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General information on language learning and language courses abroad for kids, teens, adults, and the over 50's: Information, Brochures.

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Language courses abroad brochure

  1. 1. Language studies French, German, Italian, English ESL - Juniors 8 to 14 years ESL -  eens T 13 to 17 years2012 spring - summer autumn Language study programmes for juniors and teens in Switzerland, France or Germany
  2. 2. Introduction Why ESL? 4  General information 5  Language courses 8 Activities and leisure 10 Optional sports packages 16  French courses Switzerland Leysin-Juniors 20  Leysin-Teens 22  Montreux-Riviera 24  France Paris-Igny 26  Valbonne s / Cannes 28  German courses   Switzerland Zug 30  Germany Freiburg 32  Westerwald 34  Italian courses   Switzerland Ascona 36 English courses  Switzerland Leysin-Juniors20  Zug 30  Ascona 36 France Paris-Igny 26  Germany Westerwald 34  Terms conditions   37 Enrolment form 38 2
  3. 3. Welcome to ESL Dear students, dear parents, Learning a language whilst having fun, it’s possible! An ESL language study programme is a unique opportunity to study a new language and to meet new friends from all backgrounds, in the setting of magnificent active holidays. To date, we propose one of the largest offers of vacation courses in Europe to you. Our various course centres have been carefully selected in Switzerland, France and Germany. They meet high quality standards in terms of accommodation, teaching and extracurricular activities.Fabien Produit In addition, they are situated in regions offering wide- Director ranging possibilities of sports activities and attractive excursions. Our programmes are recognised by numerous international organisations, vouching for our professionalism and the quality of our products. We have created a welcoming, stimulating and secure environment in order to offer our students a memorable stay in the best conditions. Being an ESL student means joining the thousands of students from more than 70 countries worldwide who have opted, since 1996, for one of our destinations. We guarantee you an unforgettable stay and we look forward to welcoming you soon in one of our course centres.” 3
  4. 4. General information A few good reasons which have already persuaded our students ✓ Our students study in centres belonging to a school recognised by national and international labels. ✓ They have the possibility to get to know students from across the world. ✓ During the courses, they benefit from the dynamics of studying in small groups. ✓ According to their preference, they have the choice between accommodation in a residence or in a host family. ✓ During their entire stay in the residence, they benefit from the peace of mind of 24-hour supervision. ✓ In addition, they participate in an incredible programme of activities and excursions, included in the price. ✓ They are given the possibility to add an additional dimension to their language study stay by selecting various activities, excursions and optional packages. ✓ In the same way, they compose their study programme thanks to the optional courses. And, of course, all of them have gained maximum benefit from the sound advice of our team when making their choice. A programme adapted to each age bracket Various course locations are proposed according to your age and your level of autonomy. ESL organises optimised programmes which are perfectly suited to the motivations and specific interests of each age group. Here are the two options proposed. ESL-Teens (13-17 years)  ESL-Juniors (8 / 10 -14 ans)  spring, summer, autumn summer Leysin, Montreux-Riviera, Paris-Igny, Valbonne s/Cannes, Leysin, Westerwald Zug, Freiburg, Westerwald, Ascona The ESL-Juniors programmes are destined for students of The ESL-Teens programmes are aimed at students 8/10 to 14 years. Our young students benefit from specific from 13 to 17 years. Destined for older students, supervision allowing for optimal care which is adapted to this option takes place either in residential centres their age. In the same way, the class times, activities and or with the option of host family accommodation. themed evening activities are adapted according to their needs and interests.4
  5. 5. Why ESL ?The ESL programmesAttractive destinations!We have carefully chosen the locations of our course centres whilstconsidering the main criteria which contribute, as far as we areconcerned, to the success of a language study stay: ✓ The proximity of cultural and tourist attractions, for entertaining activities and excursions. ✓ The ease of access by means of transport, particularly the proximity of international airports and train stations. ✓ The diversity and quality of the facilities in the course venues and in their surroundings, in order to offer our students a suitable study environment, optimal accommodation and the possibility to practise numerous sports. The international renown of the chosen destinations.AccommodationA home away from home abroad!It is certainly easier to communicate, to exchange and to discoverthe culture around you when you feel at ease, “like at home”. Inthis way, in a pleasant and convivial environment which meets yourexpectations, you will be able to take full advantage of your languagestudy stay. ESL has therefore selected the accommodation optionswhich best suit the requirements of young students. According tothe region, our students can choose to stay in a residence or witha host family. Whichever option you choose, you will be in an idealsituation to practise the language you are studying every day.The ESL residencesLiving with young people of all nationalities, discovering various pointsof view and making friends, residence accommodation allows youto have a very enriching experience of community and internationallife. According to the destination, the students are accommodated inbedrooms with 1 to 4 beds with other ESL students. The languageclasses, the majority of meals as well as some of the activities takeplace within, or in the immediate surroundings of, the ESL campuses(residence + course centre). On request and depending on availability,our students may be accommodated with a friend.The ESL host familiesThe conviviality of a family environment, a daily practice of thelanguage of the country and the discovery of a new culture are someof the numerous advantages that accommodation with a host familyoffers. You will stay in a double room and will share the commonrooms with the members of the family. You have breakfast and theevening meal with the family and lunch in the cafeteria of the coursecentre. On request and depending on availability, our students maybe accommodated with a friend. 5
  6. 6. General information Pocket money service Just like at the bank! In the ESL residences, a pocket money service is proposed to the students. Functioning like a bank, the pocket money service is open every day, allowing for the deposit or withdrawal of money by the students. Internet telephone access Stay connected! In order that each student may keep in contact with his/her family, there is nothing like Internet access. All of the ESL course centres are equipped in order that the students may access their e-mails for free. On the other hand, the course venues in the Alps are situated in regions which benefit from good network coverage for mobile phones. Insurance Travel with full peace of mind! By means of our enrolment form, we propose to you to take out various options of insurance cover described below. These insurances are valid in Switzerland, in France or in Germany. Health/accident During your enrolment for one of our programmes, you will need to certify that you are in possession of compulsory health and accident insurance cover, valid in the country that you will have chosen to visit. Cancellation In addition, we strongly recommend to you to take out a cancellation insurance, in the case where, at the last minute, you should be unable to participate in the language study programme that you have booked. ESL supervision 100% safety! We look for the best environment possible in order that your language study stay is a real success. The supervision of our students is effective and discreet, adapted to the age-group and the type of accommodation booked. In this way, each student can gain maximum benefit from his/her stay in complete safety. From the first to the last day, the members of the ESL team are present and available to give the assistance requested by each student and to ensure their necessary safety. In the ESL residences, a complete 24-hour surveillance allows for optimal supervision. Students who choose ESL host families benefit from more free time in accordance with their parental authorisation. Emergency numbers, which are reachable on a 24/7 basis, are in service in each of the ESL course centres.6
  7. 7. Arrival at the course centresVery easy access! By planeEach of the ESL destinations is situated close to an internationalairport: Geneva, Zurich, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt,Basel  Mulhouse, Milan or Nice…Whatever the chosen town or / city for your language study stay, you will benefit from facilitatedaccess! If you wish, you may book the “ESL airport transfer” service.A member of our team will drive you directly to where you are staying.A practical service for a smooth landing. By carParents who wish to drive their children by car to the course venueare welcome. Complete documentation with all of the necessaryinformation will be given to you prior to the stay. Please do nothesitate to contact us for more detailed information. By trainThe “ESL train station transfer” service may be booked if you aretravelling by train. Just like our “ESL airport transfer”, a member ofthe ESL team welcomes you at your arrival at the train station anddrives you to your destination. + By train, with ESL supervisionBound for our Westerwald course centre in Germany only, anaccompanying adult takes care of the students from their departureat the train station in Lausanne until their arrival at ESL Westerwald. Inthis way, you will travel in a relaxed manner, without worrying aboutthe train changes to be carried out. By busESL organises bus transfers from the main cities in German-speakingSwitzerland, bound for the course centres located in French-speakingSwitzerland. This is a good opportunity to get to know some otherstudents before the arrival at the course centre. 7
  8. 8. The ESL language courses Learning a language has never been so fun! The ESL course programmes have been especially designed for young students and are adapted to the level of each participant. Thanks to sound teaching experience, ESL proposes an effective and enjoyable approach to language learning. The teachers attach particular importance to communication. They propose interactive and motivating classes which allow for the easy practice of newly acquired language skills. Progress is made naturally in a pleasant atmosphere.This is the dream opportunity to develop your language skills and to have an unforgettable experience. The ESL teachers Our teaching team is made up of young and dynamic teachers who teach in their native language. The ESL teachers are chosen for their teaching talent, their enthusiasm and for the attention they know to give to each student. They make every effort in order to create a relaxed, fun and stimulating atmosphere. The topics of the lessons are as close as can be to the interests of the students. Even during the extracurricular activities, the teachers encourage the students to use the language being studied. This fun and motivating teaching is the key to effective learning. Courses adapted to your level Whatever their level of skills in the language they are studying, our students take a course adapted to their level. At the beginning of their stay, all of the ESL students sit an evaluation test, thanks to which each student is placed in a class corresponding best to his/her level. Each week, a small evaluation allows the teacher to accurately follow up on the progress being made by each of his/her students. The ESL certificate At the end of your stay, you receive an ESL certificate which attests to your participation in classes, validates the language level reached and specifies the results obtained.8
  9. 9. Standard and intensive coursesStandard course20 lessons per week(Leysin-Juniors / 15 lessons per week)Intensive course25 lessons per week(Leysin-Juniors  / 20 lessons per week)The ESL classes take place from Monday to Friday. In each coursevenue, you have the choice between a standard course and anintensive course. If you choose the intensive course, you benefit froman additional lesson per day, focussed mainly on oral communicationand the development of common projects. The module of 25 lessonsis ideal for gaining maximum benefit from your group classes.Optional cousesConversation coursesThis course includes two weekly lessons of 45 minutes. Thanks togame-related exercises in various contexts (role plays, theatre, etc.),the conversation course will allow you to develop your ability toexpress yourself in a more fluent and natural way in various situationsof everyday life.Private coursesIn order to make maximum progress, you can choose the ESL privatecourse programme. This option allows you to benefit from anadditional 5 lessons of 45 minutes per week in order to reach yourpersonal objectives. 9
  10. 10. Included activities La structure de nos cours et notre répartition par niveau sont en accord avec le Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues (CECRL) qui constitue le cadre standard européen pour l’éducation des langues étrangères. Le tableau ci-dessous est une synthèse de l’échelle du CECRL et vous permettra de situer rapidement le niveau linguistique que vous pourrez atteindre pendant votre séjour linguistique ainsi que le niveau requis pour passer l’un des différents examens officiels. A fascinating programme! At ESL, we are convinced that a great programme of activities is a key element to the success of a language study stay. It is for this reason that, in all of our camps, we propose a very complete and varied programme, offering numerous exciting opportunities for sports, encounters and leisure, which allow to create a warm atmosphere, strengthen links of friendship between students and of course, greatly contribute to the practice of the studied language. And in order that each of our young clients may participate in full security and that no one is left out, all of the activities, organised and supervised by our teams of activity coordinators, are entirely included in the price of the stay. Sports Excursions Evening activities Sports In each of the course centres, a dozen or so varied sports, included in the programme, are proposed to students during their stay. On a daily basis, several indoor or outdoor sports are organised and supervised by the ESL team. According to your preferences, you can, for example, choose between beach volleyball, badminton, basketball, football, street hockey, swimming and table tennis, among others. Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Valbonne Sports Juniors Teens Riviera Paris-Igny s  / Cannes Zug Freiburg Westerwald Ascona Badminton • • • • • • • • • Basketball • • • • • • • • Beachvolley • • • • • • Baseball • Football • • • • • • • • • Handball • • • • • • • • • Beach games • • • • • • • • • Swimming • • • • • • • • • Pétanque, Bowls’ game • • • • • • • Ping-Pong • • • • • • • • • Piste Vita • • • • • • Hiking • • • • • • • • • Tchoukball • • • • • • • • • All-sports tournament • • • • • • • • • Streethockey • • • • • • • • Volleyball • • • • • • • • • Climbing (Indoor) • Pool game • • • Video games • • • Tabletop soccer • • • • • Bowling • Nordic walking • Field hockey •10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Included activities Excursions In order to add a cultural dimension to the activities programme, ESL also proposes numerous excursions. They are organised each week in our various course centres. In this way, in Switzerland, you visit, depending on the course venue, the medieval Château de Chillon, the Brissago Islands or the tourist city of Lucerne. Contemplate Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower or explore Monaco or the Île Sainte-Marguerite on the Côte d’Azur for example. Westerwald proposes, among others, the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, or an incredible Sea life centre, or even a crossing on the Rhine. And during your stay in Freiburg, be sure to visit Europa Park, one of Europe’s largest theme parks! Each week, the discovery of the region in question takes place over a day and a half which is dedicated to these excursions and which allow you to discover the region. Your camera is a must! Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Valbonne Excursions Juniors Teens Riviera Paris-Igny s  / Cannes Zug Freiburg Westerwald Ascona “Le Château de Chillon” • • • Gruyères • • • Geneva, Lausanne • • • Montreux, Vevey • • • Le Bouveret • • • Antibes, Monaco, Nice, St-Tropez • Ste. Marguerite Islands • Visit to Grasse • Wildlife Park • Lucerne, Zurich • Boat excursion on the “Zuger See” • Zoo in Zurich • Museum of Technology in Winterthur • Rhinefalls • • Höll caves in Baar • Sea Life Centre • Volcano Park • Chocolate museum • Zoo in Cologne • Bonn, Cologne • Boat excursion on the Rhine • Lugano, Locarno • The Three Castles in Bellinzona • Boat excursion on the “Lago Maggiore” • Excursion to Bella, Madre and Brissago islands • Excursion to Monte Tamaro with adventure park • “La Tour Montparnasse”  / “La Tour Eiffel” • “Notre-Dame”  / “Les Champs-Elysées” • Excursion on a Bateau Mouche • “Le Château de Versailles” • Museum of Air and Space • Disneyland Paris (included 1x per stay) • “Musée d’Orsay” • “Musée de la Marine” • “Musée des Sciences” • Europa Park (included 1x per stay) • Nature Animal Park • Karlsruhe/ Stuttgart • Zoo in Basel • Constance Lake • Mercedes-Benz Museum • Medias Museum •12
  13. 13. Evening activitiesThe evening activities organised by ESL are favourable moments during which you can practise your newlyacquired language skills in a relaxed way. Whether for cinema, barbecue or disco evenings, the ESL team in chargeof organising the activities make every effort in order that you may make memorable progress. Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Valbonne Soirées Juniors Teens Riviera Paris-Igny s  /Cannes Zug Freiburg Westerwald AsconaMovie evening • • • • • • • • •Disco Party • • • • • • • • •Barbecue /restaurant • • • • • • • • •Beach Party • • • • • •Themed evening • • • • • • • • •ESL-Party • • • • • • • • •Games • • • • • • • • •Talent show • • • • • • • • • 13
  14. 14. Optional activities Memories for life! And if you wanted more? You want even more sport, more emotions, more adventures, more adrenaline? Our team of activity coordinators have thought of you. Check out the list of optional activities which are proposed and discover all the exhilerating opportunities which are offered to you. Get the very most out of your stay, discover new sports, participate in captivating excursions and meet friends from the 4 corners of the world. With ESL, you will have memories for life! Sports leisure The optional «sports and leisure» programme is aimed at ESL students who wish to take part in specific sports like mountain biking, skateboarding or ice-skating, for example. The optional nature of the leisure activities and excursions is also provided for. Whatever the region of your language study stay, a varied choice of additional activities is available on all of the campuses. Adventure With ESL, even the most reckless won’t risk being disappointed! The optional «adventure» activities programme, supervised by qualified professionals, has been designed in order to satisfy genuine thrill-seekers. With activities such as paragliding, indoor wall climbing, via ferrata, wakeboarding, Big Banana and karting, we have brought together in our «adventure» option an explosive cocktail made up of altitude, speed, boardsports and water.14
  15. 15. Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Paris- Valbonne s/ Sports leisure Juniors Teens Riviera Igny Cannes Zug Freiburg Westerwald Ascona CHF CHF CHF EUR EUR CHF EUR EUR CHFIntroduction to Scuba diving 65Fitness 19 19 25 17 15 19 10 19Introduction to Golf 50 60Minigolf 5 5 5 15 5 4 5 6Mountainbike 37 37 20 20 15 15Paddleboat 10 10 10Horse riding 31 31 35 26 26 39 26 20 39Inline skating 15 12Squash 14 14 12 17 12 17Tennis 19 19 17 14 13 19 13 10 17Shopping 25 25 21 15 20 25 20 20 21Waterpark 35 35 35 30 24 25 20 20Skatepark 10 freeFishing 45Curling 10 10Ice skating 14 14Snow shoe excursion 24Tobogganing 20Yoga 15 15 17 12 12Arts 15 /h 15 /h 15 20 15 10Bowling 15 15 15 12 12 12 freeAerobic/Break-dance 17 17 17 17 17 17Sea Life Centre 20 31 20Free shuttle for Cannes /Antibes 9Phantasialand 30Funplanet 20 to 30 20 to 30 20 to 30“Musée Grévin” 19“Parc Astérix” 45Disneyland Paris 70Archery 12Lasergame 15Paris guided tour by bus 20Europa Park 36 Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Paris- Valbonne s/ Adventure Juniors Teens Riviera Igny Cannes Zug Freiburg Westerwald Ascona CHF CHF CHF EUR EUR CHF EUR EUR CHFBig Banana 24 24 24 33 30 15Barefoot 50Dirty-Scoot (2 runs) 52 52 35Climbing (Indoor) 16 16 40 19 free 10Sailing 60 60 60 36 35Paragliding (tandem) 150 150 150 180 135 180Parascending 81“Via Ferrata” from 69 19Waterski (1 run) 29 29 29 33 45 30 30Waterski (1 private lesson) 50 51 40 70Windsurf 45Summer Bobsleigh 70 70 30 20 16 30Wakeboard (1 run) 29 29 29 50 33 45 30 30Wakeboard (1 private lesson) 50 51 40 70Karting 30 30 from 23 30 from 15 25 35Adventure park 40 40 40 27 26 35 25 15 35Flying-fish 33Wakeskate 50Canoe Kayak 40The activity prices shown are indicative only and may be subject to change. 15
  16. 16. Sports packages Training a specific sport! Thanks to the sports packages, you can practise intensively the activity of your choice! Whether tennis, sailing, horse riding, skiing/snowboarding, dance, downhill sports, football, golf or deep-sea diving, take full advantage of your stay by taking part in one of our 11 optional packages. Organised and supervised by qualified instructors, they are proposed as a supplement to the standard programme and do not encroach on the included multi-activities programme, excursions or evening activities. Take advantage of your language study stay in Switzerland, France or Germany in order to dedicate time to your favourite sport. Adrenaline Leysin-Teens (summer) 3 sessions/week Hair-raising descents that are bursting with adrenaline, this is what this programme proposes to you! Your first two days of adventure take place at the handlebars of a mountain bike and a dirty scooter. Equipped with all the protection you need, you develop your pilot skills on the specially prepared staggering slopes. And that’s not all…sitting in a toboggan on a track, on a 3000m high glacier, you will tear down the slope at great speed, lying flat along spectacular curves. Dance Leysin-Teens (summer)  / Montreux-Riviera 3 sessions/week Do you have rhythm in your feet? Whether it’s an art, a sport or entertainment for you, this package provides you with pleasure and well-being. Learn and improve the various dance techniques (hip hop, salsa, modern jazz, etc.) and work towards the development of choreographies, guided by dance teachers. Horse riding Leysin-Teens (spring – summer – autumn) Leysin-Juniors / Freiburg / Westerwald / Paris-Igny 3 sessions/week Are you passionate about horses and horse riding? Then this programme is made for you! Destined for participants who wish to practise horse riding during their language study stay, this package offers the opportunity to ride three afternoons per week. The horse riding lessons take place in riding schools and during horse rides. The renvers, supporting rein and footing changes will no longer be a secret to you!16
  17. 17. Fees Leysin- Leysin- Montreux- Paris- Valbonne Zug Freiburg Westerwald Ascona Juniors Teens Riviera Igny s/Cannes CHF CHF CHF EUR EUR CHF EUR EUR CHFTennis 215 215 145 120 215 120 120 195Horse riding 195 195 145 150 95Golf 120 165Discover Scuba 160Scuba CMAS 1 420Scuba PADI 1 595Sailling 160 160Ski  / Snowboard 205Adrenaline 215Dance 160 160Football 120 17
  18. 18. Sports packages Westerwald Football 3 sessions/week For budding professionals, we organise a football programme in the ESL centre in Germany. Thanks to the outdoor and indoor (synthetic covered pitches) facilities, you can play without worrying about the weather. Pamper yourself! Following the shrewd guidelines of a qualified trainer, improve your technique and vision of the game within international teams, made up of students from the four corners of the world. Zug / Valbonne s/Cannes Golf 3 sessions/week Thanks to the great 18-hole golf courses located in the area of our course centres, practise your swing, perfect your shots and hone your strokes on the green, all in a postcard-like setting. This programme, lead by professional trainers, is destined for players of all levels, whatever their handicap. Valbonne s/Cannes Scuba diving Do you have a longing for the deep blue depths of the ocean? Take advantage of your language study stay on the Côte d’Azur in order to discover deep-sea diving in complete safety. In a clear and glistening sea, discover the silent and multicoloured ballet of the marine fauna in the company of real underwater professionals who will share their passion with you. 3 options are proposed. They all include the hiring of the material, the theoretical and practical classes and the exam fees, if it is the case. «DISCOVER SCUBA» introduction to diving 3 sessions/week This package is especially designed for beginners who wish to start with the basics of deep-sea diving. Following a theoretical introduction and practice in the swimming pool, you will be able to embark on your first diving session in the sea in the company of qualified instructors. «SCUBA / CMAS 1» diving training 6 sessions/fornight If you wish to push your experience further, this package includes 6 technical diving sessions in the sea, up to a depth of 20 metres. An internationally recognised official French certificate, “1er niveau de plongée” will be awarded to you at the end of the programme. This package is destined for students staying for a minimum of 2 weeks in Valbonne s/Cannes. On request, the “2ème niveau” certificate can also be taken. «SCUBA / PADI 1» diving training 8 sessions/fornight The PADI training is the most recognised diving training programme in the world. In this way, you make your entrance into the world of diving by following the «Open Water Diver» training. 8 diving sessions in the sea up to a depth of 18 metres are run by qualified instructors. An international certificate attesting to the level is awarded, allowing for the continuation of the training worldwide. On request, the exam for the 2nd level can also be prepared and taken. This package is destined for students staying for a minimum of 2 weeks in Valbonne s/Cannes.18
  19. 19. Ski / Snowboard Leysin-Teens (spring) 3 sessions/weekAn undisputed kingdom of seasoned skiiers and snowboarders, Leysin is one of the nicest ski resorts in theSwiss Alps. Thanks to the «ski/snowboard» package, you will be able to combine your language classes with3 afternoons of snow sports under the supervision of ESL instructors. An ideal activity, perfectly suited tothis small corner of white paradise. This package is reserved for students who have alreadypractised skiing or snowboarding. The material is not included in the price of the package. Tennis Leysin-Teens (summer - autumn) / Leysin-Juniors Freiburg / Westerwald / Zug / Ascona / Valbonne s/Cannes / Paris-Igny 3 sessions/weekImprove your language level as much as your serve ! The training sessions, the single or doubles matchesand the shrewd advice of your coach will allow you to give the best of your racket! Qualified teachers giveinstruction 3 times per week. In some course centres, according to the weather conditions, sessions may takeplace at the end of the afternoon. Sailing Montreux-Riviera / Ascona 3 sessions/weekWith the “sailing” package, you will be able to perfect your skills in the basics of sailing a dinghy andthe manœuvres and techniques of the operation of sails. The package is proposed as much to novices asexperienced navigators and supervision is assured by professional instructors. The sessions take place in theafternoon, 3 times per week, in the dream surroundings of Lake Geneva and Lake Maggiore. Whether in beamreach position or rigging the symmetric spinakker…Sails ahoy! 19
  20. 20. LeysinThe oxygen of the AlpsLocated in the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of 1263 m, the charming resort of Leysin benefits from exceptional sun exposure which hascontributed to its renown amongst nature and mountain lovers.A tourist destination for more than a century, barely 30 minutes away from Lake Geneva and the magnificent scenery of the Lavaux*,Leysin has managed to remain attractive and evolve over time, developing its facilities and notably obtaining the very exclusive Swiss«Families Welcome» label, with strict quality and security requirements for all animations and activities destined for children.It is due to this privileged location that we have chosen Leysin to establish our Juniors courses, in order that our young people may, in additionto the learning of languages, make the most of the fresh air and fun there whilst practising their favourite sports and leisure activities.*Listed as UNESCO World HeritageKey factsClassesDuration of a lesson (mins.) 45Standard (lessons / week) 15Intensive (lessons / week) 20Sports packagesTennis / horse ridingAccommodationresidence quadruple bedroomsTransfersGeneva airportLeysin train stationLucerne, Zurich, Egerkingen,Bern Zurich • • Berne • Leysin Genève • Lugano20
  21. 21. ESL Juniors 8 -14 years French English / summer The ESL Leysin course centre Dates prices in CHF / 2012 «Le Central-Résidence» Arrival on Sunday Departure on Saturday Our ESL “Le Central-Résidence” course centre is located a stone’s throw away SUMMER : from the main train station of Leysin. It possesses all of the comfort suited to 1.07 – 7.07 / 8.07 – 14.07 / 15.07 – 21.07 / 22.07 – 28.07 a successful language study stay in the Alps, including renovated classrooms, 29.07 – 4.08 / 5.08 – 11.08 / 12.08 – 18.08 welcoming restaurants, a beautiful sunny terrace, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness room as well as relaxation and games areas.The bedrooms, modelled in Standard Intensive a typically Alpine wooded and warm style, are equipped with a television and a 15 lpw 20 lpw telephone, as well as a private bathroom. 1 Week* 1305 1395 2 Weeks 2315 2455 3 Weeks 3365 3565 4 Weeks 4455 4725 additional week 1105 1175 * subject to availability Optional sports packages Tennis 215 Horse riding 195 Transfers – return fare Geneva airport: Collective, according to schedule 200 (arrival on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., departure on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) Collective, outside of schedule 380 (outside of schedules mentioned above) Private 650 (arrival and departure at any time) Bus, departure pick-up points: -Lucerne140 -Zurich130 -Egerkingen120 -Berne110 Weekly programme (sample) MONDAY TUESDAY Wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday Fitness, Ping-Pong, Pool,Morning Football, Beachvolley, Lessons Lessons + small test Lessons Lessons + weekly test Excursion to: Streethockey Shopping in Lausanne Excursion to: or Ping-Pong, Amusement park Excursion to: Arts workshop, Hiking, Horse riding “ Fun Planet”Afternoon Mountainbike, Ball games, or Visit of a Chocolate Climbing, Fitness, Lessons Piste Vita, Free time in Leysin factory or Aquapark Ice skating / hockey, Dirty-Scoot, Streetbasket, Minigolf, Tennis Freesbee Squash, TchoukballEvening Barbecue on Talent show Movie evening “Challenges” evening Musical quizz evening Disco Party Welcome evening the lake side 21
  22. 22. LeysinThe oxygen of the AlpsIt is no accident that Leysin welcomes so many international schools and students from around the world.Everything is brought together here in order to offer ideal study conditions but also to satisfy the aspirations of a public which is youngand eager for discoveries.The facilities of the dynamic resort of the Vaudois Alps allow you to devote a lot of time to a wide variety of sports and leisure activitiesin a preserved natural setting, which complete the plentiful benefits of the nearby Swiss Riviera.It is in this ideal environment that our course centres “Le Classic” in summer and “Le Central Résidence” in autumn propose tailor-madeprogrammes adapted to 13-17 year olds. With a judicious mix of language classes, sports and leisure activities, each student finds whatthey are looking for and may blossom in full security and be perfectly supervised.Key factsClassesDuration of a lesson (mins.) 45Standard (lessons / week) 20Intensive (lessons / week) 25Optional coursesconversation private coursesSports packagestennis / horse riding / ski-snowboardadrenaline / danceAccommodationresidence double to quadruple beedroomsTransfersGeneva airportLeysin train stationLucerne, Zurich, Egerkingen,Bern Zurich • • Berne • Leysin Genève • Lugano22
  23. 23. ESL Teens 13 -17 years French / spring, summer, autumn The ESL Leysin course centre Dates prices in CHF / 2012 «Le Classic» spring, summer Arrival on Sunday Departure on Saturday The ESL «Le Classic» course centre is ideally situated in the very centre of the SPRING : resort, close to the 2 sports centres. Equipped with classrooms, restaurants 8.04 – 14.04 / 15.04 – 21.04 / 22.04 – 28.04 and a cinema, it is a privileged spot for a language study stay. The students are accommodated in double or triple bedrooms, with a private bathroom, a SUMMER : 1.07 – 7.07 / 8.07 – 14.07 / 15.07 – 21.07 / 22.07 – 28.07 telephone and a television. Thanks to the «Internet café» area, the student can 29.07 – 4.08 / 5.08 – 11.08 / 12.08 – 18.08 access their e-mails and the Internet for free. The language classes, meals as well as some of the activities take place directly on the campus. AUTUMN : 30.09 – 6.10 / 7.10 – 13.10 / 14.10 – 20.10 Standard Intensive SPRING / autUmn : 20 lpw 25 lpw 1 Week 1185 1245 2 Weeks 2085 2215 3 Weeks 3095 3295 additional week 1025 1095 SUMMER : 1 Week* 1305 1395 2 Weeks 2315 2455 3 Weeks 3365 3565 4 Weeks 4455 4725 additional week 1105 1175 * subject to availability The ESL Leysin course centre Optional courses «Le Central-Résidence» autumn Conversation course (2 Lessons / Week) Private courses (5 Lessons / Week) 60 300 Our ESL «Le Central-Résidence» course centre is located a stone’s throw away Optional sports packages from the main train station of Leysin. It possesses all of the comfort suited to Tennis (summer/autumn) 215 a successful language study stay in the Alps, including renovated classrooms, Horse riding (spring/summer/autumn) 195 welcoming restaurants, a beautiful sunny terrace, an indoor swimming Ski/Snowboard (spring) 8.04 - 21.02 205 pool, a fitness room as well as relaxation and games areas. The bedrooms, Adrenalin (summer) 215 modelled in a typically Alpine wooded and warm style, are equipped with Dance (summer) 160 a television and a telephone as well as a private bathroom. Transfers – return fare Geneva airport: Collective, according to schedule200 (arrival on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., departure on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) Collective, outside of schedule 380 (outside of schedules mentioned above) Private 650 (arrival and departure at any time) Bus, departure pick-up points: -Lucerne140 -Zurich130 -Egerkingen120 -Bern110 Weekly programme (sample) MONDAY TUESDAY Wednesday thursday friday saturday sundayMorning Horse riding Lessons Lessons Lessons + small test Lessons Lessons + weekly test or Free time in Leysin Excursion  to : Streetbasket, Excursion to: or Geneva, visit Beach volley, Excursion to: of ICRC Museum Streethockey, Aquapark or Tennis, Paragliding, Hiking,Afternoon Football, Minigolf, Shopping in Montreux Dirty-scoot, Funplanet or Football indoor, Mountainbike, Pool, Fitness, and Jazz Festival Indoor climbing, Labyrinthe Aventure “Pétanque”, Curling Arts workshop Dance Squash, Via Ferrata or Adventure parkEvening Barbecue on the Pimp my Friend Show Movie evening Free evening Disco Party Sports tournament Welcome evening lake side 23
  24. 24. Montreux-RivieraThe Pearl of the Swiss Riviera“You wish to carry out a language study stay in an exceptional natural setting and learn French in one of the most beautiful regions ofSwitzerland? Then Montreux is a must!”Situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Montreux enjoys a mild and pleasant microclimatewhich gives it a Mediterranean feel and has earned it the name “Pearl of the Swiss riviera”.On following the quays lined with exotic trees, walkers are amazed each time by the breathtaking panorama they have before theireyes. Between the lake and mountains, the region offers an exceptional choice of sports and cultural activities. Montreux welcomesevents on an international scale like the Montreux Jazz Festival or the Christmas Market, which have given this beautiful tourist regionits reputation for several years.Key factsClassesDuration of a lesson (mins.) 45Standard (lessons / week) 20Intensive (lessons / week) 25Optional coursesconversation private coursesSports packagessailing / dance Accommodationresidence double bedroomsTransfersGeneva airportMontreux train stationLucerne, Zurich, Egerkingen,Bern Zurich • • Berne • Montreux Genève • Lugano24
  25. 25. ESL Teens 14 -17 years French / summer The ESL Montreux-Riviera course centre Dates prices in CHF / 2012 The course centre is located in the heart of Montreux, a stone’s throw away from Arrival on Sunday the central train station and only 5 minutes’ walk from the quays of Lake Geneva. Departure on Saturday Modern and welcoming, it is equipped with spacious and bright classrooms. SUMMER : A common room equipped with computers with a free Internet connection 8.07 – 14.07 / 15.07 – 21.07 / 22.07 – 28.07 allows our students to access their e-mails. In addition, our centre has its 29.07 – 4.08 / 5.08 – 11.08 / 12.08 – 18.08 own gym room as well as a cafeteria where lunch is taken each day before Standard Intensive undertaking the afternoon activities. 20 lpw 25 lpw 1 Week* 1305 1395 2 Weeks 2315 2455 3 Weeks 3365 3565 4 Weeks 4455 4725 additional week 1105 1175 * subject to availability Optional courses Conversation course (2 Lessons / Week) 60 Private courses (5 Lessons / Week) 300 Optional sports packages Sailing 160 Dance 160 Transfers – return fare Geneva airport: Collective, according to schedule200 (arrival on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., departure on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) Collective, outside of schedule 380 (outside of schedules mentioned above) Private 600 (arrival and departure at any time) Bus, departure pick-up points: -Lucerne130 -Zurich120 -Egerkingen110 -Bern100 Weekly programme (sample) MONDAY TUESDAY Wednesday thursday friday saturday sundayMorning Lessons Lessons Lessons + small test Lessons Lessons + test Excursion to: Visit of Geneva city, Free day with the Excursion to: Hiking Red Cross Museum Beach, Paddle boat, Paragliding, Aquaparc, Sports tournament , host family Château de Chillon or and shoppingAfternoon Minigolf, Big Banana, Mountainbike, on the lake side or Shopping in Lausanne Musée de l’Alimentation Dance Hip-Hop, Waterski, Horse riding, or “Espace des Inventions” or Basketball Pool “Pétanque” or Fitness Adventure parkEvening Evening with Barbecue on the Jazz Festival Free evening Disco Party Free evening Welcome evening host family lake side 25
  26. 26. Paris-IgnyThe capital of the French-speaking worldImagine yourself at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or discovering the city from the bridge of a river boat. Sit down for a 3D projection whichis even better than the real thing at the geode of the Museum of Science, pose beside the wax statue of Zinadine Zidane, stroll along thelively small streets of the Quartier Latin, applaud the Beaubourg street artists or admire the splendours of the Palace of Versailles andtell yourself you’re not dreaming. Our destination of Paris-Igny promises you all this and much more besides.A charming small town to the south-west of the Parisian belt, nicknamed the garden town, Igny is an oasis of fresh air and greenerybarely 25 minutes from the heart of the capital by RER (train).This favourable location allows us to offer as extraordinary a destination as Paris in full security and to combine language classes, sportsand residence accommodation in a magnificent environment with the discovery of all the marvels of the city of lights.Key factsClassesDuration of a lesson (mins.) 45Standard (lessons / week) 20Intensive (lessons / week) 25Optional coursesconversation private coursesSports packagestennis / horse ridingAccommodationresidence single to triple bedroomsTransfersParis-Orly airportCharles de Gaulle (Roissy)airportAll Paris SNCF train stations Paris • • Paris - Igny Genève • • Bordeaux Nice26