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General information on language learning and language courses abroad for kids, teens, adults, and the over 50's: Information, Brochures.

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Language courses abroad adults Brochures

  1. 1. French studies learning and living French in Switzerland and in FranceFrench courses in Montreux and in Lyon
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  3. 3. Welcome to ESL Fabien Produit, DirectorDear studentSome places you will just visit in passing. Lyon and Montreux are among those that you will keepcoming back to. So it is no coincidence that ESL has chosen these destinations for its languagesschools. They are cultural and touristic destinations of international renown, offering an entertainingand welcoming environment as well as quality infrastructures. Choose between the Pearl of theSwiss Riviera and the City of Lights, perfect locations for a full immersion language stay. You won’tbe disappointed!Add to this excellent teaching by experienced teachers, interactive and dynamic lessons which ensurethe language skills you have acquired will last a long time, official exams which give your CV anedge, a variety of activities and exciting excursions. With ESL, you are in good hands!As Director of the ESL schools, I am very proud of our teaching and administrative teams. Theydo everything possible to ensure that your stay is a success in every way. The fact that a largeproportion of our students choose our schools based on a friend or relative’s recommendation isalone proof of this.We look forward to welcoming you to Montreux and Lyon! Choosing ESL means 4-7 Study French at ESL 8-9 Progress on a European level 10-11 A course adapted to suit your aims 12-13 Certificates 14-15 The accommodation that is right for you 16-17 Switzerland 18-21 ESL - Montreux 18-19 Activities in Montreux 20-21 France 22-25 ESL - Lyon 22-23 Activities in Lyon 24-25 3
  4. 4. Choosing ESL means Our priority is the quality of your stay Make the right choice; choose ESL! With professional teaching provided by qualified teachers, lively, dynamic and effective courses, a range of carefully chosen accommodation options, exciting activities and personalised services, we offer you the best so that you can get the most out of your language stay.4
  5. 5. An international atmosphere One language study stay, two destinationsWhether from Europe, America, Asia or the Middle East, ESL students come Having trouble deciding between French-speaking Switzerland and France?from the four corners of the world. This is a unique opportunity for you Can’t choose between Montreux and Lyon? With ESL, there’s no need toto meet students from various backgrounds and share different points of choose! If you like, you can begin your language stay in Lyon and continueview. All ESL students have the same goal, to immerse themselves in the in Montreux, on the banks of Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Alps. YouFrench language and culture. The variety in ages and professional/student may, of course, choose to visit the cities the other way around. Please don’texpectations means that you will definitely find a group of friends with the hesitate to let us know your wishes.same interests as yours. When you get home from your language stay, youraddress book will be filled with contacts from the 5 continents. 24/7 assistance From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we offer youLocation, location, location! personalised assistance. Our team is always available to answer yourOur schools are located in the best areas so that you can take full questions or to help you during your language stay. You also have anadvantage of everything your destination has to offer. In Montreux, you emergency number available to use around the clock.will study French by the lakeside. Our school is located on the Grand Rue,opposite the lake and surrounded by cool cafés, trendy boutiques andthe lakeside with its famous, colourful houses. In terms of location, our -Free connectionschool in Lyon is stiff competition. It is perfectly situated on the banks Stay connected with ESL! Our course centres in Lyon and Montreux haveof the "Rhône", between the "Place Bellecour" and the “Opéra” in the computer rooms with free Internet access. For your utmost comfort, you canheart of the old “Presqu’île”. You are invited to party in this lively, vibrant also go online anywhere in the school or in the student apartments; thanksstudent district. to our wireless network. 5
  6. 6. Choosing ESL means6
  7. 7. Internationally recognised certificates Exciting activitiesTaking an exam has never been easier. At ESL Montreux and Lyon, you can In order to make the most of your free time, ESL offers an exciting rangetake advantage of unrivalled flexibility when it comes to taking an official of activities every week. This relaxed and friendly environment encouragesexam. Depending on your level, availability and aims, you can choose conversation and the forming of friendships. It is a chance for you to get tobetween the DELF/DALF, TCF or e-TEF exams. With up to one exam available know the people in your class and to practise your newly acquired languageper week, there are examination dates to fit into any schedule. You won’t skills outside the classroom. Using your French in a sports or social setting ishave any trouble finding the exam course that suits you best. Each of these a great way to develop the skills that you will have learnt in class. You willFrench language certificates is officially recognised by the French Ministry improve your French language skills without even realising it!of Education. Add an international dimension to your CV and make Frenchyour best ally for your future! Excellent French+ courses The exclusive French+ courses in Lyon are a perfect way to get to knowA range of accommodation options the French-speaking region in which you are studying. You will learnSince accommodation is an essential part of your language stay, ESL takes about local traditions, sports, gastronomy, festivals, heritage and culture,particular care when choosing accommodation, whether host families, in the company of students from all over the world. We also offer somestudent apartments, studios, hotels or B&Bs for its students. Whether you very specific local programme, available as all-inclusive packages. Forwish to be in direct contact with the locals or live with other students during more information about these programmes, please ask for our specialyour stay, we have the accommodation option to best meet your needs. flyers. An enthusiastic team Our school’s reputation owes a lot to the quality of our teaching staff and administrative team. All of the ESL team members are dynamic, come from various backgrounds, have rich and varied experiences behind them and are enthusiastic about cultural diversity. We are already looking forward to welcoming you! Organising your stay from A to Z From accommodation booking, assistance with administrative procedures, help in obtaining your visa, travel insurance, to a personalised follow-up, ESL does everything to help you prepare for your language study stay abroad. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and set off with peace of mind. If you so wish, ESL can also organise your transfer from the airport to your accommodation, perfect for a smooth landing! International accreditation The excellent quality of our services is confirmed by the accreditations we receive from various official French, Swiss and international organisations specialised in the sector of education and educational tourism. When you choose an ESL school, you are choosing one of the best French language schools around. 7
  8. 8. Study French at ESL A highly effective teaching method It’s impossible not to improve at ESL! Our schools offer a modern and effective teaching method delivered by qualified teachers, with well-planned and motivating lessons adapted to all language levels and which allow for maximum interaction between the teacher and students. Each student also benefits from continuous assessment throughout his or her stay. ESL offers an innovative, effective and attractive way to learn French. Without a doubt, the ease with which you will progress will delight you ! Handpicked teachers Good teaching requires good teachers. Our carefully selected teachers have all the necessary qualifications and experience to teach French to non French-speaking students. However, we ask for more than just a degree from our teachers. They are chosen for their enthusiasm, their ability to create exciting and interactive lessons and for the attention that they pay to each student. This lively and efficient teaching guarantees long-lasting progress! A learning level for everyone Whatever your linguistic skills, ESL has a course to meet your needs and goals. After a thorough assessment of your existing language knowledge, you will be put in a class suitable for your level. Our table of levels conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is the European standard for foreign language teaching. Multiple oral and written activities allow the teacher to continuously assess progress and offer personalised solutions to each student. An effective teaching method The major objective, which each student should set for him/herself, is to be able to communicate in French at work, whilst travelling and in everyday life. Offering your this ability and all the necessary know-how to achieve it is our main aim. We are convinced that by making communication our priority we can reach this goal. We have based our approach to language teaching on achieving concrete operational aims, and not on exercises and automatic reflexes that are out of context. In this way, you will develop your know-how and not just accumulate knowledge you won’t know how to use. For this reason too, our classes have between 8 and 12 students, which allows for student-oriented teaching and the active participation of all students during each lesson. In addition, we use modern FLE (French as a Foreign Language) methods as well as media resources like newspapers and Internet articles as well as TV or DVD documentaries.8
  9. 9. Course certificate and official examsAt the end of your language study stay at ESL, you will receive a course certificate stating the level youhave reached. You can also take one of the many French exams made available through our Montreuxand Lyon schools.In terms of exams, ESL offers a particularly impressive range:- DELF/DALF exams, several sessions a year, a specific preparation course is organised by the school.- TCF exam, available once a month at school, a specific preparation course is organised by theschool.- E-TEF, electronic version of TEF, available once a week, 3 times per month, only in Montreux.Whatever your level, aims and availability, you will find the exam that suits you!Recognised by the French Ministry of Education and Paris’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry,these official French certificates have an excellent reputation in French-speaking universities andprofessional sectors. Passing one of these exams is a good asset for your future.Your first morning at the language schoolIt is a great pleasure for us to welcome you at the school! It is also an excellent chance for youto meet the ESL team members so that you can put a face to the names of the people working tomake your language stay a success.After a welcome “café-croissant”, we will take you around the school and give you all the documentsand information you need before beginning class. This includes a course guide, a student card(giving you discounts in some shops and establishments) and a presentation of the daily activityprogramme. You will have everything you need to get your stay off to a great start!Tailor-made teachingA crucial factor that often makes all the difference is class size. At ESL, we believe in teachinggroups of limited numbers (between 8 and 10 students on average with a guaranteed maximumof 12), so that each student is guaranteed a personalised assessment, even in group classes.We guarantee high-quality teaching and excellent teacher-student interaction, which means thatstudents are given more opportunity to practise their French. Classrooms with modular furnitureallow for flexibility and adapt to each individual teaching style. 9
  10. 10. Progress on a European level CEFR Grid After many years of research, the official CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) document was published in 2001 by the Council of Europe and helps determine the candidate’s language level in terms of his/ her knowledge in various skills groups. 6 different language levels were defined and serve as a reference in the language learning and teaching sector. An EU Council Resolution recommended the use of this Council of Europe grid to establish systems to determine language ability. Nowadays, it is an essential reference document. Your progress 6 5 4 3 2 1 number of weeks 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 4810
  11. 11. Our course structure and level testing are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for foreign language training. The table below is a summary of the CEFR grid to show you the language level that you can achieve during your stay as well as the level required to take one of the official French exams. Your level Your level and CeFr* French exam equivalence You understand everything you read or hear in a range of subjects. You Dalf c2 Very aDVanceD understand the subtleties of the language and easily interpret complex documents. You express yourself correctly and fluently without hesitation. You TcF 600-699 [c2] can debate complex subjects. e-TeF 834-900 Dalf c1 aDVanceD You understand the specifics of complex texts and oral outputs on subjects relating to social and professional life. You express yourself with confidence and TcF 500-599 [c1] precision when discussing a range of topics. e-TeF 699-833 Delf B2 Upper inTermeDiaTe You understand detailed information in texts or oral output dealing with a familiar, concrete or abstract topic. You express yourself clearly about subjects TcF 400-499 [B2] that you are interested in. e-TeF 541-698 Delf B1 inTermeDiaTe You understand the important information in texts and oral output about known or expected situations. You express yourself with ease on subjects dealing with TcF 300-399 [B1] everyday life. e-TeF 361-540 You can understand practical information in simple, messages of everyday life. Delf a2 Upper elemenTary You can make yourself understood in familiar and expected situations. TcF 200-299 [a2] e-TeF 204-360 You understand short phrases if known or repeated. You can express your basic Delf a1 elemenTary needs. You can identify and reproduce single words or memorised expressions. TcF 100-299 [a1] e-TeF 69-203The level achieved by each student depends upon his/her individual capabilities and his/her diligence.*Common European Framework of Reference for the teaching of foreign languages 11
  12. 12. A course adapted… Because your goals are our main priority, we offer various French courses so that you can find the one that best suits your specific language needs. The following are the various French courses you can take during your language stay. Absolute beginners The standard course for absolute beginners includes 20 lessons per week. As soon as you will have reached an elementary level, you will also be able to attend an intensive or super intensive course. Specific start dates are available for absolute beginners level. Please consult these dates on the price list.12
  13. 13. …to suit your aims Standard course 20 lessons per week Levels Beginner to advanced (A1➜C1) Duration 1 to 52 weeks Lessons (45 Min.) 20 per week Start dates Every Monday*, all year round *special dates for absolute beginners (see price list) Our standard course is an excellent choice if you want to improve your French and have free time on your hands. Classes normally take place in the morning, which means that you can make the most of your time off in the afternoon to visit the city and take part in the activities, or outings that the school offers. This is perfect for putting your new French skills to the test! intensive course 25 lessons per week Levels Elementary to advanced (A1➜C1) Duration 1 to 52 weeks Lessons (45 Min.) 25 per week (Standard course +5) Start dates Every Monday, all year round By choosing the intensive course, you will have the opportunity to progress more quickly in learning French thanks to 5 extra lessons per week focusing on oral communication. Following these lessons, you will still have plenty of free time for extra- curricular activities. Super intensive course 30 lessons per week Levels Elementary to advanced (A1➜C1) Duration 1 to 52 weeks Lessons (45 Min.) 30 per week (Intensive course +5) Start dates Every Monday, all year round The super intensive course of 30 lessons per week allows for rapid progress. With six lessons per day, you will quickly reach the goals that you have set for yourself. The sixth lesson of the day focuses on writing skills. private course intensity and duration based on your needs Levels Beginner to advanced (A1➜C1) Duration Tailor-made Lessons (60 Min.) Tailor-made to student’s requirements Start dates All year round* *except in July and August Are you looking for a customised and highly effective course? Treat yourself to a tailor-made programme! With one to one tuvition you benefit from a lesson plan which is perfectly suited to your individual aims. You will study according to your specific requirements at your own pace with your own teacher. 13
  14. 14. Certificates Give your CV an international dimension! Come and study French in Lyon or Montreux and go home with an internationally recognised certificate in your suitcase! Each exam has precise requirements and standards: ESL offers you specialised preparatory courses to help you get ready for the big day. One of ESL’s major selling points is that we offer 3 different exam schedules with an unrivalled success rate. The DELF/DALF is offered three times a year, the TCF once a month and the e-TEF three times a month. You can take a recognised exam whatever the length of your stay. Issued by the CIEP (Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques) or the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), the DELF/DALF, TCF and e-TEF certificates confirm your language level based on the CEFR norms and are internationally recognised. They are recognised by the French Ministry of National Education and by other French-speaking countries.14
  15. 15. DelF/DalF: an asset for your futureGlossary Standard course + 5 DelF/DalF lessonsDELF: Diplôme d’études en langue Levels Intermediate to advanced (B1/B2/C1)française (Diploma in French Studies) Duration 1 to 52 weeks Lessons (45 Min.) 20+5 per week Exam dates ~ 3 per year*DALF: Diplôme approfondi de langue * see price listfrançaise (Diploma in Advanced FrenchLanguage Studies) The DELF (A1 to B2) and DALF (C1 and C2) are official diplomas awarded by the French National Ministry of Education in orderTCF:Test de connaissance de français to certify skills in French as a Foreign Language.(Test in French language skills) They are made up of 6 independent diplomas corresponding to the 6 levels of the CEFR. Therefore, students have theTEF: Test d’évaluation de français possibility to enrol directly for the exam of their choice. At each(Test of assessment in French) level, the 4 skills are evaluated: written and oral expression, reading comprehension and listening comprehension. An adapted version for teenagers is also available.e-TEF: Electronic version of the TEF Officially recognised in more than 150 countries, the DELF/DALF diplomas act as a reference when it comes to the certificationCEFR: Common European Framework of French as a foreign language, as much in professional fieldsof Reference for languages as in the area of studies. These exams are proposed on fixed dates (see price list) in the regional testing centres, within direct proximity of the ESL schools in Montreux and Lyon. TcF: Simple and effective Standard course + 5 TcF lessons Levels Elementary to very advanced (A1➜C2) Duration 1 to 52 weeks Lessons (45 Min.) 20+5 per week Exam dates 1 per month* * see price list The TCF is part of the new wave of modern “thermometer” exams. A simple, fast and efficient evaluation gives you a professional validation of your level of French. The TCF is a multiple-choice questionnaire. After the DELF/DALF, the TCF has become the most popular exam to be taken at foreign language schools. Based on the CEFR for foreign languages, it has already achieved high recognition. Our schools in Montreux and Lyon are official TCF exam centres. The exams are offered once a month at each school. e-TeF: Tailor-made! Levels Elementary to very advanced (A1➜C2)Maximum flexibility Exam dates 3 per month* * see price listBetween the TCF and the e-TEF, you can take an exam every The e-TEF is a precise, reliable and objective evaluation toolweek in our course centres. So there’s no excuse for going to measure the abilities of non French-speaking people inhome without official acknowledgement of your language speaking French. The e-TEF, developed by the Paris Chamberstudy stay! of Commerce and Industry, is the electronic version of the TEF and gives you great flexibility and fast results. As its name suggests, this exam is taken online with the help of a computer programme to guide you throughout the exam. Our Montreux school is an official exam centre for the e-TEF. You can take this exam without preparatory lessons. It is available three times a month at the Montreux school only. 15
  16. 16. The accommodation that… Quality accommodation is essential to the success of your language study stay. This is why we take special care when choosing the accommodation we offer our students in Lyon and Montreux. Whether 100% language immersion with a host family, international life in a student apartment, complete independence in a hotel, you will find the accommodation to suit your requirements.16
  17. 17. …is right for youHost family Studios (from 18 years old of age)Your stay will take on another dimension by living with a host family. Perfectly situated in the centre of Montreux, our studios have an equippedLanguage learning becomes natural during meals or cinema outings. Staying kitchen and a bathroom as well as an Internet connection, and represent anwith a host family is a great way to learn about local culture, experience daily ideal accommodation option for couples and students who are looking forlife with your hosts and learn everyday expressions and colloquialisms. We independence and tranquility as well as a superior level of comfort.have an excellent relationship with our host families and they meet all ofour requirements in terms of quality. Hotel and other accommodationStudents’apartment We have chosen different hotel types, from the most basic to the most(from 18 years old of age) luxurious. These establishments are based in and around the city centres.The students’ apartments are located in the heart of Montreux and Lyon, If you are interested in this type of accommodation, then please contact usclose to our schools, shopping centres, restaurants, train stations and post for a selection.offices. This type of accommodation is particularly suitable for people whoare looking for contact with other students and are used to cohabitation.Comfortable single and double bedrooms are available. All the apartments Course without accommodationhave a TV, a fully-equipped kitchen, a washing machine and a wireless If you are organising your accommodation yourself, you can take a courseInternet connection. and take part in activities like the other students. In this case, you only need to pay for the language course and any activities you take part in. 17
  18. 18. MontreuxThe pearl of the Swiss Riviera Zürich • • Bern • Montreux Geneva • LuganoKey factsSchool16 Minimum age8-12 Students/class Free of charge InternetCoursesGroup & privateDELF/DALF, TCF exam preparationAccommodation single and double roomsHost familyStudents’ apartmentStudioHotelGetting there and away60 Min. from Geneva airportThe Pearl of the Swiss Riviera is on the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of theAlps and has an almost Mediterranean climate. Every year, tourists and visitorsfrom all over the world come to take part in events, which make this city of25,000 inhabitants what it is today. From Byron and Nabokov to Stravinsky, thislong tradition of warm welcomes is still alive and kicking. In July, Montreuxsways and dances to the rhythm of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, whilstin winter, Switzerland’s largest Christmas market gives the town a magicalatmosphere.Every season here is extraordinary. A first class cultural calendar makesMontreux the ideal environment for studying French in a magnificent area. TheAlps in the background paint an impressive panorama on the water’s surface,a year-round paradise for sports fans. The lakeside with its colourful housesand palm trees will guide you from the “Auditorium Stravinsky” to the famous“Château de Chillon”. Discover the little coves for sunbathing, picnics orpartying, exceptional flora, lively terraces and international restaurants.18
  19. 19. Dates & prices in CHF / 2011 Courses start every Monday elementary to advanced levels Start dates for absolute beginners: 10.01 / 28.02 / 2.05 / 6.06 / 25.07 / 5.09 / 3.10 / 31.10.2011The ESL School in Montreux Bank holidays, lessons are not substituted (school closed): 22.04 / 25.04 / 2.06 / 13.06 / 1.08 / 19.09.2011Our school in Montreux is on the main street on the edge of Lake Geneva and its beautiful promenade Group courses weekly feessurrounded by exotic trees which, to this day, is still one of the most visited places in French-speaking Lessons Standard Intensive Super IntensiveSwitzerland. You can easily reach the school from your accommodation by bus or train with stations per week 20 lpw 25 lpw 30 lpw5 minutes away on foot. 1 Week 455 565 775 2-3 Weeks 425 535 745The course centre has comfortable and bright classrooms, a cafeteria with a fully-equipped kitchen 4-7 Weeks 400 505 705and welcoming terraces where you can relax with friends. The size of ESL Montreux means that we 8-11 Weeks 375 465 665can give students our personal attention and be there for you when you arrive and throughout your 12 and more 345 435 625stay. Private courses 1 hour 5 hours 10 hoursThanks to our many computers and wireless network throughout the school, you can go online and 150 625 1000check your emails for free. • Available all year round, July and August subject to availabilityAt the end of class, you can go straight onto the terraces by Lake Geneva with the other students or • Private courses are usually organised in the afternoonvisit the shops nearby. DELF/DALF B1-B2-C1 preparation courses weekly fees Lessons Intensive Super Intensive per week 25 lpw 30 lpw 1 Week 585 795 2-3 Weeks 555 765 4-7 Weeks 525 725 8 Weeks 485 685 • Combined with an Intensive or Super Intensive group course. • The 5th lesson each day is focused on the DELF/DALF exam content. • Available all year round, from 1 to 8 weeks maximum. • Exam enrolment fees NOT included. DELF/DALF exam fees & dates Organised at the regional examination centre Exam levels available: DELF A1➜ B2 and DALF C1➜C2 2011 fees and dates: TCF preparation courses weekly fees Intensive 25 Ipw (standard+5) 1 Week 565 2-3 Weeks 535 4 Weeks 505 • Available all year round, from 1 to 4 weeks maximum. • 20 lessons standard course. • The 5th lesson each day is focused on the TCF exam content. • Exam enrolment fees NOT included. TCF exam fees & dates Organised at the ESL – school Obligatory examination only: 120 27.01 / 24.02 / 31.03 / 28.04 / 26.05 / 30.06 / 28.07 / 25.08 / 29.09 / 27.10 / 24.11 / 15.12.2011 e-TEF exam fees & dates Organised at the ESL – school 140 1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday afternoon of the month, all year round Accommodation weekly fees From Sunday to Saturday Host family Host family Apartment Studio BB HB Single room 275 345 335 355 Double room 225 295 230 255* *Only available for 2 participants booking this option together. 50+ Arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday 1 week 8.05 / 15.05 / 4.09 / 11.09.2011 1090 2 weeks 8.05 / 4.09.2011 2160 Airport transfer 170 one way, from Geneva Airport Additional information Included in the price: Tuition, learning material, assessment test, ESL certificate, social programme as described, student card, accom- modation placement and taxes. High season supplement: 10% on course & accommodation fees / from Sunday 26th of June to Saturday 30th of July 2011. Low season discount: 10% on course & accommodation fees / from Sunday 30th of October 2011 to Saturday 28th of January 2012. 19
  20. 20. MontreuxThe pearl of the Swiss RivieraActivities in MontreuxThe Swiss Riviera and Montreux offer wide-ranging activities in addition toyour language course. From spring to autumn, you can take part in severalmountain and water sports. From climbing, mountainbiking windsurfing,waterskiing, tennis, go-karting and bowling to paragliding, the Riviera is asports paradise. Between March and September, festival fever hits the LakeGeneva region, with highlights including the “Montreux Jazz Festival” and the"Paléo Festival” in Nyon. Whatever the dates of your stay, you can bet that youwill find something you like.Take time out to visit the famous medieval “Château de Chillon”, to sail on ahundred year old steamboat on Lake Geneva or just stroll along the lake banksamong the palm trees and exotic flowers. In winter, just 30 minutes away fromMontreux, you will find one of the world’s largest ski resorts. "Les Portes duSoleil" has everything; from ice skating rinks to toboggan runs and snowshoetrekking. There is nowhere better to fulfil your cravings for winter activities.For four weeks in December, Montreux also plays host to Switzerland’s largestand most famous Christmas market. Whenever you come, you will always findsomething to do in Montreux.20
  21. 21. Some events to keep in mindJanuary Lausanne Sporting Challenge The biggest multi-sport tournament in the region International Hot-Air Balloon Festival More than 100 hot-air balloons from 20 different countries in the AlpsFebruary Carnival In various locationsMarch International Motor Show in Geneva With many debuts!april Cully Jazz Festival Immerse yourself in the world of jazz for 9 daysMay Animai garden rivage Cultural festival for developing the creativity of young peopleJune Montreux Volley Masters Tournament with the best women’s volleyball teams in the worldJuly Montreux Jazz Festival One of the best festivals of its type in the world Athletissima 2nd biggest athletics meeting in the world Lausanne City Festival Ten days and ten nights of open-air theatre, dance and concerts (free) Paléo Festival Most notorious pop festival in EuropeauguSt Sidewalk Artist Festival Festival of jugglers, mimes, acrobats and other street artists Festival Rock Oz’Arènes Held in a magnificent Roman arena European Heritage Days Visit historical sites and monumentsOctOber Underground Film & Music Festival Discover new and unconventional talents in Lausanne Critérium in Montreux Cycle race. Professionals and amateurs come head to head. Lausanne Marathon One of the most beautiful matharon, held on the banks of Lake GenevanOveMber Metropop Festival Urban Music FestivalDeceMber Comedy Festival International Comedy Artists Montreux Christmas market The biggest in Switzerland! 21
  22. 22. LyonThe City of Lights University, art, culture, history, creation, gastronomy, contemporary dance… Lyon is a cosmopolitan city, which is always on the move and pushing boundaries! Founded in 43 BC, the former Gaul capital is perfectly Paris • located between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, on the Saône- Rhône axis and at the foot of the Alps. Lyon is just two hours from Paris, Geneva • Marseilles and Geneva on the TGV (high speed train). Lyon • • Bordeaux In terms of population, Lyon is the second largest city in France but it Nice• comes first in many respects. It has everything to seduce you, including great culture, impressive restaurants from “bouchons” (traditional little restaurants in Lyon) to “Paul Bocuse’s” prestigious restaurants, as well as a student population of 100,000.You should expect from day one your evenings in Lyon will remain unforgettable. From “Bellecour” to “Terreaux”, from “St-Jean” to “St-Paul”, from the “Parc de la Tête d’Or” to the “Pentes de la Croix Rousse”, its banks and pastel coloured oldKey facts districts like little villages are as many invitations to go shopping as they are for strolls and exploration. Bear witness to Lyon’s dazzling beautySchool on an evening stroll through the city. Wander through the city famous for its silver and gold embroidered silks Lyon sparkles. Listed as a UNESCO18 Minimum age World Heritage Site in 1998, discover its beauty and lose yourself in its8-12 Students/class energy and its lifestyle. Welcome to Lyon! Free of charge InternetCoursesGroup & privateDELF/DALF, TCF exam preparationAccommodation single and double roomsHost familyStudents’ apartmentHotelGetting there and away30 Min. from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport22
  23. 23. Dates & prices in EUR / 2011 Courses start every Monday elementary to advanced levels Start dates for absolute beginners:The ESL school in Lyon 10.01 / 28.02 / 30.05 / 4.07 / 1.08 / 29.08 / 7.11.2011 Bank holidays, lessons are not substituted (school closed): 25.04 / 2.06 / 13.06 / 14.07 / 15.08 / 1.11 / 11.11 / 19.12 to 30.12.2011Our school is in the heart of the city’s cultural and festive life in Lyon’s centre. The beautiful 19th century Group courses weekly feesbuilding is on the “Presqu’île” and surrounded by two rivers on the “Rhone” river banks. The schoolhas spacious and bright classrooms with high ceilings. Lessons Standard Intensive Super IntensiveThe WIFI network means you can read your emails and surf for free on one of the in-house per week 20 lpw 25 lpw 30 lpwcomputers. 1 Week 255 315 375Only a stone’s throw away from the biggest square in Lyon, straight after class you can soak up the 2-3 Weeks 220 275 335atmosphere in the numerous nearby cafés and restaurants, where Lyon’s students meet. 4-7 Weeks 210 260 320The school has direct access to the best pedestrian shopping areas in Lyon. There is a subway station 8-11 Weeks 190 235 290and a bus stop less than 5 minutes’ walk away from the school. 12 and more 180 220 270 Private courses 1 hour 5 hours 10 hours 85 405 785 • Available all year round, July and August subject to availability • Private courses are usually organised in the afternoon DELF/DALF B1-B2-C1 preparation courses weekly fees Lessons Intensive Super Intensive per week 25 lpw 30 lpw 1 Week 330 390 2-3 Weeks 290 350 4-7 Weeks 275 335 8 Weeks 250 305 • Combined with an Intensive or Super Intensive group course. • The 5th lesson each day is focused on the DELF/DALF exam content. • Available all year round, from 1 to 8 weeks maximum. • Exam enrolment fees NOT included. DELF/DALF exam fees & dates Organised at the regional examination centre DELF A1 60 15.03 / 14.06 DELF A2 60 15.03 / 14.06 / 21.07 DELF B1 87 12.04 / 19.07 DELF B2 90 11.04 / 15.06 / 19.07 DALF C1 117 12.04 / 21.07 DALF C2 125 11.04 TCF preparation courses weekly fees Intensive 25 Ipw (standard+5) 1 Week 315 2-3 Weeks 275 4 Weeks 260 • Available all year round, from 1 to 4 weeks maximum. • 20 lessons standard course. • The 5th lesson each day is focused on the TCF exam content. • Exam enrolment fees NOT included. TCF exam fees & dates Organised at the ESL – school Obligatory examination only: 65 27.01 / 24.02 / 31.03 / 28.04 / 26.05 / 30.06 / 28.07 / 25.08 / 29.09 / 27.10 / 24.11 / 15.12.2011 Accommodation weekly fees From Sunday to Saturday Host family Host family Apartment BB HB Single room 195 240 215 Double room 160 205 155 French+ minimum 4 participants + wine 14.03 / 2.05 / 20.06 / 18.07 / 19.09 / 24.10 110 + cooking 7.03 / 23.05 / 4.07 / 29.08 / 17.10 / 14.11 130 + culture 28.02 / 6.06 / 25.07 / 22.08 / 10.10 / 28.11 120 50+ Arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday 1 week 8.05 / 15.05 / 4.09 / 11.09.2011 695 2 weeks 8.05 / 4.09.2011 1375 Airport transfer 100 one way, from Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport Additional information Included in the price: Tuition, learning material, assessment test, ESL certificate, social programme as described, student card, accom- modation placement and taxes. High season supplement: 10% on course & accommodation fees / from Sunday 26th of June to Saturday 30th of July 2011. Low season discount: 10% on course & accommodation fees / from Sunday 30th of October 2011 to Saturday 28th of January 2012. 23
  24. 24. LyonThe City of Lights Activities in Lyon Lyon is a destination which offers a wide range of activities. After your French lessons, make the most of everything that this fun-loving city has to offer. Welcome to Lyon! Sports fans can enjoy skiing in winter as well as water sports during other seasons. If you love climbing, tennis and other sports then Lyon fulfils all the necessary requirements. And for those who love bike riding, you will enjoy the excellent network of cycle lanes available. If culture and history are more your thing, then there is lots to do and see, including its buildings and monuments, the Museum of Fine Arts and the old town to name but a few. Lyon is also the birthplace of cinema thanks to the “Lumière” brothers and home to Europe’s best Festival of Lights. Food lovers and cooks will salivate at the city’s culinary prowess. Lyon is France’s gastronomic capital, "Paul Bocuse’s" birthplace, and home to the famous "bouchons" restaurants. From cookery class to tastings, from little markets to the "Halles Paul Bocuse", you will be spoilt for choice. Experience Fashion in Lyon with a range of department stores, chic boutiques and up-and-coming designers. Locals and tourists unite in their love of the many music festivals, jazz bars, the Biennales de la Danse or contemporary art, street shows, discos on barges. There is lots to keep you happy!24
  25. 25. Some events to keep in mindJanuary Salon Sirha & Bocuse d’Or International Gastronomy Fair & CompetitionFebruary Salon du Bricolage et des Inventions Amazing, amusing, see the craziest inventions and ideasMarch Festival quai du Polar A full-scale investigation lasting several days, among different areas of Lyon. Puppet shows and theatrical plays.april April HarvestMay Les Nuits Sonores One of Europe’s largest electronic music festival Museum Night Visit to museums at reduced prices (or free)June Les Invités de Villeurbanne Music Festival and shows Les Intranquilles Opens a door between literature and the performing arts Y Salsa Festival Latino music and dance festivalJuly Le Fooding d’été Huge picnic with 5 great French chefsauguSt Nuits de Fourvière Open Air Festival in the ancient Roman amphitheatre Tout l’monde dehors Summer parties outside (free)SepteMber Biennale de Lyon Exhibition of Contemporary ArtOctOber La vogue aux marrons Fair where all ages can eat hot chestnuts and cotton candy Grand Prix de Tennis Meeting of the best players from all over the worldnOveMber Sortie du “Beaujolais Nouveau” 3rd Thursday in November Riddim Collision Music Festival “electro, dub & hip-hop” BMX pro Indoor BMX ChampionshipDeceMber Fête des Lumières Fascinating light festival attracting thousand of visitors Outdoor ice skating Ice skating rink at Bellecour next to Fourvières Christmas Market 25
  26. 26. Terms & 8 Cancellation prior to commencement of the course 17 Discipline A contract partner may cancel his contract at any time prior to commencement of In the event that a participant is badly behaved, undisciplined, or demonstrates a the language course. In that event, ESL will be entitled to seek payment of ap- poor attitude ESL reserves the right to expel him immediately. In that event, ESL propriate compensation, the amount of which will depend on the period of time will not reimburse or pay compensation for any part of the missed course or anyconditions remaining between the date on which ESL receives the cancellation and the date additional travel costs incurred. of commencement of the language course. In accordance with this principle, the amount of compensation is calculated as follows: 18 Changes affecting prices, dates or services 56 days or more prior to the first day of the language course: Until such time as a participant receives the confirmation of registration, ESL may 10% of the total invoiced price change the dates and prices of language courses published on the internet or anySwitzerland Between 55 and 30 days prior to the first day of the language course: 20% of the total invoiced price other communication tools at any time. Following confirmation of registration between ESL and the participant, ESL may change its programme of services,France Between 29 and 22 days prior to the first day of the language course: provided that the changes are minor, unavoidable, based on good faith and do 30% of the total invoiced price not in any way affect the teaching services. In the event that the “key” services Between 21 and 15 days prior to the first day of the language course: provided by ESL are affected by major changes, participants may withdraw or ap- 50% of the total invoiced price ply to join a different course of the same value, if ESL is in a position to provide Between 14 days and the first day of the language course: this. ESL must notify participants of any changes immediately and participants 100% of the total invoiced price must notify ESL as soon as possible after receipt of such notification of their inten-1 Registration and confirmation Failure to participate in the course or cancellation after the given deadlines: tion to exercise their rights.All registrations received by ESL Education S.A. (“ESL”) by post, e-mail, fax or tel- 100% of the total invoiced priceephone will be deemed to be valid. Registration will be confirmed within a maxi- The registration fees of CHF 110 / EUR 75 and the insurance costs will remain due. 19 Minimum number of participantsmum of 10 working days following receipt of a valid registration. The contract will The cancellation amount must be received at the latest 10 days following receipt In the event that it is not possible to achieve the minimum number of participantsbe deemed to be finalised as soon as ESL has confirmed the registration, and will of the cancellation invoice. In the event that a participant is refused a visa and the required for a language course (6 persons for a group course), ESL will notify thethen be legally enforceable. Where the registered person is an adult, that person original refusal document issued by the Swiss/German/French Embassy is supplied, contract partner at least three weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Ifwill become a contract partner of ESL. Where the registered person is not an ESL undertakes to reimburse the whole amount paid, less an administration fee of ESL is unable to provide a replacement service, ESL will undertake to reimburseadult, his/her legal representative will become the contract partner of ESL. In that CHF 150 / EUR 100 and bank charges of CHF 60 / EUR 40. all fees paid to date. Under no circumstances will ESL pay compensation for anyevent, the legal representative must sign the contract and give his exact address. inconvenience or loss of time. In the event that none of the courses are appropriateThe person who is contractually registered to a language course will become a 9 Cancellation insurance for the participant’s level of ability, ESL reserves the right to substitute the groupparticipant, designated as such below. The person who signs the contract (either ESL recommends that contract partners take out a cancellation insurance policy. In course for private tuition. The number of hours of private tuition will depend onthe person himself or, where the person is a minor, his legal representative) will be the event that the participant has taken out cancellation insurance and then cancels the amount paid by the participant.identified as a contract partner, designated as such below. his course, he will be responsible for notifying his insurers. Under no circumstanc- es will a cancellation insurance policy render ESL liable for non-reimbursement of a 20 Activities2 Information provided at the time of registration course. ESL offers cancellation insurance, for which the charge is approximately 3% Depending on the weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the controlThe contract partner expressly declares that the information provided at the time of the total invoiced amount, up to a maximum of CHF 68 / EUR 50. of ESL and its organisation, ESL reserves the right to cancel one or more of theof registration for a language course is true and accurate. Any inaccurate informa- scheduled activities described in the brochure. In that event, ESL undertakes totion or omission may lead to immediate expulsion from the course (for example, 10 Passports and visas substitute the cancelled activities with others.if a “complete beginner” overestimates his level of linguistic ability in order to be The participant will be responsible for complying with the security regulations, theable to start a course on a date other than the official commencement date for regulations governing the obtaining of a visa, and the health regulations required 21 Public holidays“complete beginners”). In that event, the costs of the course will not be refundable, to enter and stay in Switzerland/Germany/France. Under no circumstances will ESL The contract partner declares that he is aware that schools are generally closed oneither in whole or in part. be held liable for any notice of refusal to enter or stay in Switzerland/Germany/ local public holidays, and acknowledges that this will not give rise to any claim for France given to a participant. Information relating to the regulations governing compensation against ESL.3 Registration fees security, health and obtaining a visa can be obtained from the Swiss/German/ESL will charge the following registration fee for each registration: CHF 110 / EUR French Embassy or Consulate in the participant’s home country. No reimbursement 22 Cancellation of ESL courses75. These fees are non-refundable. will be made, either in full or in part, in the event that a participant is refused ESL reserves the right to cancel a language course for safety reasons as a conse-In the event of late registration, from two weeks after commencement of the lan- permission to enter or stay in Switzerland/Germany/France by his own fault. ESL quence of a strike, political unrest or for any other extraordinary reason. In thatguage course, the participant will be charged an express processing fee of CHF will provide a letter of invitation for the visa application following receipt of all the event, ESL undertakes to reimburse all costs relating to the course. ESL reserves50 / EUR 35. costs of the language course. the right to retain a certain amount to cover administration costs.4 Agreement modification fees 11 Accident/health insurance 23 LiabilityIn the event that a participant wishes the type of course or accommodation condi- Every participant will be entirely responsible for obtaining accident and health ESL will assume full responsibility for the language courses offered and undertakestions to be varied following confirmation of registration by ESL, a variation fee of cover valid for the country in which he intends to stay for the whole period of his to organise them efficiently in accordance with its knowledge and experience in theCHF 80 / EUR 55 will be charged and will be payable with the request for variation. stay. In the event that he does not have such cover at the time of registration, ESL sector. Under no circumstances can ESL be held liable for any loss resulting fromNo additional charge will be made if the participant decides to extend his language will include an appropriate insurance policy covering these risks. For a course in illness, accident or inconvenience caused by poor service provided by any agentcourse at the same centre. Switzerland, the cost of this cover is CHF 180 per month. For a course in France/ appointed by ESL. Neither will ESL be responsible for the loss of any valuables, Germany, the cost of cover is EUR 39 per month for EU citizens, and EUR 79 per personal items, money, etc. unless such losses were due to deliberate negligence5 Conditions of payment month for non-EU nationals. This insurance will be invoiced with the reservation on the part of ESL.Fees will become payable immediately on receipt of confirmation of registration package and will cover accidents and illness follows: 24 Safety and security- a deposit of CHF 250 / EUR 170. 12 Damage caused by participants / civil liability ESL is authorised to take all reasonable action as required to ensure the well-- the registration fee of CHF 110 / EUR 75 (not included in the cost of the language Prior to arrival at ESL, each participant must take out a policy of insurance to cover being and good health of the participants. ESL is also entitled to take all neces-course). any loss/damage which he may cause during the course of his stay. In any event, sary measures to provide a participant with any appropriate medical care in the- payment of the premium for the cancellation insurance and/or the [accident/] and even if a participant does not feel that it is appropriate for him to take out such event of necessity. Any costs arising from such medical attention will be bornehealth insurance (where policies have been taken out). insurance, he will be liable for any losses caused to ESL, its commercial partners by the participant, or his legal representative if he is a minor. A written release/The balance of the total fees must be paid at least four weeks prior to commence- and any other third party unless the liability of ESL can be clearly demonstrated. authorisation signed by the legal representative will be required in respect of cer-ment of the language course. In the event that ESL receives a registration less than tain sporting packages where risk is involved. Without such a signed document,four weeks prior to commencement of the language course, the full amount must 13 Obligations of participants ESL reserves the right to refuse to allow the participant to take part in certainbe paid on receipt of the invoice. Neither the course nor the accommodation will Participants are required to attend the course and to arrive on time. They are re- sporting deemed to have been paid for unless the relevant amount has been received sponsible for choosing a course which is appropriate for their level of capability.into the account details of which will be provided by ESL upon confirmation of Failure to attend the course, or irregular attendance, or any disruption to lessons 25 Protection of personal dataregistration. caused by an individual participant’s attitude will entitle ESL to expel the partici- Within ESL, personal data is only recorded in the event of a request for information, pant. ESL will not reimburse or pay compensation for any part of the missed course offers or registration for a language course. In principle, external organisations and6 Payment period or any additional travel costs incurred. individuals do not have access to the ESL database. Personal data is communicatedThe contract partner will be held liable in the event that the payment periods in order to reserve accommodation (host family, hostel or hotel) or in response tospecified by ESL in the confirmation are not complied with. In such circumstances, 14 Late arrival a legal demand. In certain cases, ESL may provide such information to competentESL reserves the right to refuse entry to the course. No claims will be accepted In order to avoid disturbing the class, any participant who arrives more than 15 authorities (for example, to immigration authorities). Personal data is filed andby ESL. minutes late should wait for the break before joining the class. registered at ESL-Montreux. In addition to such data being used to provide advice and information on reservation procedures to the participant, they may be used to7 Proof of payment 15 Inconsistent attendance provide participants with information about new ESL products.Participants may be asked to provide documentary proof of payment of the full Any participant who does not attend all the classes which make up the languagefee for their course and accommodation either before or on commencement of the course will not be entitled to any reimbursement. He will not be entitled to receive 26 Promotional materiallanguage course. Failure to do so may mean that entry to both the course and the his certificate unless he attends at least 80% of the classes. ESL reserves the right to retain and use photographs either taken by or showing aaccommodation will be refused. In the case of late registrations, ESL will ask for participant for promotional purposes. The same applies to anything produced byproof before sending the pre-arrival documentation. 16 Claims the participant during the language course. This right will deemed to have lapsed In the event that a participant wishes to bring a claim, he must notify the head of if the participant or his legal representative specifically revoke this point in writing the centre immediately. Any claim for compensation must be notified in writing to at the time of registration. ESL Montreux, and may not arrive more than four weeks after the contractual ter- mination of the language course. After that time, any action taken by the contract 27 Applicable law and jurisdiction partner will be deemed to be null and void. Swiss law will apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between ESL and the participant. Jurisdiction will lie with the courts of Montreux (Switzerland). The general terms and conditions of sale will not, under any circumstances, limit the laws applicable to the contract partner.