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Session 3 - Driving Mobile Growth and Profitability


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This is the presentation slides of video session delivered at Xamarin Partner Summit 2017 by Microsoft speakers, Neil Smith, Sebastien Le Calvez, Alex Popp and Matt Larson. It provides practical advice on ways that Xamarin Partners can leverage Microsoft technologies and programs to create further growth and profitability across their mobile practice.

Watch the session recording at

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Session 3 - Driving Mobile Growth and Profitability

  1. 1. Sales Team Customers Sales Team Customers
  2. 2. • Your “Métier” • Embracing Everything • Frictionless • Poised To Respond The Anatomy of a Successful Partner
  3. 3. - an occupation or activity that one is good at - an outstanding or advantageous characteristic
  4. 4. NOT a métier métier • We have the best people • We build the best apps • We do everything • In any industry • What motivates Microsoft Sellers • How are they measured • Communicates métier (Brand) • Muscle Memory
  5. 5. #XamarinPS2017
  6. 6. Integrate TestBuild Monitor
  7. 7. ROI: 291% • Reduce mobile application development costs by $1,365,003. • Accrue mobile application maintenance and upgrade efficiencies of $829,475. • Avoid $6,558,360 in platform-specific mobile application developer expenses. • Payback of Xamarin for Visual Studio investments in less than 30 days Source: Forrester, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Xamarin For Visual Studio ,“ November 2016 Xamarin ROI Impact™ of Xamarin for Visual Studio – Forrester, November 2016
  8. 8. Backlog Code Repository Build + Deploy Automated TestingIntegrate User Beta TestingMonitor + ManageDevelop Visual Studio Team Services
  9. 9. On average, 60% of an app’s development costs are associated with infrastructure. Up to 80% of the implementation effort is dedicated to backend development. Source: Clutch Survey Cost to Build a Mobile App, Jan 2015
  10. 10. Source: Clutch Survey Cost to Build a Mobile App, Jan 2015
  11. 11. 30 hours 80 hours 35 hours 50 hours 40 hours 20 hours 30 hours 50 hours 10 hours 10 hours 20 hours Source: Clutch Survey Cost to Build a Mobile App, Jan 2015
  12. 12. AZURE REGIONS 36Azure regions around the world More than AWS and Google Cloud combined 60% computing in the public cloud by 2025 “Greater Cloud Spending” will exceed $500B by 2020. Source: IDC, The Booming Cloud Opportunity 2016.
  13. 13. Cloud Partners sell $5.87 of their own services/offerings for every $1 of Microsoft cloud solutions that they influence. Growth Profit Non Cloud (<50%) Cloud (>50%) Cloud Partners have 2X the Growth and 1.5X the Profit of their less-cloudy peers. Source: IDC, The Booming Cloud Opportunity 2016.
  14. 14. #XamarinPS2017
  15. 15. OfferingsPrograms Marketing Microsoft Muscle Memory • What are they • When can they be used • Process of getting access to funding • Easy to understand • Easy to execute • Easy for a seller to pitch • Outcome based • Neat fit into funding pots • Market back into Microsoft • Build awareness • I see a scenario • I think of Partner ‘X’
  16. 16. Technical Enablement Marketing Support Sales Enablement
  17. 17. resources dedicated to Partner Success Practice development, COE, IP, and Resources in programs to accelerate practices, drive consumption $600M1,500
  18. 18. Mobile DevOps Assessments/Workshops Accelerate Mobile App Strategy Build a Cloud Revenue Stream Deployment Planning Services (DPS) & Visual Studio Everywhere App Dev JumpStart Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  19. 19. DEPLOYMENT PLANNING SERVICES (“DPS” or “DTDPS”) • WHAT IS IT? It is a funding program that involves a targeted Mobile DevOps assessment to assists your customer in developing an effective mobile strategy. • WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Microsoft will fund USD $1000 a day for a 3–5 day assessment in the form of vouchers (“DPS Vouchers”) • WHAT ARE THE OUTCOMES? The end result of this engagement is a set of customized recommendations in the form of a Deployment Plan to help your customers achieve continuous delivery.
  20. 20. DEPLOYMENT PLANNING SERVICES Leverage Azure for Dev and Test environments Automated Release Management solution with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp The implementation of Xamarin Test Cloud and the automated testing in support of higher quality software.
  21. 21. VISUAL STUDIO EVERYWHERE (US ONLY) • WHAT IS IT? Helps accelerate adoption of Visual Studio/Xamarin with your customers. • WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Microsoft will fund expenses related to a partner led-event or a on-site workshop • WHAT ARE THE OUTCOMES? 1) Customer Workshop (up to $2K) or 2) Partner Led Event (up to $3K)
  22. 22. APP DEV JUMPSTART • WHAT IS IT? Helps your customers drive their business growth by rapidly evolving their mobile strategy. It provides a vehicle to ramp up adoption of new practices, capabilities and technologies that provide significant value to their businesses. • WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Microsoft will fund a 5 to 10 day partner/customer engagement delivered by the Partner • WHAT ARE THE OUTCOMES? 1) Envisioning Session or 2) Proof of Concept or other deployment
  23. 23. APP DEV JUMPSTART Assess the current situation/environment Readiness, Architecture Design Path for technology adoption and ROI Identify deployment priorities Deploy max 3 items Deploy 3 items in Dev or Production Proof of Concept (POC)Envision
  24. 24. “
  25. 25. A licensing model and program A way for partners to transform to being a cloud business An annuity stream CLOUD SOLUTION PROVIDER (CSP)
  26. 26. Create the solution and directly bill customers Directly provision and manage subscriptions First point of contact for customer support Build an ongoing customer relationship
  27. 27. Start here:
  28. 28. Mobile DevOps Assessments Accelerate Mobile App Strategy Build a Cloud Revenue Stream Deployment Planning Services (DPS) App Dev JumpStart Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  29. 29. XTC BizDev Campaign • Leverages client’s DTDPS Days • Repeatable, scalable approach • Muscle Memory Mobile DevOps Assessments Deployment Planning Services (DPS)
  30. 30. 3 to 5 Day Jumpstart • Leverages client’s DTDPS Days or other MSFT Funds • Muscle Memory • Prototype delivered on final day Accelerate Mobile App Strategy App Dev JumpStart
  31. 31. Digital Partner of Record • Customer designates you as their Partner of Record • Incentive Program – eligible for 15% of influenced client consumed Azure • XTC, HockeyApp, Mobile Center will all be eligible Build a Cloud Revenue Stream Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  32. 32. Product OwnerAlliance Lead Enablement Lead Sales & Marketing • Promotes the métier • Market to Microsoft • Re-usable assets • Incubates ideas • Accelerators • Best practices • Owns capability • Knowledge & Comms • Encourages industry leadership • Owns training plan • Xamarin University • Marketing mindset • Drives events • Sales plays • Repeatable • Leverages BizDev programs
  33. 33. Métier I Embrace I Frictionless I Poised Don’t be this guy
  34. 34. Métier I Embrace I Frictionless I Poised
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  36. 36.