Scholarly crew story book survey results


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Scholarly crew story book survey results

  1. 1. Scholarly Crew Story Book Survey Results
  2. 2. Open-endedQuestion 3:This study skill presentation would be most helpful for students from Grade _____ to _______.Answer: Showing 11 text responsesSeems to apply to middle schoolers and up indefinitely11/16/2011 7:40 PMtake out the reference to 7th grade as I think it could be used from 5th - 9th gradeprobably11/15/2011 5:01 PMMiddle and High School11/14/2011 6:38 PMany middle school grade or even 9th graders11/14/2011 1:26 PMI can only guess here, but 6th or 7th11/13/2011 8:25 PM511/13/2011 7:05 PMMiddle School grades (6-8)11/13/2011 3:24 PMcalendar11/13/2011 2:05 PM6-811/11/2011 11:35 PM
  3. 3. high school11/11/2011 9:05 PM7 - 1211/11/2011 2:34 PMQuestion 10:Please provide any suggestions to improve our story book.Showing 10 text responsesDouble check that some of the information given by the coaches are not better suited inthe books main body. Keep in mind that any key point thats not in the book itself maybe lost if it is printed in another medium, or the coaches are ignored by readers.Conversely, sometimes the coach is saying exactly what is in the slide, but that is notnecessary because there is the text-read function for the books content (that could behighlighted with the coaches introduction, e.g. pg 10). There are also a few grammaticalerrors that need to be edited (incorrect tense, subject/verb agreement and spelling,mostly), so do a good proofread. A few I noticed that might help you narrow it down are:pg. 21 should read and be punctuated this way "No matter how well you learn, somethings simply must be memorized.", "...memorizing, there are..." Pg20 - Semicoloninstead of comma in bullet 2, and use lose not loose - "...them; most students LOSE theinformation quickly if THEY dont use it." Pg12 - keep verb consistency use "...or TALKwhile studying." In the coachs text develop is spelled incorrectly, and you "...developgood study habits" no a is needed before good. pg9 - Teri should use Lets not Lets,and a few commas are needed. pg2 - when introducing Leo, is his text intentionallyincorrect or is he supposed to say, "Hello/Heyloo, Leo will demonstrate to you how to bea good note taker."11/16/2011 7:40 PMI really like the idea of having an interactive BookBuilder. Good luck on the rest of yourproject.11/15/2011 6:03 PMSome of these questions were hard to qualify and it would have been helpful to have afeedback option for several of them. For example the coaches. Well you only used thecoaches 5 times so I dont think they were helpful as they needed to be used more. Thepictures were good and the ones that referenced actual strategies and forms were useful.Again rework the learning styles to possibly learning preferences related to particulartasks. So if the task is memorization then here are strategies to help you and you candecide on your preference for studying. if the task is to apply what you know thenstraight memorization will not help but calls for a different kind of studying.11/15/2011 5:01 PMThis is a great topic. The writing did seem a little squished together on some pages. Ithink it may be easier to read if you skipped a few more lines (this was in the learningstyles section). overall, i think it is great and a great resource for the classroom!
  4. 4. 11/14/2011 6:38 PMI bet you are planning more graphics, but just in case it would be nice to have a graphicon the pages without one!11/13/2011 8:25 PMReplace types of learners with more info. on study skills. Middle school may be tooyoung to explain types to.11/13/2011 7:05 PMGeneral: I think you should change your title to include all middle school students. Myeighth graders could definitely benefit from this book!!! Page 2: You should make yourTable of Contents title bigger and bold. Page 4: nothing listed in the bulleted list. Page 6:The graphic is a little confusing…the part that is most confusing is the arrow having todo with Decay. Page 9: How does the reader input on the calendar? Where does theinformation come from besides the agent? Page 11: Took quiz!! I love it!!! Page 19: Youmay want to re-write point 1. I got it after several readings but I think you need to dosomething with punctuation. Page 22: Graphic with no text11/13/2011 3:24 PMI thought the book was a little dry11/13/2011 2:05 PMI think that the graphics in the book could be more appealing to the viewer. Also, youshould use the coaches more and when you do, dont put so much information for theviewer to read. Im sure you probably already know this, but some of the pages aremissing a graphic and/or text. Other than those suggestions, great job on presentingcontent that students need to know!11/11/2011 11:35 PMGreat Job!!! I did see a few things, so dont think Im being critical, Im just a fresh pairof eyes. There werent sources annotated for the pictureson allot of the pages. Great useof external links on pages 11 & 23. Consider rewriting the 2nd bullet on page 18; insteadof loose, use lose; and instead of "you dont use it", write "they dont use it". Page 19 hadsome grammatical and punctuation errors, consider rewriting. Great job on the book, Ican tell you guys put allot of work into it. Again, please dont think Im being too picky,Im just a fresh pair of eyes.11/11/2011 2:34 PM