  tend  to  be  seasonal,  with  TV  usage  higher  in  the  winter  months  and  lower  in  the  summer  months    Print  Ra&onale:  He  has  more  &me  for  reading  magazines  in  the  summer  months  and  will  pick  them  up  in  the  fall  and  early  winter  as  the  holidays  roll  around  Online/Promo  Ra&onale:  He  is  always  communica&ng  online,  so  Powerade  should,  too.  OOH  Ra&onale:  The  summer  months  allow  for  more  travel  as  they  provide  safer  road  condi&ons  Radio  Ra&onale:  Radio  usage  is  more  frequent  in  the  summer  months,  incorpora&ng  with  an  increase  in  traveling     Cost  of  Campaign:  $48,572,500   10