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Practical Push Notifications Seminar


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Published in: Technology
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Practical Push Notifications Seminar

  1. 1. Xamarin Seminar Practical Push Notifications 28th February 2013
  2. 2. IntroductionPractical Push Notifications Pierce Boggan Software Engineering, Auburn University Customer Support Engineer Intern Twitter: @pierceboggan Xamarin
  3. 3. Agenda1. Why bother with push in the first place?2. Identify a service that works for you and implement it.3. Use push notifications effectively. Xamarin
  4. 4. Why Push?1. If used correctly, it can provide value to yourapplication.2. Push drives all of those awesome* analytical stats likeconsecutive days used.3. It really isn’t hard to implement, even for advancedsolutions. Xamarin
  5. 5. Platform Availability Azure Mobile Parse Urban Airship Services iOS X X X OS X X Android X X Windows 8 X X XWindows 8 Phone X X X Blackberry X Xamarin
  6. 6. General Setup: iOS• Enable Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) • Export certificate as .p12• Create a Provisioning Profile •Development •Distribution Xamarin
  7. 7. Usage: ParseAdvantages:• Data, social, push, cloud code all in one service• SDKs for many different platforms• Parse Component from Xamarin’s Component Store• Lots of documentation, tutorials, and samples• Great pricing structure• Simplistic API Xamarin
  8. 8. Urban AirshipAdvantages:• Established push notification platform• SDKs for many different platforms• Advanced targeting and metrics• Lots of documentation and troubleshooting tips Xamarin
  9. 9. Azure Mobile ServicesAdvantages:• Data, push, server-side scripting, and user authentication• Azure Mobile Services Component• Lots of documentation, video tutorials, samples• Highly scalable Xamarin
  10. 10. Best Practices1. Provide value.2. Drive engagement.3. Put the user in control. Xamarin
  11. 11. Final Remarks•Plenty of other viable options•PushSharp (see the Xamarin Seminar)•Additional Reading •Stop Abusing Push! •10 Useful Tips for Awesome Push Notifications •Urban Airship Whitepapers Xamarin
  12. 12. Questions? Xamarin