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XCEED for Venues: Nightgraph + Venuegraph


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Xceed for Venues is a free, cloud-based software for managing and promoting nightlife events.

Thanks to Xceed Nighgraph and Venuegraph, club managers and event organizers can easily and effectively:

* Manage bookings. Thanks to a wide range of RSVP options: online ticketing, guestlists, special deal, bottle
services and promo codes.

* Improve operations. Saving time while increasing the reach, thanks to promoters' management and marketing tools.

* Manage venue entrance. Checking-in guests with QR scan or in 2 clicks.

* Explore Analytics. Tracking performance & statistics in real time and gaining insights.



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XCEED for Venues: Nightgraph + Venuegraph

  2. 2. The only all-in-one solution for nightlife events | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 2 REINVENTING NIGHTLIFE Manage Bookings Improve Operations Check-in attendees Explore Analytics
  3. 3. Kick-start your events and boost your daily operations. Increase efficiency Monitor performance Improve your reach Analytics in real-time Auto-publish events on Facebook page Auto-recognize artists’ Soundcloud Auto-recognize venue’s address & rules Available in 5 languages Create multiple / recurring events in 1 click Create STAFF and VIP lists Customized Facebook tab HTML customized website plugin Immediate payment at each transaction Import / Export lists Select max quantity per single option or user Select multiple lists’ closing time Select multiple options (list/ticket/bottle) Unlimited promo codes Unlimited trackable links | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 3 WORK LESS, PLAY HARD Save time F E AT U R E S
  4. 4. NIGHTLIFE ANALYTICS Create powerful events in one click. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 4 NIGHTGRAPH ü Create promo codes to offer special deals to your customers ü Import and Export your events’ lists of attendees ü Explore real-time analytics and statistics such as tickets’ sales, conversation rate and promoters’ performance.
  5. 5. DOOR MANAGEMENT | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 5 VENUEGRAPH Speed up your door while gaining real insights ü Check in your attendees with just 2 clicks, no need to print any list ü Available on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) ü Get an overview of your event’s course with real time statistics and counters
  6. 6. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 6 FACEBOOK INTEGRATED In-sync with your Facebook pages Once created through the Nightgraph, the event is automatically re-created in: the venue’s Facebook page and its associated Facebook tabs. All in one. Fully integrated.
  7. 7. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 7 PR MANAGEMENT Empower your team of PRs. Enjoy unlimited trackable links and customized promoter dedicated pages. Assign them to your promoters. They will use them to sign up people for guestlists, tickets, bottles and special deals. Once a user shows up at the event, Xceed Venuegraph assigns the entry to the associated promoter. Everything is detected and registered automatically. Once the event ends, Xceed Nightgrpah provides insights about each PR’s performance Filter the attendees by promoter, booking option or arrival time. Check out the team’s efficiency and conversion rate.
  8. 8. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 8 MORE THAN ONLINE TICKETING Always get what you ask for. Mobile ticketing Sell more by reaching every customer’s mobile. Sell €10, get €10 5% + €0,49 fee always passed to your customers. Cash out immediately Receive money instantly at each transaction. No waiting time.
  9. 9. 24/7 customer support in multiple languages Period. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 9 TECHNICAL SUPPORT. ANY MINUTE OF THE YEAR. JUMPSTART Free assistance to create & manage the first 10 events We got your back.
  10. 10. Customized Facebook tab – Sell directly from Facebook pages Multiple events – Create repeated events in one click Real Time Analytics – Manage big data, accounting and promoters Analytics access for promoters – Allow multiple users to access data Facebook integration – Automatic creation of events on Facebook | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 10 JOIN THE FUTURE OF CLUB MANAGEMENT Business Executive Boost Free €29.99 / Month (available January 2015) Online guestlists & tickets sale – Create & manage guestlists online Door management – Check-in guests at the door in one click Customized Facebook tab – Book directly from Facebook pages Personalized Venue Page – Personal Venue page on Xceed Reach Promo code – Target marketing campaigns & segment your public Promoters dedicated pages – Create customized trackable links Sponsored event – Highlighted event on Xceed Technical support – Customer service (hotline / chat / eMail) Up to 4 events Up to 8 events Basic Premium 1 per Month 24/7 24/7 (dedicated) Xceed business package is FREE, pay only a variable commission per customer that booked through Xceed’s own referral
  11. 11. | © 2014, Xceed srl. All Rights Reserved. 11 START TODAY. IT’S FREE. Join the Revolution of nightlife management now Shoot us an email at or visit FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How much does the club pay for people brought by the club’s own promoters? Zero. Any use of the promoters dedicated pages is completely free of charge. No referral commission is applied. What is Xceed Social? Xceed donates from $0,15 to $1,00 to charity for each ticket sold or each check-in made at the venue. Once a user checks-in, the Facebook page of your club appears on the user’s friends Facebook newsfeed. Now, this is Marketing for a good cause!