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Why Digitization Matters. And how document analytics can help.


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Despite all the changes digital technology has introduced to the workforce, people still can’t give up their love of paper. And that is coming at a cost. Learn why digitization is critical to the future of your business and how document analytics can make it happen.

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Why Digitization Matters. And how document analytics can help.

  1. 1. Why Digitization Matters And how document analytics can help.
  2. 2. Paper has been great. For thousands of years, it has honorably served humankind, documenting everything from the exploits of pharaohs to the business plans of corporations.
  3. 3. 00:00 But paper’s time has come (and gone).
  4. 4. 83% 55% 61% Just ask today’s office workers: feel hampered by outdated ways of working with documents. Source: “Study Finds 61% of Workers Would Switch Jobs for Less Paperwork.” Bandt, March 2015. say inefficient processes distract them from more important tasks. would switch jobs for less paperwork.
  5. 5. Despite the need for digitization and all the talk about it, organizations aren’t making it happen as fast as they want.
  6. 6. 71% of organizations say digitization is key to their corporate strategy.* Yet Only 10% of organizations are digitized across major process areas.** *Source: Digitization at Work, Xerox 2016. **Source: Digitization Survey, Flensby 2016.
  7. 7. What’s with the disconnect? Nobody knows where to start.
  8. 8. Using document analytics is the first step to digitization.
  9. 9. Transformation is a whole lot easier with the right insights. Document analytics answer key questions about how documents, information and work flow throughout your organization. Questions like … The Good News
  10. 10. What documents are at the core of your business processes? Where do they live and how do they move? Where are the bottlenecks? Who is printing what and where? And last but not least: How much of this paper is actually necessary?
  11. 11. When you have these answers, then you can determine what needs to change and set goals.
  12. 12. Plus, with the right data, people will be more motivated to get behind your digitization efforts.
  13. 13. So what do you think? to get this digitization thing going? Are you ready
  14. 14. Uncover more digitization insights. Follow Chief Optimist for smart ways to transform your business: Read Document Analytics eBook › Read Faster Digital Transformation eBook ›