Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success


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Xamarin and SAP have collaborated to help developers build performant, native mobile enterprise apps. Using the new Xamarin SDK for SAP Mobile Platform, businesses gain secure access to on-premise and cloud-based data in Xamarin apps.

Bill Clark, Global Vice President of Mobile Strategy at SAP, Kiran Karunakaran, Director of Product Management at SAP, and Zack Gramana, Technical Marketing Manager at Xamarin, as they discuss the collaboration between Xamarin and SAP, demo the Xamarin Test Cloud and SAP .NET SDK from Xamarin, and walkthrough the SAP Mobile Platform.

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Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success

  1. 1. Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success Chris King Customer Success Engineer chris.king@xamarin.com Zack Gramana Technical Marketing Manager zack@xamarin.com Twitter, Github @zgramana
  2. 2. Mission Provide the best platform to deliver secure, integrated, native mobile applications for all major devices—from the consumer to the enterprise. Delight developers, accelerate innovation, and empower the best possible end-user experience.
  3. 3. Xamarin: Explosive Growth in 2 Years 500,000 registered developers in just 2 years Adding over 30,000 developers a month Customers in 185 countries Robust, enterprise-ready technology, in production use for 10 years Recognized as Mobile “Visionary” in 2013 Magic Quadrant for MADP Winner—2013 Visual Studio Integration Partner of the Year Award
  4. 4. Apps in all Verticals and Mobility Use Cases • Mobile CRM • Mobile Field Service • Consumer Brand Loyalty • Retail POS solutions • Supply chain management • Consumer media & entertainment • Oil & Gas Field Solutions • Airplane freight load balancing • mBanking & wealth management • Insurance claims adjusting • “Second Screen” TV apps • mHealth/ Practice Management
  5. 5. Strong Network of Global Partners
  6. 6. Sweet Spot for the Successful Mobile Enterprise End User Experience Developer Experience Great apps delivered to the user’s choice of device Development agility to move at mobile speed Lessons Learned from over 500,000 Developers Using Xamarin
  8. 8. Xamarin’s Unique Approach Xamarin exposes 100% of the native APIs for iOS, Android and Windows in C# and Visual Studio Mobilize existing code, skills, and tools including Visual Studio Share app logic code across device platforms Native UI C# + XIB Native UI C# + XML Native UI C# + XAML Shared App Logic C# Fully native apps written entirely in C# and Visual Studio
  9. 9. Visual Studio 2013 Integration for iOS and Android A single solution for iOS, Android and Windows development Leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem: - ReSharper - Team Foundation Server (TFS) - Your favorite code coverage and profiling tools
  10. 10. async PCL
  11. 11. Xamarin Studio Optimized for cross-platform mobile development - Explore native APIs with code completion - World class Android and iOS designers - Powerful debugging on simulator or device
  12. 12. Xamarin Component Store Build Apps Faster - Add high quality pre-built app components directly from Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio - Beautiful cross-platform UI controls, cloud services and enterprise backend integrations are just a few clicks away
  13. 13. SAP Mobile .NET SDK
  14. 14. Highlights • Query, Create, Update, and Delete OData objects • Uses your own strongly-typed C# objects in your client code • Simplify the authentication and onboarding process • Use the same C# API for iOS and Android • Leverage .NET features like async/await for keeping your UI responsive • Simple, compact API with sample code included • Do it all using C#
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. Roadmap •Integrated offline operation support •Windows 8/Phone 8 •SAP Single Sign On authentication
  17. 17. Market Coverage Market Coverage Devices x OS Versions 12s 20% 120 50% 85% 100s Phones around the office A few 10% Manual Testing Team Limited public beta
  18. 18. Give n Whe n Then Tester CI 01010 11010 01010 01010 101 Give n Whe n Then Give n Whe n Then SMP SAP Business Xamarin SAP .NET SDK
  19. 19. Resources • xamarin.com/sap • sapmobile-platform.com/
  20. 20. Xamarin Products Create native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps in Visual Studio and C# Automatically test your app on hundreds of mobile devices