‘’ We were very happy to sponsor the 2010 MMF ‘’, said Mr. Green. He continues ‘’ The MMF, The Urban Network and
QS4 Enter...
your own custom designed XUMANII profile page! Originally designed with musicians in mind, XUMANII gives its users
their o...
PR Contacts: QS4 Entertainment, Mr. Kyle Green
             Phone : 352.372.7878
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  1. 1. THE 2010 MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL, THE URBAN NETWORK & MIAMI GO GLOBAL. XUMANII TO BRING MIAMI & SOUTH BEACH TO A WORLD-WIDE AUDIENCE…LIVE! New Revolutionary Media Production Platform Lands in Miami with plans to bring South Beach to the World…LIVE! NEW YORK, NY (Oct 11, 2010) – On the heels of its recent debut, XUMANII, the new revolutionary LIVE media production and marketing technology announced today a partnership with THE 2010 MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL & THE URBAN NETWORK. As part of their agreement, XUMANII will produce and broadcast LIVE this amazing 3 day event taking place in various clubs and venues all over the city of Miami bringing it to the world via the world-wide web. Music lovers from all over the world will descend upon Miami by purchasing a ‘’digital ticket’’ to see LIVE performance and interviews from many of their favorite artists and entertainers signing on daily to be a part of this mega event such as, FLO RIDA, THE NAPPY HEADZ, WAKA FLOCKA, BILLY BLUE, LENNY WILLIAMS, BRISCO, LUKE and 95 SOUTH as well as music hopefuls in Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Alternative and R&B music from all over the country. Actor/Comedian JOE TORRY will host the event along with the beautiful model MS.TASHA FORD who will serve as host of the LIVE XUMANII show. An array of showcases will be presented including, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Gibson, D’Addario and ReverbNation, the Delanuca Music Group, Soul of, Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Forward Records, Magic Leap Records, Poe Boy Records, Slip N Slide Records, Universal Records,, Sideshow Entertainment,,, Best Buy and "A Night At The Flick" presented by The Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music program at The Frost School of Music-University of Miami and many more to be announced. Leaving no stone unturned the 2010 MMF will also have a gospel panel featuring Grammy & Stellar Awards winner Mr. BeBe Winans. With an expected audience of 40,000 concert goers in the Miami area alone the MMF and The Urban Network have 7 stages, 30 night clubs, 100 national artists and 200 independent artists and XUMANII to assure this event will be the biggest event of its kind since the Annual BET Awards. Commenting on the alliance, Arthur Mitchell, VP of Urban Network stated, “The Urban Network is bringing everyone to Miami, all the industry leaders and the hottest artists in the music industry today like, WAKA FLOCKA , FLO RIDA and many others including comedian MC’s Joe Torry and Sinbad and even XUMANII! ‘’When my program director, Harold Whaley brought XUMANII to my attention, I could not have a better addition to this year’s MMF. He continues, ‘’ we are also launching The Circuit Nationwide Talent Search at the MMF. The event and tour will be hosted by music industry’s biggest and most sought after hit maker, Kevin Black. The Circuit is going all over the country looking for the next music artist phenomenon and the process and the tour will be streamed LIVE on XUMANII! “Streaming online is the future of live entertainment and XUMANII, The Urban Network and The Circuit with Kevin Black is leading the way. One of many pivotal movers and shakers involved in the many tangible stages in the making of the 2010 MMF is the QS4 Entertainment/QS4 Studios and CEO, Mr. Kyle A. Green. QS4 Entertainment is a conglomeration of top Marketing and Promotions Firms as well as a full service production company that produces its own regularly scheduled entertainment show that features interviews from many of today’s top artists and entertainers.
  2. 2. ‘’ We were very happy to sponsor the 2010 MMF ‘’, said Mr. Green. He continues ‘’ The MMF, The Urban Network and QS4 Entertainment is a music industry dream team and with XUMANII we are going to make the MMF a destination event for the world. The Miami Music Festival made its debut last year and was a great success. ‘’To partner with the Urban Network and XUMANII after only the Miami Music Festival’s first year puts us on the map ’’, Said Irwin Kornfeld producer of The MMF. He continues, ‘’and with XUMANII the 2010 MMF and all participating artists and performers will get local and world- wide attention for their performances. Artists signed and unsigned will have the opportunity to have their video played during this LIVE event; no other music conference has been able to do that. The MMF, The Urban Network and XUMAII will make history here in Miami on Nov.12-14th. ‘’Miami was the perfect location for XUMANII to set up shop in the United States. It’s a mecca for celebrities, entertainers, clubs, great events and concerts. XUMANII is on the lookout for many more partnerships here in Miami, the country and all over the world to have their event broadcast LIVE on XUMANII,’’ states Tandy Weems, Chief Business Development Officer. “At a time when many events are finding it increasingly difficult to sell tickets, XUMANII offers a way to potentially double or triple your revenue and the marketing value by opening the door to the world using this empowering new technology that is XUMANII. Artists and event organizers can now reach an unlimited fan base, present their brand and sell affordable e-tickets for LIVE content. That’s the power of XUMANII!’’ The Miami Music Festival is schedule for November 12th-14th. About The Urban Network The Los Angeles-based Urban Network, in existence since 1988, is the premier entertainment industry publication, online portal and multi-media company bridging the urban entertainment community. The magazine and website's content focuses on artist interviews, radio air personalities, industry gossip, insider record company information, executive interviews, event photos and special interest information. The Urban Network covers contemporary urban music, gospel, hip-hop, adult contemporary, blues and jazz. It examines the latest in home entertainment trends, cinema and DVD news, TV, gaming and lifestyle products. In addition, the Urban Network keeps its readers informed on other important topics such as fashion, health, wealth, and leisure. Urban now features 2 online radio stations: the first being The Mix (which consists of several urban formats such as adult contemporary, old school R&B, jazz and gospel); and the second called, Today’s Hip-Hop and R&B. The Urban Network Keeps You Industry Connected and More! About The Miami Music Festival The Miami Music Festival and its emerging artists' conference return this November with a new and expanded schedule, new venues and more new music than ever. The MMF will again feature acts in a wide variety of genres from Florida, around the U.S. and around the world, performing for the music industry, the press, the local community of music fans and visitors to Miami. In 2010, the festival will add shows in major theaters, two daytime, multi-stage sessions and use of more clubs throughout the city. Working with "Live Miami," a new initiative promoting the city's live music venues, and as the centerpiece of "Live Music Month in Miami," The Miami Music Festival is taking its next steps in support of live musical performance and emerging artists. The Festival's conference will again give emerging artists the opportunity to refine their craft, interact with industry experts, and network with other artists from around the world. And exhibitors will again have the opportunity to present their products and services to artists on the rise. Now in its second year, The Miami Music Festival is itself emerging as a premier event for discovering and enjoying new music in one of the greatest entertainment cities in the world. For tickets and info: About XUMANII XUMANII (pronounced zoo-man-ee) is a revolutionary FREE on-line LIVE content streaming, marketing, and social networking platform that encompasses and surpasses the best of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Ustream combined. The XUMANII innovative wireless technology allows its users to produce professional LIVE content productions in near perfect resolution from virtually any location and broadcast to a world-wide audience right from
  3. 3. your own custom designed XUMANII profile page! Originally designed with musicians in mind, XUMANII gives its users their own personal broadcast channel to a world-wide audience to market their brand in every demographics simultaneously. Produce LIVE concerts, talk shows and reality shows using up to six cameras. Users can allow viewers to view their productions free or set a price and sell ‘’digital tickets’’ via your XUMANII profile page pay-per-view capabilities. XUMANII is embedded with many empowering and innovative features on our time. XUMANII will be offering empowering sponsorship opportunities to artists and brands during the MMF such as verbal and visual product placements, continuous open and close banner impressions and 30 sec video commercials streamed in between its LIVE programming. Sponsorship Opportunities Contact: About The Circuit & Kevin Black The Circuit Nationwide Talent Search begins in 2010! Hosted by Kevin Black, one of the music industry’s most sought after hit makers, with unparalleled experience that spans Death Row, Virgin, EMI, Interscope, and Warner Records, The Circuit is looking for the next music artist phenomenon! Artists of all genres will compete for the opportunity to work the host of The Circuit, Kevin Black's new music management company U Can Fly, plus an array of other exciting prizes! Artists of all genres can compete for the opportunity to work with the host of "The Circuit" nationwide talent search and reality show, Kevin Black. He is one of the music industry's most sought after hit makers with unparalleled experience that spans Death Row, Virgin, EMI, Interscope, and Warner Records, is looking for the next music artist phenomenon with the nationwide talent search The Circuit! A wide array of exciting prizes will be presented to the winners. A brief list of industry leading sponsors include: Calzone Case Co., Latin Percussion and more! The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to work with Kevin Black and his exciting new music management company U Can Fly. Secure your spot in the hottest nationwide talent search to hit 60 cities across the United States! Hosted by the former President of Warner Brothers Records, Kevin Black! Super Stars of the Industry on Board as Advisors and Judges! Also sponsoring and participating in this event will be Miller London, former Vice President of Motown Records for 21 years and the current President of Urban Network and Urban Network magazine. About QS4 Entertainment A conglomeration of Marketing and Promotions firms whose sole purpose is to save Businesses, Record Label Owners, and Clients money on Marketing Services. With such services offered as: Tour Booking, Website Development Website Hosting, Internet Audio Presentations (IAP), Voice Over Talents, Professional Beat Production, Publicity, Radio/Record Promotions, Consulting Corporate Identities, Event Planning & Promoting, Printing, Graphic Designing ,CD Pressing(Duplication), Radio Commercial Production, T.V. Commercial Production, Video Production, File Conversion, Professional Recording Studio, Artist Management, Business Solutions and more. The TV Show features a wide variety of segments including, but not limited to; Interviews with National and Local Artists, Record Label Executives, Producers, Clothing Designers, DJ’s and Video Directors. TV Show interviews fans about a range of entertaining and, controversial topics; via live chats and other interactive features; and will also offer informative reports relating the history of hip-hop and other genres of music. Their Video Production covers a wide range of purposes from corporate communication, training and education, videotaping conferences and conventions, and sales. Sponsors for the MMF, The Urban Network and XUMANII include:
  4. 4. PR Contacts: QS4 Entertainment, Mr. Kyle Green Phone : 352.372.7878