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Commerce Opportunity 4 Everyone


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Opportunities for developers in the commerce world to create delightful shopping experiences for consumers.

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Commerce Opportunity 4 Everyone

  1. 1. Buy in aisleIn-store price Sharing, comparison Marketing & referrals Mobile Promotions & payment discounts Research online, find in-stock
  2. 2. eBay hunch MagentoPayPal PayPal Access RedLaser Milo BillMeLater Card.IOZong PayPal Here
  3. 3. Apps ExtensionsServices Integrations Storefronts
  4. 4. $100 $10 $100 $100 $40Simple Payment $50 Parallel Payment$100 $10 $40 $50 Subscriptions Chained Payment (Fixed/Variable) Pre Approval
  5. 5. PayPal Here App2App API• Create Invoice in your App• Send Invoice to PayPal Here• Handle Response in your App*early beta access to #EHD attendees*
  6. 6. x.Com Best Commerce APP using eBay Inc APIs: $1200 Best Card.IO app: $500 worth of Card scans Best RedLaser app: License for 10,000 device installsFirst 20 devs will get a test license for RedLaser for free @ppalavilli (Praveen) @Saranyan Patrick Anton Stacy