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Institutional Presentation Xcelis


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Institutional Presentation, Xcelis Consulting

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Institutional Presentation Xcelis

  1. 1. ‘*7 xcems X consulting A Productivity Focused Approach Institutional Presentation . ~.~* x
  2. 2. ‘*7 xcems . l. consulting Xcelis Consulting aims to capture value for its customers using methodological approaches that improve processes, operations and systems productivity. We are recognized by the spirit of partnership with our customers, which translates in solutions developed with our customers, the legacy we leave through tools and knowledge, and sharing the risks and supporting the implementation of our recommendations. Our team consists of professionals with solid conceptual background and experience in leading processes and business practices, capable of developing and implementing viable and innovative solutions together with our customers. SP CAPITAL SP INTERIOR MINAS GERAIS R. Claudio Soares 72, sl. 1103/1104 R. Professor Richard Trombeta, 527 Alameda Oscar Niemeyer 1033 SI. 309/310 Pmheiros — Sao Paulo SP Vale Verde — Valinhos SP Nova Lima MG — CEP 34000-000 +55 11 3034 5244 +55 11 95043 0331 +55 31 3643 5852 2 XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL XCELIS
  3. 3. We deliver new productivity levels in processes and operations through methodological approaches with real and proven results Why Xcelis Consulting? XCELIS PRODUCTIVITY APPROACH GAIN SHARING In cost reduction and productivity initiatives, from an initial assessment we can estimate with anticipated good degree of accuracy the size of potential benefits. Companies generally achieve incremental gains in productivity in execution PRODUTIVITY Cost reduction benefits from our approaches can be divided with Gain Sharing mechanisms specified in the contract, as part or the total remuneration of Xcelis. The Xcelis approaches ensure leaps in processes and operations level of productivity TIME 3 XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL X xceus
  4. 4. Our service portfolio covers, in an integrated manner, a set of solutions delivered with a practical and pragmatic way of work Methodological Approaches (‘E-" Process '21 Supply Chain , Tecnology mg 1'rade Mkt l Process Mapping and Diagnostics Business Process Review and Optimization New Processes Implementation and Training Business Process Outsourcing . l Supply Chain Diagnostic, Performance Indicators and Continuous Improvement Integrated Planning (S&OP) Inventory Policy and Stock Management Network Distribution Design Productivity Optimization in Warehouse and Transport Strategic Sourcing Diagnosis and Implementation of ERP Systems System Requirements Strategic Assessment Optimization and revision of registers Development and Integration of Productivity Tools Telecom costs optimization l Go to Market Strategy Diagnostics Services Management and Policy Design Optimization of Order Cycle Processes On Shelf Availability Commercial Funds Planning Optimization of Sales Routes Plan XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL Project Management Office Interim Management Change Management Quality Assurance Support of New Operations and Systems Implementation }= -{ XCel. lS
  5. 5. We built a set of key competencies that are a source of competitive advantage, ensuring that relevant value is captured by our Customers Competitive Advantages Execution by consultants with practical experience in several industries and processes Aligning processes to the business goals and strategy, optimization of processes and productivity PROCESS EXPERTISE OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE EXECUTION AN I IMPLEMENTATI "v Implementation to guarantee the capture of value by Customers, linking our remuneration to measured results INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SKILLS Diagnosis and specification of IT systems and tools for optimizing productivity 5 XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL 3‘ ‘* XCELIS
  6. 6. The Xcelis Consultants uses methodologies and solid experience in development projects to leverage the results for our customers Our History in Numbers 8+ Years in Market We are on the market since 2006 with Supply Chain and Process consulting, and with the Xcelis brand since 2013 XCELIS TEAM # Employees Elsi Consulting Traffic Control Tower R$ 9 Bi of Spend Analyzed Llswfil LENA- 60+ projects l‘m% executed for ““""" l ’ ' Companies from several , . Industries Among categories of Logistics Services and other categories included in the scope of analysis of our projects AVERAGE DELIVERED BENEFITS % cost reduction over Baseline EEK‘/ In I‘. Network I‘. Warehouse 9 0 °/ o ' Process l‘. Others t§Transport Of projects resulted in cost reduction over 5% of the Baseline Cosmetics Foods Beverages Chemicals XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL xceus
  7. 7. The recurrence of projects in some Supply Chains allows us to deeply understand their Trade Offs and design better solutions Our Customer Portfolio K. "1 T-’ @ i. .,. .«, .- A‘/0 N '*'"'°'°"’ PEPSICO -mew. . § Panpharma” ‘ - _‘§§i’i| 'ambé’ ER GI1-‘cod: &n°~ivls’°"' BUNGE Natlé Jill , , fl , M J_”la'2.éd0 U, I FASHION CHEMICALS MONSANTO _ . V — ‘O *9 {MC [Eff U°U'D§ syng'enta E21000 Qlnrnnce $3-° ‘Q, ’ CCCCCC no . no, ‘ mexichern V/ Votorantim ‘-3 I 5 L. I o n r . VP‘ ‘ 1 $ , I ¢“¢ Nletalfno ‘* VVALE kenermsa ArcelorMi1la| BRITAIVIA 7 XCELIS CONSULTING - INSTITUTIONAL N xceus
  8. 8. Xcelis Consulting contato@xce| is. com. br Rua Claudio Soares 72, sl. 1103/1104 Pinheiros — Sao Paulo SP +55 11 3034 5244 www. |inkedin. com/ company/ xcelis-consulting www. xce| is. com . br