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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. October 18, 2010 Hi Friend! Have you heard? The 2010 MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL will be streamed LIVE to a world-wide audience this year from the beautiful city of South Beach Miami Florida! This year’s festival promises to bring with it over 200 amazing performances as well as introductions to the countries many talented and hopeful independent artists, record companies, bands and performers from every category of music looking to present themselves to music lovers all over the world. Everyone will be represented at this event HIP HOP, POP, ROCK, R&B, COUNTRY and MORE! This year’s conferences will be hosted by many of the who's who of today's music industry as well as performances by super stars such as WAKA FLOCKA, FLO RIDA, YOUNG BUCK, Comedian SINBAD & JOE TORREY and much MORE! I would like to personally invite you to become a PROMOTER for this event and with that you will be entered into our contest to win a FREE digital ticket to view this amazing and ground breaking 3 DAY event..LIVE on XUMAMII! To become a promoter for this event and enter the contest just go to and OPEN up your own XUMANII profile page by scrolling over to your right and click REGISTER and just follow the easy instructions. If you need additional help paste & cut these links for additional information on all the innovative features that make of XUMANII: After your profile is all set-up you can now not only begin streaming LIVE and promoting yourself and your brand 24/7 FREE LIVE but now you are ready to become a PROMOTER for THE 2010 MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL and have a chance to win FREE digital ticket! On your page scroll to your right over to the SEARCH box and type in MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL. Scroll down to EVENTS and click the Miami Music Festival logo. The flier will open and to your RIGHT you will see'' PROMOTE THIS EVENT''. Click and follow directions. All you will be doing is linking your FACEBOOK & TWITTER friends to this event and they will receive blasts and reminders to be a part of this amazing event...THAT'S IT! Be a PROMOTER and WIN.... Then get your XUMANII ON and show the world YOUR brand ....LIVE on XUMANII! Thank you, Tandy Weems Chief Business Development Officer [Type text]