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Xumanii set up instructions


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Xumanii set up instructions

  2. 2. GET STARTED WITH XUMANII First allow us to welcome you as a new future member of the XUMANII online community! By now we are sure you’ve heard of some of the amazing features, tools and freedoms XUMANII offers and provides. This manual is a step-by-step guide for set up and execution of these powerful applications.
  3. 3. BUILD YOUR PROFILE Log In- If you are familiar with the set up of other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, then creating a XUMANII profile will be a breeze. And that’s where the similarities end. XUMANII is so much more ! Your very first step is to go to, you will be sent to the homepage of the site, at the top right hand corner of the page you will see in orange letters, “Sign in or Register”. Click “Register”; enter your email address and select the type of account you believe will be best for you. Add the desired information and you’re IN!
  4. 4. BUILD YOUR PROFILE Customization- Whether it’s uploading pictures, videos, audio clips or even setting up and designing a posting for a future live event XUMANII makes everything extremely easy. Whenever customizing or editing ANY part of your profile all that is required is for you to look at the top right hand of each section and choose your desired action. For example: As soon as you log in you will be on your profile page the box directly in the middle of your screen is entitled “Profile Information”. Click “Edit” and begin entering the contact information you want displayed, create your page’s url and even enter your personal website so it can be displayed on your XUMANII page for all to see.
  5. 5. SITE LINKING: As you may know one of the most celebrated features of XUMANII is the linking of your profile to your Facebook and/or Twitter page. By linking either respective site to XUMANII you transform your “Friends” into an Audience! In the case you have a scheduled LIVE event, you can send blasts to your Facebook and Twitter friends AND THEIR friends to notify and remind them of your LIVE XUMANII production. Go to the toolbar at the top of the page and click, “Settings”. Now once you are there you will see a few other options that you have with your profile such as creating banners for advertisers to pay YOU to be a part of YOUR experience, creating a group and even a full history of transactions made by you and others on your profile. As you scroll down you will see two separate boxes one that says, “LINK MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT” and another that says, “LINK MY TWITTER ACCOUNT”. Plug in your username and password and now your old sites have now become a subsidiary support and marketing system for your LIVE experience.
  6. 6. STREAMING: Now that you know how to customize, link your sites and you know exactly where the rest of your settings and features are…Its time to go LIVE! Simply login to your XUMANII account, click the MY XUMANII / START CAMERA link from the menu bar. You will then see a popup with a flash application. You will need to click -Allow- and your webcam is now LIVE on your profile page.
  7. 7. SINGLE CAMERA ONLY - CONNECTED BY A FIREWIRE CABLE (IEEE 1394 ONLY) Connect your camera to your computer with a fire wire cable - IEEE 1394. You will then need to download, install and open the XUMANII Stream Manager. Click the -ADD CAMERA- button, and select -DV SOURCE-. You will now be able to add your fire wire camera. Click the -CONNECT TO XUMANII- button and your camera is now LIVE on your profile page.
  8. 8. SINGLE OR MULTIPLE CAMERA(S) CONNECTED WIRELESSLY *Soon available to the public. You will need to purchase one XUMANII WIRELESS IPVS BACK PACK from the XUMANII shop for each camera that you wish to connect wirelessly. You will also need to purchase one XUMANII BASE OF OPERATION from the XUMANII shop no matter how many cameras you have (wired and wireless). Only one XUMANII BASE OF OPERATION is required per client (not per camera)
  9. 9. SINGLE OR MULTIPLE CAMERA(S) CONNECTED WIRELESSLY Continued : You will then need to download, install and open the XUMANII Stream Manager. Click the -ADD CAMERA- button, and enter the proper IP information of your XUMANII WIRELESS IPVS BACK PACK. Repeat this step for each camera you have connected. Click the -CONNECT TO XUMANII- button and your camera is now LIVE on your profile page.
  10. 10. THE FUTURE Though it is a fact that when it comes to options, marketing, monetary opportunities and plain common sense XUMANII is far more advanced then all of the current social networking sites…We continue to push for perfection. Wireless Streaming- With the XUMANII wireless streaming backpack you are no longer limited to the length of your cable. Go up stairs, head out to the VIP section, shoot from the roof…If you’ve got internet you’ve got a shot. No strings attached! XUMANII on the go!- In the very near future you be able to watch your favorite stream LIVE ON YOUR SMART PHONE! You will no longer be limited to sitting behind a computer or laptop.
  11. 11. CONTACT Technical Support : PRINCEWILLAM MCKEOWN Director of Operations Marketing and Business Relations : TANDY WEEMS Chief Business Development Officer