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Building Your First iOS App with Xamarin for Visual Studio

Anything you can do in Objective-C or Swift and XCode, you can do in C# with Xamarin for Visual Studio. Chris Van Wyk, Xamarin University mobile expert, shows how you can use your .NET skills to build fully native iOS apps — completely in C#.

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Building Your First iOS App with Xamarin for Visual Studio

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Microsoft: Your Complete Mobile Solution
  3. 3. What we will cover Create an iOS app, design the UI, explore MVC Build and run on simulator and device
  4. 4. Xamarin’s unique approach Windows C# UI Shared C# codebase • 100% native API access • High performance iOS
  5. 5. What is Xamarin.iOS? C# source Native performance iOS
  6. 6. Xamarin.iOS execution UNIX Kernel Objective-C Runtime iOS APIs Mono Runtime Binary .NET APIs Your C# compiled to binary
  7. 7. Xamarin.iOS – 100% API coverage MapKit UIKit iBeacon CoreGraphics CoreMotion System.Data System.Collections System.Numerics System.Core System.ServiceModel System.Net System System.IO System.Linq System.Xml C#
  8. 8. Always up-to-date Same-day support for new iOS versions iOS
  9. 9. Xamarin.iOS platform support Supports all iOS devices
  10. 10. Open Source –
  11. 11. Develop on Mac or Windows Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows Visual Studio for Mac on macOS (preview)
  12. 12. Parts of the build are done on the networked Mac
  13. 13. • Multi-touch and pressure-sensitive interaction • Supports rotation, screenshots, and location changes • Performant Remote iOS Simulator for Windows
  14. 14. iOS APIs are designed around the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern What is MVC? Model Controller View User Interface Behavior Data
  15. 15. The Model contains data, information and logic (business layer) The Model Calculation Functions Data Entities Validation Logic Persistence Logic Processing Logic …
  16. 16. The View contains the visual components the user sees and interacts with The View
  17. 17. User Action The Controller is the moderator between the view and the model The Controller View Model Update data Notify Update UI Controller
  18. 18. iOS MVC in Xamarin View Model Controller
  19. 19. MVC in Xamarin View Model Controller Model is sharable iOS
  20. 20. Xamarin.iOS UI is built from Apple’s controls and layout panels, wrapped in C# by Xamarin iOS UI
  21. 21. Using native controls gives a native look and feel Native UX
  22. 22. UI creation C#Programmatically for dynamic UIs Visual Studio Designer on Windows or macOS Xcode Designer on macOS
  23. 23. Get Started Today
  24. 24. Free self-guided courses
  25. 25. Thank You @chrisvwyk
  26. 26. Q&A Samples available at: