Textual analysis summary


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Textual analysis summary

  1. 1. TEXTUALANALYSISUPDATEShona TraynorXavier Vale
  2. 2.  Afterthe Textual Analyses, the following are things which could make it into production:  The introduction of either one or two of the main characters.  Like in Love Actually, a totally detached event with the voiceover serving as an introduction to one of the main characters.  A voiceover as in Bridget Jones’s Diary, providing the exposition behind the lead female character.  A typical romantic introduction, as seen in the Holiday. This would start the film strongly and introduce key generic conventions.
  3. 3.  Relating to the narrative structure, some sort of disequilibrium could be hinted at in the sequence – bad relationship or a need for change. HIGH KEY LIGHTING!! A FORM OF VOICEOVER/SOUNDTRACK – perhaps not too much dialogue or no dialogue at all?