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Standard chartered proposal presentation


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Standard chartered proposal presentation

  1. 1. IT3196 Social Media Case Study Gerald Choo Ricky Raj Kang Taiping Eelynn Wu Xiang Xiang
  2. 2. Agenda Objective Target Audience System Overview Social Media Channel Success Matrix Tools used Action Timeline Task distribution Q&A
  3. 3. Objectives Create a Facebook Application to cater to different people’s need and Interest Share information and thoughts with friends within this community Benefits to newbies in the interest
  4. 4. Target Audience Who • Social Media Users • Adults, Marathon runners, Students
  5. 5. System Overview
  6. 6. CUSTOMIZING CREDIT/DEBIT CARD Given Theme Customize the Credit/Debit card • Design your own using the given tools and pictures • Upload your own design Allow people to vote for their design  Most voted will be launchBenefits • A unique designed card • Increase Standard Chartered sales
  7. 7. CHECK-IN FOR CHARITY DONATION Check-in • Standard Chartered Bank • Stores that is under Standard Chartered Card Promotion Standard Chartered will donate 5Cent Payment made with Standard Chartered Card, 5Cent will be donated Benefit • Participate in charity • Stores increase sales
  8. 8. Investment Decision Making System System that provides information to advise potential investors Portfolio and report • Equities to invest in • Amount advised • Years involved and schemes Users will help each other Potential investor can acquire financial consultant
  9. 9. Investment Decision Making System Benefit of IDMS do for StandChart • Allows an edge over competitors • Educate users on investment • Makes life simpler for financial consultants • Indirectly brings in more investment revenue
  10. 10. STAND CHART CHART-TOPPER A Search for the best home-made songs within Stand Chart community  Upload links Saregama India Ltd is proud to announce its association with the Standard Chartered Mumbai  Gain popularity Marathon. The premiere music company has just released the event anthem.  Win and be recognized Top 5 songs to be played at Singapore Marathon Song creators to be awarded prizes and sponsorship
  11. 11. STAND CHART CHART-TOPPER Benefits of Chart-Topper • Builds stanchart reputation  In the Arts-scene  Cultivate raw talent  Deeper engagement to heartlanders • Enhance brand-name • Become more reachable through music industry
  12. 12. TRAINING SYSTEM A system that provides training plan for runners Coordinate with running app on mobile Achievement • Multiple achievement to achieve • Share with friends and community Training Plan • Step by step training to follow • Given 3 try to succeed • Alternative training plan User can share their training plan and discuss how to achieve it
  13. 13. TRAINING SYSTEM Benefits of Training plan • Keep runners motivated • Prepare runners for the marathon • Sense of achievement • Discuss training plan
  14. 14. DIET PLAN A system that provides diet plan for runners System generated diet • System provide necessary diet base on information given • User can follow the diet plan • Share with friends and community Self select food source • Select food from choice • Submit choice to system • System provide alternatives to user • Share with friends and community User can share their diet plan other alternatives differ from system
  15. 15. DIET PLAN Benefits of Diet Plan • Keep runners diet on track • Prepare runners for the marathon • Allow user to last through the marathon • Discuss diet plan
  16. 16. PHOTO GALLERY “CONTEST” A Contest for the best creative photo design for StandChart Marathon. • Design individual photos • Upload photos into gallery • Gain likes for picture • Win and receive attractive rewards Top 10 photos will be convert to posters for display at the yearly Marathon.
  17. 17. PHOTO GALLERY “CONTEST” Benefits • Enhance Brand Awareness o Knowing more about StandChart • Attracted to StandChart Marathon o More users would go for marathon for the sake of charity • Winner will have a sense of Achievement o Top liked photos will be displayed at Marathon track. o Winner will be awarded prizes on the day of the Marathon
  18. 18. MAP PLOTTING FOR MARATHON A Function that allows user to draw & plot map for the junior marathon. • Plot the marathon map • Save & upload the plotted map • Gain likes for best map plotted • Win and receive attractive rewards  Map which garners the most likes are chosen for the junior Marathon race.
  19. 19. MAP PLOTTING FOR MARATHON Benefits • Enhance Brand Awareness o Let more students know of Standard Chartered Bank other than just POSB and DBS • Promote Healthy Lifestyle o Encourage students to exercise to keep fit and relieve stress • Free of Charge for participants o Fees is fully subsidized by the School such that lower income family students need not think twice o Goodies bag will be given out from StandChart itself • Winner will have a sense of Achievement o Awarded with prizes & trophy in front of participants
  21. 21. SUCCESS METRICS Sales Number of Fans like Geo-location Check-ins Speed of growth Engagement SEO results
  22. 22. TOOLS USED Google Alerts • Track product & industry HootSuite • Track overall consumer statistic on network Social Mention • Web tracking based on keyword specify Klout • Measure online influence
  23. 23. ACTION TIMELINE Roadmap of Engagement Customize Credit Card Training Plan and Plotting IDMS and of Map Chart-TopperLaunch of Diet PlanStandChart Photo ContestCommunity and Check-in 10,000 people
  24. 24. TASK DISTRIBUTIONSGerald Ricky •Training System •IDMS •Diet Plan •Chart-TopperEelynn TaiPing •Customize Card •Photo “Contest” •Check-in •Map Plotting
  25. 25. Q&A