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Powering invoices with PayPal


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Last year, service providers and small-to-medium businesses sent over 3.7 billion invoices to each other. 65% of those payments were still made with old-fashioned fax or paper checks. PayPal, with its secure, global payments platform, is now offering developers access to its newest invoicing APIs to move away from paper and move toward instant payments. We’ll discuss how these new start-to-finish services can be integrated in numerous innovative ways with existing applications such as time-tracking, project management, and customer support on both mobile and web platforms.

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Powering invoices with PayPal

  1. 1. Jon JessupFounder and CEO, Cloud Conversion, Inc. Roger Bass Founder and CEO, Traxian, Inc. John WeaverFounder and CEO, Varsity Software, Inc.
  2. 2. Manual, time-consuming,error-prone processesTakes a long time to deliverand get paidMostly paper checkpayments
  3. 3. 13X eCommerce Web Invoicing Other Enterprises B2C 2% 12% 1.9B $474B Small Business Accounting Software mid- 24% Enterprises Manual 2.5B B2B Invoice $2,308B Other SP/SMBs & Consumers 62% 3.7B 2/3rds postal or fax delivery Receipts Creation method Sent to… US Sole Proprietor, Small Business InvoicingSource: Glenbrook Analysis, 2010
  4. 4. Sole Proprietor / Business Small Developer Solution Business Provider Add Integrate invoice Automate online automation invoicing invoicing & enhance process solution for value of small your businesses portfolioPayPal Web PayPal Invoicing APIs Invoicing
  5. 5. Launch Date: • 100% on March 2011Key Features: • Professional look • Proper invoice data • Efficiency tools • Invoice managementSample Customer Quote:New invoicing systems is AMAZING!Thank you. We asked: You listened!
  6. 6. Create & Get Mark Create Send Update Cancel Search Send Invoice Invoice Invoice Invoice Invoice Invoice Invoices Invoice Details As Paid API API API API API API API API Adaptive Platform Permissions Service Standard APIsFeatures Economics Token/OAuth based authentication  No fee to integrate XML, SOAP, JSON, XML interfaces  Unlimited number of invoices SSL encryption  Website Standard Payment SDKs, Sample code and API reference  Receiver of payment pays country specific merchant rate, documentation plus applicable fees
  7. 7. Invoice Email Invoice Details Invoice Management
  8. 8. Invoice Email View and Pay InvoiceAccount Overview
  9. 9. Jon JessupFounder and CEO, Cloud Conversion, Inc. Roger Bass Founder and CEO, Traxian, Inc. John WeaverFounder and CEO, Varsity Software, Inc.
  10. 10. Cloud Solutions to transform B2C & B2B invoicing using PayPal Click to view demo by Jon Jessup, CEO Cloud Conversion
  11. 11. Automatic integration between QuickBooks and PayPal transactions“Integration Made Easy”. Connecting commerce systems with SMBs. Providing B2B and B2C solutions for Invoices, Orders & Payments. Click to view demo by Roger Bass, CEO, Traxian
  12. 12. In-App fee collection for University online events ticketing services Click to view demo by John Weaver, CEO Varsity Software
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Paper Invoice Problem to PayPal Invoicing Solution Manual, time-consuming, Fast, automatic, invoice error-prone processes creation and delivery Takes a long time to Electronic invoice and deliver and get paid payment tracking Mostly paper check Fast, online payments payments