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Financial Group Goes Beyond Document Management [Infographic]


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This multinational financial services group’s print fleet was running wild. Xerox didn’t just give them control. It made the fleet more affordable, sustainable and digital.

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Financial Group Goes Beyond Document Management [Infographic]

  1. 1. Mobile print, together with other improvements to the user experience. Real-time reporting down to individual user level. Tools to assess 'what if' scenarios. Document analytics and workflow assessments to identify digitisation and process improvement opportunities. Commitment to moving from print-based services to digital ways of working. Innovation roadmap supported by an innovation fund. Chapter 1: Cost and Control 100% achievement of SLAs for service availability and incident management over 4 years. 70% cut in hardware footprint through rollout of multi-finctional devices (MDFs). 20% 30% thanks to default duplex printing and the implementation of card-based pull printing as a security measure. It took just 4 months to deliver the service to more than 5,000 UK employees, followed by phased rollout to North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Chapter 2: New Focus on Sustainability and Digital Transformation All of which has resulted in a better service for employees, operational efficiencies, and: With the service well-established and a good working knowledge of the business, Xerox took the initiative to propose a new transformation programme that would unlock a range of additional benefits not possible under the initial contract. The coming years will see: When this multinational financial services group first chose a managed print service (MPS), its immediate focus was on the rationalisation of an office fleet that had grown out of control and was expensive and time-consuming to manage. Digital transformation wasn't yet on the agenda; but the company wanted a partner that would not just meet its immediate requirements, but be able to evolve the service to meet new needs. That's exactly what the company got when it chose Xerox. New Capabilities and Commercials Further Savings and Sustainability Improvements >98% 20%improvement in total cost of ownership. >80% proactive incident management together with consumables monitoring and replenishment. cut in paper use and associated cabon emissions with accurate reporting and billing and the ability to cross-charge printing. service availability and enhanced print security fewer print related helpdesk calls 23%additional reduction in global fleet footprint >10%guaranteed additional savings from day 1 37%cut in carbon emissions and rollout of sustainability tools to further change behaviour and track results. 45%cut in power consumption, also contributing to the company's sustainability goals. The Evolution of Managed Print For a Multinational Financial Services Group Find Out More Learn how Xerox document management services can help your organisation print for less, print less, and embrace digital transformation: ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® is a trademark of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. BR15129 All implemented through: Simple per-seat charging, covering the entire service (within certain parameters). There is one charge per user, which gets reduced if services are removed and increased if services are added. thanks to a more reliable and available service.