Les Tours De Vie


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The Towers of Life: a study of Franch water towers and their romantic significance.

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Les Tours De Vie

  1. 1. Les Tours de Vie
  2. 2. “ Like a flower, she blooms from the wood. Rooted in the earth; man and nature together bringing life. Oui.”
  3. 3. “ She shows her age, bien sur. But the lines are her character; her spirit; her wisdom.”
  4. 4. “ Un. Deux. Trois. Beautiful once; beautiful every time. We cannot get enough. She teases us. Ah!”
  5. 5. “ A sibling, perhaps, or a lover? Like the slender ankle of a teenage Parisian beauty blossoming. My heart aches. Ca suffit!”
  6. 6. “ She extends her shadow. The hand of friendship? Of love? But they will never touch; never meet. A love unrequited. Un domage, n’est-ce pas?”
  7. 7. “ We are blinded.”
  8. 8. “ He is short, yes, and ugly. But he is a tour de vie, and this giver of life through water watches over the fallen. Salut!”