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Charity Appeal


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Published in: Sports, Spiritual
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Charity Appeal

  1. 1. AS SAMALMU ALAIKUM, PLEASE MAKEANNOUNCMENTS AT YOU WINTERCONFRENCE TO RAISE AWARNESSREGARDING THE BELOW CHARITYAPPEAL, AS YOU READ THIS THEBROTHERS ARE UNDERTAKING THISTASK…. AND THE TARGET WAS £15K ANDHAVE ONLY REACHED 2K.MONEY RAISED IS 100% GOING TO THECHARITYThis challenge is being done to raise money for Ummah Welfare Trust.MashAllah this charity is leading the way with its commitment to a beautiful 100% donationspolicy, which ensures that every single penny donated to the poor and needy goes to thepoor and needy.ALL DONATIONS CAN BE MADE DIRECTLEYTO UMMAH WELFARE
  2. 2. MashAllah a band of bold brothers have takenup the challenge to climb thehighest three peaks in the UK. The nationalthree peak challenge involves walking thehighest mountains - BenNevis (Scotland 1344m), ScafellPike (England 978m) andSnowdon (Wales1085m) within 24 hours. Thebrothers will have to drive a some what450miles by vehicle and 26 miles of mountainwalking with 10,000ft of ascent and descent.This challenge on a normal beautiful summersday would be a test on physical and mentalendurance, whereas this challenge will becarried out on the 25th of December in thextreme cold, snowing, icy, windy anddangerously traitorous conditions. To add,most of the climbing will be done in the darkdue to the short daylight hour experienced inthe winter months.
  3. 3. We encourage people to pleasedonate generously for the needy courses, asbrothers have deliberately took on this verydifficult task for a short period to bringattention to the suffering endured by others inthe world on a daily occurrence.