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Creds Pizza Express

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Creds Pizza Express

  2. 2. INCREASINGsales through social media applications and campaigns.&ENGAGINGfans across multiple channels such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.Xcite Digital and Pizza Express’ relationshipover the years, has helped inWhat did we do?
  3. 3. Providing multiple touch-points whichRECRUITED FANSand engaged the brand advocates.These promotions lead fans toSHAREand self promote Pizza Express.The Solution“AND I…….WILLALWAYS LOVEYOUUUUUU”Simply match the love song to theartist. For your chance to win somelimited edition Dough Ball Heartsdelivered to your Valentine’s dooron 14th February. The Valentine’s Quiz
  4. 4. Engaging with fans and promotingPIZZA EXPRESSthrough Facebook Developments gained aseventeen percent greater increase in likes83%17%Take a slice
  5. 5. An increased brand awareness up by150%through one of the Facebook DevelopmentsThe ResultsPizza Express sales up by£1000week on week through social media campaignsCase period: Jan - Feb 2012 Case period: Jan - Feb 2012