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How to prepare for a natural disaster


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I love studying about tornadoes but these types of things are serious Always be prepared

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How to prepare for a natural disaster

  1. 1. How to prepare for a natural Disaster By Xavier Waterhouse
  2. 2. Determining the dangers • The #1 thing you want to do is figure out what hazards you are going to be facing so if you need to add extra items to your list you can plan accordingly
  3. 3. Disaster Kit What to have in case of a disaster • To have: • Non-perishable Foods • Some sort of communication to the outside world • FM radio battery operated • Flashlight or lantern • Extra batteries!!! • Weapons (In case of looters) • Pet food (If you have a pet) • Sleeping bag • A bag incase your car is out of commission • Make sure you keep your important papers in a fire proof box. • Bring bottled water cause of the chance of the tap being contaminated. • Gas mask (if necessary)
  4. 4. Escape Plan • Always be prepared to leave in a hurry if need to have a plan on where you are going to go. • But in cases of a flood the safest place at your house is your roof. • Earthquakes the safest place is under a table. • A tornado depending on how tier it F0-F5 and if it comes to a F5 tornado then you’ll want to get as far away as possible
  5. 5. The Fujita Scale • The way most people rate a tornado is by the Fujita scale (F0-F5) • F0 is the least devastating And F5 being Get the fuck out or your dead sort of Situation. An F5 tornado has over 200 wind speed it can rip skyscrapers to pieces in seconds Note: this Slide is for people who do not know about the Fujita Scale
  6. 6. Test your evacuation plan It is recommended that you practice your escape plan so you are ready to leave as fast as you can if it were to take place in the future because it is better to be prepared than not.
  7. 7. Biblography Click here to see Fujita Scale Click here to see Wikihow’s guide to this topic.