Blooming Futures: Fuelling Vehicles With Plant Oils


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Blooming Futures: Fuelling Vehicles With Plant Oils

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Blooming Futures: Fuelling Vehicles With Plant Oils

  1. 1. WSSEN Blooming We s t Sussex Social Enterprise Futures Network CASE STUDY 8For more details about this project: The Concept: ServicesContact : Fuelling vehicles with plant oils As well as converting vehicles, they haveAdam Living, Project Manager We live in increasingly environmentally established a consultancy to advise farmers and conscious times, and motorists are bearing the farming organisations that are interested in theTelephone : brunt of responsibility for fossil fuel emissions. production of PPOs, minimising, if not avoiding,01273 462197 For many motorists, switching to a sustainable, any impact on the landscape Production of the renewable fuel source with a reduced carbon raw materials needs to be incorporated intoAddress : the range of crops grown in the UK in order to footprint is high on the agenda. BloomingAldingbourne Country Centre Futures, a Shoreham based company, has maintain a sustainable fuel supply.Blackmill Lane developed the technology required to convertNorton Chichester Future Aims diesel engines to run on pure plant oil (PPO),West Sussex which is the most sustainable motor fuel Blooming Futures aims to establish a supplyPO18 0JP currently being produced. Production of PPOs chain of locally sourced PPO and make it readily (in this case, rapeseed oil) uses much lower available to both private and commercial users.Email : energy processes and simpler technology than Germany, for example, already has tens diesel and more importantly, the fuel itself is thousands of vehicles running on rapeseed oil carbon neutral. and Blooming Futures aim to develop the UKWebsite : market in the same way, thus increasing The Background number of PPO users.Registered Company: Blooming Futures began research into The Bio-Fleet Project4214435 production of alternative, sustainable fuels as a renewable energy source in 1999 and initially Raising awareness of the possibilities of converted vehicles to run on high and low- using PPO is integral to the Blooming Futures pressure gas. The revenue from conversions promotional plans. They set up the Bio-Fleet to gas usage provided the funding necessary Project: a fleet of 50 highly-visible vehicles to progress research into fossil free fuels and running on the sustainable fuel. The fleet PPOs. After several years, extensive research comprises vehicles from 50 businesses in the (a lot of it unpaid!) and numerous trials, the South East who agreed to a conversion, part team at Blooming Futures carried out their first funded by DEFRA, torun on PPO. The project, conversion to PPO. Since then, the team have running from 2005 to 2009, will also progress enjoyed some highly positive and important development of a local fuel supply. publicity, carrying out a number of high The Bio-Fleet is backed by DEFRA, the profile conversions: a VW Transporter for Hugh Department for Environment, Food and Rural Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Farm (and Affairs, under the Environmental Action Fund featured on his tv series), a tractor for racing’s and the Network for Social Change. Jody Schekter and recently agreed to convert Recognition five vehicles for Brighton & Hove City Council who have been instrumental in helping fund In 2006, the then Secretary of State for the research. They have also entirely powered Environment, Rt Hon David Miliband, visited the several large events using Pure Plant Oil Power. site and the company put forward the idea of Blooming Futures have evolved to become PPO as a viable fuel model. Later that year, it was one of the most experienced PPO engineering announced that Blooming Futures had won The companies in the UK. SouthEast Renewable Energy Award for Innovation. This is brought to you by the West Sussex Social Enterprise Network (WSSEN). For more information visit If this information is needed in an alternative format please contact us and we will try to meet your needs. Call 01243 777544. Designed and published by West Sussex County Council, Graphic Design Team, December 2009.