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Magento 101: A technical overview


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Magento technology has been adopted by over 100,000 stores worldwide, which makes it the fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform. A technical overview of Magento's system architecture will cover layers including libraries in PHP and JavaScript, configuration, controllers, event-driven models, blocks and templates, layout XML, customization and core APIs for integration.

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Magento 101: A technical overview

  1. 1. <?>Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  2. 2. Presentation Layer Module Skin ThemeDomain LayerData LayerLibrary Layer Framework Library
  3. 3. ModelView Controller
  4. 4. Design Interface Theme 1 Theme 2Template Layout Template Layout Skins
  5. 5. ModelView Controllers - Save Design AJAX Controller - AJAX Login for account - Send to a friend AJAX Controller
  6. 6. Models - User Saved Design List - Saved Design collectionView Controller
  7. 7. Model Controller Views - Saved Design Customer Account Area- Multiple lightbox interactive AJAX elements