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Magento 2: A technical overview


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Thousands of merchants worldwide use Magento as the open source eCommerce platform of choice. We have learned immensely from our vast community, and we have applied what we’ve learned in the next generation of Magento core. Our core architect will review the Magento 2 architecture and design goals including development, usability, integration, customization, security, modularity, testing and more.

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Magento 2: A technical overview

  1. 1. Plans • Dates, Scope Goals • Main directionsFunctionality • What will be addedImprovements • Feedback meters State • Where we are
  2. 2. Release Date, Framework, Major Changes…
  3. 3. Rewrite Refactoring Better architecture Process improvementsLatest technologies Improvements of existing functionality Experience Developing new features
  4. 4. • PHP 5.3 PHP • ZF 1.x • MySQL RDBMS • Oracle • MSSQLJavaScript • JQuery
  5. 5. Quality, Performance, Scalability, Security, Modularity, WEBAPI, RDBMS’s
  6. 6. GUI Design Editor, Templates Editor, Upgrade Preview
  7. 7. header.phtmlfooter.phtml abc.phtml template.phtml
  8. 8. Modularity, Themes fallbacks, View …
  9. 9. Module Part LocationDefinition file app/etc/modules/<module>.xmlClasses, configuration app/code/<pool>/<space>/<module>/*Translations app/locale/<code>/<module>.csvTemplates and layouts app/design/<area>/<interface>/<theme>/*Skins skin/<area>/<interface>/<theme>/* app/code/<pool>/<space>/<module>/
  10. 10. Modules coupling Catalog Sales Bundle Search Payment Report Rule Review Order CMS Customer Checkout Page Block Account Cart PriceRule Balance Widget Segment Shipping Tax
  11. 11. Independence Customization Day for the theme Summer ThemeMy Store Special Day Theme New Year One more Winter Theme Theme theme
  12. 12. JIRA Confluence Crucible Fisheye Bambooissues documentation code review repository continuoustracker browser integration
  13. 13. Changes in File System Structure
  14. 14. config/global/[models|resources|blocks|helpers]config/models/[code]/ entitiesconfig/[area]/fieldsets
  15. 15. Magento 1 Magento 21 rps 10 rps 30 rps