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Everything you need to know about NexaStack - DevOps & Serverless Computing Platform

  1. Everything You Need To Know About NexaStack- DevOps & Serverless Computing Platform NexaStack - DevOps Platform
  2. What is NexaStack ● NexaStack - A Unifying DevOps Platform to Automate, Monitor and Analyze the Application Delivery Pipeline ● Deploy, Orchestrate, Monitor and Secure Docker Containers using Kubernetes.
  3. Why Should You Adopt DevOps DevOps is a process and balanced organization approach to improve ● Collaboration ● Communication among Development and Operation ● Redesign and find new ways for Faster and Reliable Delivery
  4. Why NexaStack NexaStack For Developers​ ● Self Provision Resources ● Continuous Delivery NexaStack For Operations ● Multi-Cloud Support ● Runbook Automation ● Define Topologies
  5. Features Of NexaStack ● Adaptive And Secure(DevOps Delivery Pipeline) ● MicroServices ● Serverless Computing ● Integrations
  6. NexaStack Essentials For Startups: In NexaStack Essentials we take care of all basic needs of a Startup for hassle free IT and Application Lifecycle Operations.
  7. NexaStack Productivity For DevOps Team: It is best suited for workloads which are planning or already on production and looking forward to adopt DevOps Approach.
  8. NexaStack Enterprise For Enterprise Stack: Create a single file for your project to describe the type of machine you want, the software that needs to be installed and the way you want to access the machine.
  9. Summary- Overall Learning By Incorporating DevOps Culture into your organization, you can ● Deploy your code 30 times more frequently ● Less than 50% of Deployment fails
  10. Summary- Overall Learning By adopting DevOps culture you can collaborate your team which is composed of cross-functional team members including : ● Developers ● QA ● DBAs ● Business Analysts ● Operation Engineers and so forth
  11. Summary- Overall Learning It delivers many benefits such as: ● Continuous Software Delivery ● Less Complex Problems to fix ● Faster Resolution of Problems ● More Stable Operating Environment
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