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Future Saints Handbook


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Xavier High School is waiting for you!

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Future Saints Handbook

  1. 1. @XavierSaints Xavier is Waiting for YOU!FUTURE SAINT HANDBOOK
  2. 2. We Are Xavier! Thank you for your interest in Xavier High School. Enclosed you will find information pertaining to every aspect of life as a Xavier Saint. Our administration, faculty and staff are deeply committed to helping our young people grow in an atmosphere that stresses the presence of God so they may develop spiritually, intellectually, physi- cally, emotionally and socially. With a school of just about 800 students, we are able to do this in a personal way. We know our students and our students’ families. The partnership between home and school is one of the greatest strengths of Xavier High School. Xavier offers parents a school where students are encouraged and guided to explore, deepen and share their faith. Through prayer, liturgy, reconciliation, retreats, faith groups, service work and theology classes, students are provided with many opportunities to do just that. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in the planning of many of these opportunities through our campus ministry program. Xavier offers a challenging curriculum designed to prepare students for life after high school. Ninety-six percent of our students go on to post-secondary education. Our curricu- lum provides the preparation those students, as well as those who will enter the work force or serve in a branch of the military, will need to succeed. Our A.P. and advanced college credit programs challenge our students at high levels. Our resource program provides the support that some who struggle academically need in order to succeed. We think it’s a great combination. The Xavier activities programs give students a chance to showcase their special gifts outside the classroom. Our music, speech, dance, visual arts and athletics programs have enjoyed outstanding success in our first ten years. We offer just about everything schools twice our size offer. Because of our enrollment, a higher percentage of our students are able to participate in our activities programs than in most 4A schools. Our size also en- courages students to be involved in more than one area of our activities programs. This dynamic helps promote a wonderful sense of community in our school. While this information may be just a snapshot of who we are, we hope we’ve piqued your interest to look further into your student’s future as a Saint at Xavier High School. Sincerely, Tom Keating Principal, Xavier High School 1
  3. 3. @XavierSaints • 100 percent of Xavier students are involved in community service • 100 percent of Xavier students complete the core curriculum (4 years English, 3 years Math and Science) • 98 percent of the Class of 2015 went on to post-secondary education • 94 percent of Xavier students are involved in at least one co-curricular activity; 78 percent are involved in three or more co-curricular activities • 90 percent of Xavier students complete four years of science • 88 extra-curricular programs to choose from • 70 percent of Xavier students complete four years of mathematics • 40 percent of Xavier students complete four years of a foreign language • 40 courses at Xavier are honors or AP courses • 4 dual credit courses are offered through St. Louis University • 16:1 is the student to faculty ratio • 24 is the average class size • 14 is the average number of years that faculty members have devoted to Catholic education Xavier High School Fast Facts 2
  4. 4. Xavier High School is a part of the tradition and mission of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Dubuque. As a part of that tradition we are committed to: • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in a Catholic faith filled environment that motivates each student, staff member, parent/guardian and supporter to share in that mission. • Developing each person’s spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical gifts • Respecting each individual person’s unique value and talents • Building God’s kingdom through service to our community, nurturing family relationships, and modeling Christ in our everyday actions • Creating an atmosphere of justice and trust through embracing the Gospel in our decisions and actions • Fostering stewardship through personal commitment, responsibility, and accountability to one another and to our world • Providing a learning atmosphere where creativity and innovation are honored and celebrated Catholicity 3 Abundantly Blessed Humbly We Serve Service is a core component to the student experience and faith formation at Xavier. The students of Xavier High School are actively involved in providing service for their parishes and for the community.
  5. 5. @XavierSaints 4 Campus Ministry Campus Ministry offers many programs and activities to help foster the spiritual development of Xavier students including: • Prayer to begin and end the school day • Mass before school on Fridays • Eucharistic Adoration on Fridays • Monthly All School Liturgy • Advent and Lent Reconciliation services • Liturgy Committee • Liturgy Singers • Lifesavers (Respect Life Committee) • Community Service Day • Spiritual Direction • Teens Encounter Christ Retreats (TEC) • Kairos Retreats • Class Retreats • Mission trip
  6. 6. Academics All academic courses are leveled according to their degree of difficulty. Leveling is designed to match student aptitude for a subject with the difficulty of the course. Advanced Placement courses are considered to be a college level curriculum; Level 7 courses are considered honors level; level 5 courses are above average, and level 3 courses are average. Placement of students is determined by teacher recommendation, standardized-test scores, and consultation with students and parents. Parents/guardians or students may request a review of course level at any time during the school year. Course leveling is arranged by the Guidance Office. SLU1818 Program The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program provides an opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors in participating high schools to begin experiencing the academic rigors of college course work while still in high school. In addition to receiving credit toward high school graduation for selected academic courses, students may opt additional to dual enroll in courses approved for college credit through Saint Louis University. Current SLU1818 Courses include: AP Biology, English, French III and French IV. Graduation Requirements English: 40 hours Theology: 40 hours (Catholic students) or 20 hours (Non-Catholic students) Math: 30 hours Social Studies: 30 hours Science: 30 hours Fitness/Wellness: 16 hours Fine Arts: 5 hours Total Credit Hours: 230 Successful completion of each semester-long class is awarded five hours of credit. • Acting I & II • Algebra I & II • AP American Government • Basic Concepts of Science • Biology • AP Biology • AP Calculus • Ceramics III • Chemistry • AP Chemistry • Computer Programming • Drawing II • Economics • AP Macro Economics • English I, II, & III • AP English Literature & Analysis • French III & IV • Geometry • Human Anatomy & Physiology • Journalism • Law I & II • Painting II • Physics • Pre-Calculus • Psychology I & II • Social Issues Today • Spanish III & IV • AP Spanish • 3D Design • 2D Design • United States History • AP United States History • World Civilization Honors/Advanced Placement Courses 5
  7. 7. @XavierSaints Xavier High School is a part of the tradition and mission of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Dubuque. As a part of that tradition we are committed to: •Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in a Catholic faith filled environment that motivates each student, staff member, par- ent/guardian and supporter to share in that mission. •Developing each person’s spiritual, intellectual, social, emo- tional, and physical gifts •Respecting each individual person’s unique value and talents •Building God’s kingdom through service to our community, nurturing family relationships, and modeling Christ in our ev- eryday actions •Creating an atmosphere of justice and trust through embrac- ing the Gospel in our decisions and actions •Fostering stewardship through personal commitment, respon- sibility, and accountability to one another and to our world •Providing a learning atmosphere where creativity and innova- tion are honored and celebrated 6 Learning With a Higher Purpose Students at Xavier develop the knowledge and skills identified in the Iowa Core and the standards of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in the core areas of Theology, English, Social Studies, Math and Science, students develop healthy lifestyles, 21st Century skills, an appreciation for the arts and an understanding of cultures throughout the world. This knowledge and these skills are developed through rigorous and life-relevant classroom experiences, hands-on learning and technology-assisted projects. In all curricular experiences, Xavier students are guided through an understanding of how our Catholic faith relates to all elements of our lives.
  8. 8. Digital Learning In Xavier’s Digital Teaching and Learning Environment (DLE), each student is provided with access to an iPad on a direct and continuous basis throughout the school day and beyond. The Digital Learning Environment empowers students with “anytime and anywhere” learning. When a student is in class, the iPad is in their immediate proximity and is used regularly and with purpose. Unlike computers in stand-alone or mobile labs, the student also has access to the same device when he/she is at home. More and more states, school districts and schools are moving toward DLEs. Why Does Xavier Have a Digital Learning Environment? • We are in a “device” world • Change the way teachers teach and students learn • An additional “tool” in education • Current mobile labs = limited availability • Students can “connect” with teachers via device • Iowa Core – 21st Century Skills • Textbooks and other resources within reach • Enhances higher order thinking skills • Involving students in active learning and thereby improving student achievement • Align the curriculum with the Iowa Core Curriculum • Prepare students for life beyond high school (21st Century Skills – Digital Instruction) • Increased collaboration • Open the lines of communication between the teachers, students and parents 7
  9. 9. @XavierSaints 8 Collaborative Learning The Student Success Center enhances and optimizes the learning experience at Xavier. The Center consists of more than 30 Xavier students known as “XTrAs” (Xavier Teaching Assistants) who have volunteered their free time to serve as tutors for other students in Math, Science, World Language and writing. The Center also gives students an opportunity to work with other students on academic projects.
  10. 10. Co-Curriculars • Art Club • Band (Marching, Concert, Pep, and Jazz) • Baseball • Battle of the Bands • Boys & Girls Basketball • Boys & Girls Bowling • Boys & Girls Cross Country • Boys & Girls Golf • Boys & Girls Soccer • Boys & Girls Swimming • Boys & Girls Tennis • Boys & Girls Track • Cheerleading • Drama • Football • French Club • Gods Child Project • Talent Show • Intramural Boys Basketball • Intramural Girls Basketball • Junior Achievement • Kairos • Key Club • Know Your Constitution • Knowledge Master Open • Liturgy Committee • Liturgy Singers • Marching Band Flag Squad • Math Club • Choir • Model U.N. • Musicals • National Honor Society • Newspaper • Spirit Club • Photography • Pom Squad • Quidditch Club • Robotics Club • Running Club • Science Bowl • Softball • Spanish Club • Student Senate • Students Against Destructive Deceisions (SADD) • Summer Service Trip • Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) • Thespians • Trapshooting • VOCE (Jazz/Madrigal Chamber Choir) • Volleyball • Wellspring • World Food Prize • Wrestling • Xavier Ambassadors • Xavier Players • Xavier Speech Company • Xhilaration (Show Choir) • Xuberance (Show Choir) • Yearbook (Show Choir) • Youth Leadership for Five Seasons Xavier High School notes with pride a 94 percent student participation in at least one co-curricular activity. Xavier students are strongly encouraged to get involved and to experience as many different activities and clubs as their time and talent permit. Xavier High School Co-Curricular Activities: 9
  11. 11. @XavierSaints 10 Tradition Marches On Since opening in 1998, Xavier has built a tradition of excellence with its Activities Programs. Xavier features an award-winning fine arts program and has been recognized multiple times as Iowa’s “Top Athletic Program” by the Des Moines Register.
  12. 12. Atmosphere & Admissions When students first enter Xavier High School, they may not know in what area they will be most successful, in which class they will shine like no other, or on which athletic field they will prove their talents. They can be sure, however, that like those who have come before them, great achievements are the rewards of meeting the challenges presented here. The young men and women of Xavier High School have demonstrated that they have the dedication and gifts necessary to succeed everywhere. They are not afraid of challenges and indeed, seek them out to improve themselves spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially. Admissions An application for admission is required of all students wishing to enroll at Xavier High School. The application may be found on- line at There is no application fee. Xavier High School is an equal opportunity educational insti- tution. No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, age, gender, national origin, or physical disability, be subjected to discrimination, be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefit of, or any program or activity sponsored by Xavier High School. 11 Shadowing At Xavier Any prospective student interested in shadowing at Xavier High School should have their parent or guardian contact Cara Joens, Admission & College Coordinator, at 319-294-6635 ext. 313 or to make arrangements.
  13. 13. @XavierSaints 12 Together as One. Xavier fosters a community of support among its students, faculty, coaches/directors and staff. Xavier also is blessed to have a family that extends beyond the school’s walls to include its parents, volunteers, alumni and community supporters. All Xavier parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved with the many volunteer opportunities and organizations that are available to them including “Xavier Par- ents for Xcellence” (XPX) and Booster Club.
  14. 14. Dress Code The dress code of Xavier High School strives to reflect good taste, neatness, cleanliness and Christian modesty while avoiding trends and fads. Students reflect pride in themselves and their school by the way they dress and act. It is expected that parents/ guardians, working with the school, will require their students to leave home dressed in accordance with these regulations. The administration reserves the right to interpret dress code. Its deci- sions are final. Our goal is to have in place a dress code that is understandable for students, parents and faculty. This dress code is the result of a collaborative process, which included input from students, faculty, and parents. West Slacks – Solid-color ankle-length dress slacks are to be worn. These slacks must be tan or navy blue. Slacks must be worn at the waist. Cargo pants are not permitted. (Dress slacks DO NOT need to be purchased through Lands’ End) Shirts/Blouses – students are required to wear the Xavier dress shirt (light blue or white) or polo (navy, gray, light blue or white) which must be ordered and purchased through Lands End (www. school code: 900139700). Skirts/Dresses - Skirts/dresses are not allowed, except on designated dress-up days for girls. Shoes – Closed-toed dress shoes or tennis shoes are required at all times. Shoes must have backs to them. Boots are not permitted. Sweaters/Vests/Cardigans – students may only wear the Xavier dress sweater/dress vest/dress cardigan which must be ordered and purchased through Lands End (www.landsend. com school code:900139700). Colors available are navy blue, light blue, or white. A Xavier polo or dress shirt must be worn and must be visible under the sweater/vest/cardigan. Fleece – students may only wear the ¼ zip navy blue Fleece which must be ordered and purchased through either Lands End or the Saint Shop. The Xavier polo or dress shirt must be worn and must be visible under the ¼ zip Fleece. Hats/Bandannas - Hats, caps and other head coverings are not permitted. Scarves – decorative scarves may not be worn. Outerwear - Coats, sweatshirts, jackets, and sunglasses are not permitted in classrooms during school hours. Hooded items may not be worn. Earrings - Earrings may be worn only by females. Excessive earrings are not allowed. Piercings are only permitted in the ears, and must be in good taste. Hair - Hair is to be neat and well groomed. Neither extreme hairstyles nor unusual coloring are permitted. Boys’ hair is to be off the collar and above the eyebrow. Tattoos – Tattoos must be covered at all times. Casual Days - The final Friday of each month is a casual day. Students may wear appropriate sweatshirts or tshirts (advertising for alcohol, drugs, bars, etc. are not allowed) with jeans or sweats on these days. During the months of August, Sep- tember, April and May, boys may wear shorts (but not Capri pants) and girls may wear Capri pants (but not shorts) on casual days. Caps, hats, and bandannas are not allowed. These rules apply for any other casual days that are designated by the administration. Students choosing not to partici- pate in casual day must be in approved dress code attire. Boys may wear earrings on casual days. Spirit Days - On designated days throughout the year, students may dress in spirit attire. If students wear shirts that say Xavier (or XHS, or Saints or have the Xavier logo), they may wear jeans or sweatpants. Xavier caps may be worn on these days. Shorts are not allowed on Spirit Days. Students who do not wear attire that says Xavier must be in regular dress code. Dress-Up Days - On designated days throughout the year, students are able to dress up, usually for all-school Masses. Students must exer- cise Christian taste and modesty on these days. Penalties - Students who are in violation of the dress code will receive demerits, will be required to correct the violation, and may be assigned to an in-school suspension. To order dress code tops through Lands’ End, go to and click on “Find Your School Code”. This will direct you to the Xavier Dress Code Page. You can also order items from the Lands’ End Kiosk at any Sears Store Location. 13
  15. 15. @XavierSaints West 2015-2016 Tuition In-Parish Tuition: $5,185 (+$100 technology fee) Non-Parish Tuition: $9,235 (+$100 technology fee) Total Estimated Cost to Educate a Student: $9,310 Tuition Assistance Tuition assistance is available to students based on need through Xavier High School and through the Archdiocese of Dubuque’s Student Tuition Organization. Xavier strives to maintain a socially and economically diverse student body. Financial aid awards consist of grants, not loans, to the student’s family. Student grants are deducted directly from tuition. Students may qualify for one or both. One Application Form Both tuition assistance programs uti- lize Private School Aid Service (PSAS) to assist in determining the level of assistance to be awarded. PSAS has developed an application that all families need to complete to be con- sidered for assistance. Your personal information will be held in strictest confidence at all times. If you have a child at more than one Archdiocesan School or if you wish to apply for both types of assistance, you will only need to complete one application form. Tuition Information 14 STO qualifying levels are based upon 300% of Federal Poverty Levels as required by Iowa Law. Family size includes parents/ guardians plus total number of dependents claimed on 2014 tax return. Falling within these guidelines does not necessarily guarantee tuition assistance. *All families who want to be con- sidered for tuition assistance must complete the PSAS Application. **Maximum income figures vary slightly from year to year. These fig- ures reflect 2015 income levels. Questions? Contact Shea Francis in the Xavier Business Office at 319-294-6635 ext. 307. STO Qualifying Family Size 2015 Maximum Income** 2 $ 47,790 3 $ 60,270 4 $ 72,750 5 $ 85,230 6 $ 97,710 7 $110,190 Tuition Assistance Guidelines* Xavier High School is financially supported by the following eleven area parishes: All Saints (SE Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 p.m. | Sun - 10:30 a.m. Immaculate Conception (East Downtown, Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat -5:30 p.m. | Sun - 9 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. | Sun (Spanish) - Noon St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Hiawatha) Mass Times: Sat - 5 p.m. | Sun- 8:30 & 11 a.m. St. John XXIII (SW Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 p.m. | Sun - 8 & 10 a.m. St. Joseph (Marion) Mass Times: Sat - 4:30 p.m. | Sun - 8 & 10:30 a.m. St. Jude (NW Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4:30 p.m. | Sun - 8:30 & 10:30 a.m. St. Ludmila (SW Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 p.m. | Sun - 8 & 10:30 a.m. St. Matthew (NE Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 & 6 p.m. | Sun - 8 & 10:30 a.m. St. Patrick (West Downtown, Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 p.m. | Sun - 8 a.m., 10 a.m. & Noon St. Pius X (NE Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4:30 p.m. | Sun - 8:30 & 11 a.m. St. Wenceslaus (New Bohemia District, Cedar Rapids) Mass Times: Sat - 4 p.m. | Sun (Latin) - 7 a.m. | Sun - 10:30 a.m.
  16. 16. Thinking about a Xavier education? Contact me with any questions you might have! Cara Joens Admissions & College Coordinator 319-294-6635 ext. 313 Xavier High School 6300 42nd St. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 p. 319-294-6635 f. 319-294-6712 @XavierSaints