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Angel Meetup 2012 - Pitch


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Barry Walsh - Green Your Goods

Published in: Technology, Business
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Angel Meetup 2012 - Pitch

  1. 1. • GreenYourGoods was started early 2010• 6 billion phone owners globally & $250 billion of value in these items• We use technology, knowledge and sales skill to sell used, refurb. and new consumer electronics globally• We are seeking €300k+
  2. 2. • Stream 1: Bespoke site & software• Stream 2: 1,000+ Global business contacts with high value order customers (€150k+ P.O.’s)• Stream 3: Developing software on escrow payment & broker protection, wider industry – scalability!
  3. 3. • Everyone who wants a phone can have a phone.• We put Value, the Buyer and the Seller together• Domestically, we pay cash – Easy sale!• Internationally we source high demand products for the right customers• If we had sufficient capital, our Year 1 revenue would have been over €2,000,000
  4. 4. In case you cant see, them, value of these PO’s is $790,000
  5. 5. • We pay Irish customers the most money for largest range of gadgets• Export focused from Day 1• Double Margin opportunity with /Groupon with a ‘New-for-Old’ process• Knowledge of what software the industry needs and existing customers to sell to
  6. 6. • €340 k+ revenue in less than 12 months, and identification of the real scalable opportunities• A bespoke website with retailer software, now becoming nationally known• High value customers• Generate over €2,000,000 in sales in the next 12 months• Develop our ‘New-for-Old’ model• Devleop payment/broker protection softwareMake you some money too!