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Authenticating Enterprise Users into Mobile Apps


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Enterprise mobile application developers spend a significant amount of time today building identity management capabilities into their mobile apps - just to enable authentication against existing identity infrastructure, such as Active Directory and LDAP.

Slides are from the webinar where you'll learn the challenges associated with building identity into mobile apps today; how to use the new Symplified Mobile Developer SDK component for Xamarin to easily authenticate users into your mobile apps using Symplified or other identity providers (IdP); and have a chance to discuss, with a leading identity and mobile expert, and any single sign-on (SSO), authentication, or identity management challenges you may be facing today as you build your mobile apps.

David Hathaway, Enterprise Customer Success Engineer at Xamarin, and Mike Gile, Mobile Strategy & Development at Symplified, for a technical overview of the new Symplified Mobile Developer SDK component in the Xamarin Component Store.

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Authenticating Enterprise Users into Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Symplified  Mobile  Developer  SDK   Mike  Gile   Senior  Mobile  Developer  
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  2   Symplified  Overview   »  Launched  in  2008;  Founded  by  co-­‐authors  of  SAML   »  Headquartered  in  Boulder,  CO;  OperaTons  across  US,  Europe,  Asia   »  Single  Sign-­‐On   •  Simplify  user  access  to  internal  and  external  applicaTons     •  Any  user,  any  device,  any  locaTon   •  AuthenTcaTon,  directory  integraTon,  access  control,  centralized   provisioning,  strong  authenTcaTon   »  Iden7ty  &  Access  Management   •  Centralized  control  &  visibility  over  applicaTon  access  and  usage   •  Meet  security,  compliance  and  audit  reporTng  requirements  
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  3   Mobile  Developer  SDK   •  New  Symplified  Mobile  Developer  SDK   »  Enterprise  mobile  app  developers  today  have  no  easy   way  to  quickly  build  authenTcaTon  into  their  apps  and   connect  it  with  exisTng  idenTty  infrastructure   •  What  does  the  SDK  do?   »  The  new  Mobile  Developer  SDK  allows  developers  to   quickly  and  easily  build,  test  and  deploy  authenTcaTon   and  SSO  for  their  naTve  mobile  apps   •  Where  is  it  available?   »  As  an  open  source  library  in  the  Xamarin  component   store  starTng  TODAY   »  GitHub:  
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  4   Why  Create  a  SSO  Component?   •  No  off  the  shelf  solu7on  today   »  Enterprise  app  developers  spend  much  of  their  Tme  building  authenTcaTon  into   apps  just  to  connect  to  idenTty  infrastructure,  such  as  AcTve  Directory,  LDAP  or   other  user  directories   •  Need  for  a  common  iden7ty  plaCorm   »  Without  a  common  idenTty  pladorm,  implementaTons  can  lead  to  security   vulnerabiliTes,  inconsistent  policy  enforcement,  bad  user  experience,  and  very  liele   visibility  into  user  behavior   •  More  7me  for  building  true  app  func7onality   »  Using  an  idenTty  pladorm  and  extending  it  to    naTve  mobile  apps  frees  up   developers  to  do  what  they  do  best  -­‐  create  funcTonality   •  The  Symplified  Mobile  Developer  SDK  solves  these  challenges   »  Allows  developers  to  quickly  and  easily  build,  test  and  deploy  authenTcaTon  and   single  sign-­‐on  (SSO)  for  their  naTve  mobile  apps   »  Securely  connects  those  apps  to  exisTng  enterprise  user  stores,  such  as  AcTve   Directory,  LDAP  and  others  
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  5   Features   •  NaTve  Mobile  ApplicaTon  Enterprise  IdenTty  IntegraTon   •  Full  SAML  2.0  ImplementaTon  –  The  naTve  app  is  the   Service  Provider   •  Client-­‐Side  AuthenTcaTon   •  SAML  AsserTon  to  OAuth  2  Token  Bridge   •  Free  SAML  2.0  IdenTty  Provider  Sandbox  
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  6   Symplified  SAML  IdenTty   Provider  Sandbox   • SAML  2.0  IdenTty   Provider   • Free  For  TesTng  
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  7   What  Is  SAML?   • Security   • AsserTon   • Markup   • Language  
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  8   SAML  AuthenTcaTon  Flow  
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  9   IdenTty  Provider  Metadata   I  Trust   This   Person  
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  10   Using  SAML  AsserTon  As   OAuth2  AuthenTcaTon  Grant  
  11. 11. Ques7ons?   Symplified     Mike  Gile   Senior  Mobile  Developer   +1  (713)  263-­‐4840   @symplified   Xamarin     David  Hathaway   Enterprise  Customer  Success  Manager   +1  (415)  562-­‐4167   @dwhathaway    
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  12   Mobile  SDK  –  Key  Features   •  Extend  Symplified  to  Na7ve  Mobile  Apps   »  Symplified  acts  as  the  idenTty  bridge  between  naTve  mobile  apps  and   exisTng  idenTty  infrastructure,  allowing  use  of  a  company’s  user  stores   (such  as  AcTve  Directory,  LDAP  or  others)  to  authenTcate  users   •  Leverage  Any  3rd  Party  IdP   »  Use  any  third  party  IdP  that  supports  SAML  for  authenTcaTon  against   exisTng  enterprise  idenTty  infrastructure   •  Supports  Mul7ple  Iden7ty  Repositories   »  Developers  can  leverage  and  span  mulTple  idenTty  repositories  such  as   AcTve  Directory,  LDAP,  Databases,  SOAP  and  REST  services;  external  Social   directories  (Google,  Facebook,  etc.);  and  more  to  authenTcate  users   •  Seamless  Access   »  Users  and  admins  now  have  the  same  level  of  app  security  and  accessibility   across  desktops,  laptops  and  mobile  devices  -­‐  with  one  set  of  credenTals  
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL  »  ©2013  SYMPLIFIED  »  »  @symplified  »  13   AddiTonal  Tools  &  Support   •  The  Symplified  Iden7ty  Provider  (IdP)  Sandbox   »  A  custom,  hosted  IdP  environment  for  developers  to  build  and  test   authenTcaTon  in  their  apps  using  the  Symplified  Mobile  Developer  SDK   •  API  Documenta7on   »  Complete  documentaTon  and  sample  code   •  Community  Resources   »  Free  support  via  online  communiTes  for  communicaTng  and  collaboraTng   amongst  peers  and  Symplified  experts   •  Open  Source   »  Distributed  as  an  open  source  library  under  the  Apache  2.0  license,  and   readily  available  on  Github