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Realize radial components inserting by mounter with s rf1001 the through-hole feeder for mounter


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How to realize inserting radial components in a chip mounter ?
We can provide you with special solution which can meet your requirement.This is an auto insertion machine for PCB assembly from Southern Machinery in China, very efficient and reliable but low cost.
We provide totally solution for LED lighting SMT PCB assembly.
We designed and manufactured auto insertion machine,odd form insertion machine,SMT equipment, and providing spare parts support .
Worldwide Installation and on site support.
Factory (machine and lighting assembly) training.
Email: Skype:chan12477357

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Realize radial components inserting by mounter with s rf1001 the through-hole feeder for mounter

  1. 1. How to realize inserting radial components in a chip mounter? Normally , chip mounters are used to pick and place SMD components . But if you want to use your chip mounter to insert the radial components ,it is allowed also.
  2. 2. S-RF1001 The through-hole feeder for mounter *The S-RF1001 is a revolutionary new concept from Southern Machinery that allow the placement or insertion of both surface mount and through-hole components. Can adaptive most of mounter. Auto insertion with mounters: Our Solutions
  3. 3. *We use the special way to modify feeder, can achieve Fuji, Juki, YAMAHA, MYDATA and other machine brands to insert the radial components. If you have a Pick&Place machine , but also want to insert radial components on your Pick&place machine, you can adopt our solution to realize your requirements.
  4. 4. S-RF1001 *Feeder specification 1:L=550mm,W=110mm,H=130mm 2:Air-driven 3:DC 24V in-put signal How to realize the solution *Tape and component dimensions The dimensions for tape packaging and components which are important for the radial feeder are shown in the graphic. Please consider, that the dimensions shown in the drawing are mainly minimum or maximum sizes. Numerous special designs are possible and available for components with varying dimensions with regard to size, leads and tape packaging.
  5. 5. Tape and component dimensions
  6. 6. *General Taping Requirements Component Data for 12.7 mm and 15.0 mm (0.50 in. and 0.59 in.) Pitch Tape
  7. 7. *Radial Lead Taped Component Packaging Guidelines Applicable to reel, cassette and ammo-pack (fold-pack) containers for radial lead taped components. A tape trailer having at least 3 feed holes is required at the end of the tape to feed the last component into the feeder.
  8. 8. *Taped Component Removal Pull Testing The taped components shall unwind (reel and cassette) or unfold (ammo-pack) with a force not to exceed 5 Newtons (17.9 oz.). Pull test shall be applied as illustrated in Figure 43.
  9. 9. *Input Tape Splicing Component can be spliced with an acceptable splicing tape. Universal splicing tape is recommended. Splices must not interfere with tape feed holes and overall tape thickness, including tape, leads, and tape splices, shall not exceed 1.5 mm (0.059 in.).
  10. 10. Welcome inquiry 1,Please visit : 2, Find us more: 3, Know more our team: 4, Welcome to our factory in Shenzhen China 5, Google:Auto+Insertion 6, Looking forward to your email: