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Presentation Facade Access Equipment

  1. 1. XSPhilosophyAt XSPlatforms we believe that working at heights should be safe and simple.Whether you are doing maintenance work on a roof or washing the windowsof the world’s biggest skyscraper. Everybody everywhere should be absolutelysafe whilst working at height.On our quest to change the way the world works at height, our five corevalues guide our actions:  Safety above all  Focus on the customer  Simplicity defines quality  The best isnt good enough  There is no such thing as a problem
  2. 2. Facade Access Equipment ReferencesAn overview of some of our tailor made solutions for facade access: SOWWAH SQUARE TOWERS - Abu Dhabi, UAE CENTRAL PARK TOWERS - Dubai, UAE BARWA FINANCIAL CENTRE - Doha Qatar DUBAI JEWEL TOWER - Dubai, UAE AL BIDDA TOWER - Doha Qatar GATE DISTRICT - Abu Dhabi IPIC HEADQUARTERS - Abu Dhabi
  3. 3. A New Perspective on Facade AccessEvery building or structure is unique, and demands specific solutions for facademaintenance.That is why XSPlatforms offers tailor madesolutions for your work and safety needs.Solutions with a minimal impact on thestructure and architecture of the building.Ranging from telescopic installation, whichretreats into the building, to the smallestdetails to prevent damage to the building´sfacade.With the facade maintenance solutions fromXSPlatforms, you do not only make a choicefor quality and functional innovation, but alsoconvenience and safety. You can also restassured that the appearance of the buildingremains intact; our engineers base theirdesigns on the creative visionof the architect.
  4. 4. LOCATION: ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES SOWWAH SQUARE TOWERSYear: 2010 Sowwah Square is a district located in theNumber of units: 10 center of the Sowwah Square Island in AbuType of units: Fixed and traversing roof Dhabi. The Sowwah square comprises of 4 cars commercial towers, 2 hotels and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The 4 commercial towers are 30 to 36 storeys high and comprise 285,000 m²/3,070,000 ft² of officeSpecifications: space. 8 fixed + 2 traversing roof cars (all telescopic) Max. horizontal outreach of 33,5 m/108.3 ft Max. vertical movement of 5,3 m/16.4 ft Telescopic luffing of 10 degrees Glass replacement units (600 kg/1322.7 lbs) 8 units with width adjustable gondolas (max. 8,5 m/26.2 ft)
  5. 5. CENTRAL PARK TOWERS LOCATION: DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATESThe Central Park Office Towers are a key Year: 2010landmark in Dubais International Financial Number of units: 12Centre. The 2 towers - one residential and Type of units: 6 Fixed and 6one office tower- are 294 meters/965 ft trackless roofhigh and each contain 49 floors. The carstowers spread over an area of 28,825m²/310,269 ft². Specifications:  Telescopic and fixed jib roof cars  Integrated into the buildings design  Horizontal outreach of 28,3 m/92.8 ft  Vertical movement of 12 m/39.4 ft  Telescopic luffing of 60 degrees  Glass replacement units (320 kg/705.4 lbs)
  6. 6. QP DistrictThe QP District roughly covers 693,400 m2 (7,463,695 ft2) andconsists of nine office towers and a five star hotel. The totalcomplex varies in height from 21 to 52 storeys, a maximum heightof 223 meters (731 feet).Upon completion, the towers will serve as the headquarters ofQatar Petroleum.LOCATION: DOHA, QATARYear: 2012Number of units: 11Type of units: 8 Fixed 3 traversing telescopes Specifications:  3 Stage vertical telescoping column, 4 Stage horizontal telescoping jib  Jib under fixed angle of 6 degrees  Horizontal outreach 34 m/111.5 ft  Vertical stroke 6,8 m/22.3 ft  Glass replacement unit 350 kg/771.6 lbs
  7. 7. DUBAI JEWEL TOWERDubai Jewel Tower is 41 floors, high consisting ofretail outlets on the ground and mezzanine floors, 12floors of commercial space and 28 floors of residentialspaces comprising of 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartmentsand 2 high end penthouses. LOCATION: DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Year: 2008 Number of units: 1 fixed roof car Specifications:  Boom length of 47 m/154,2 ft  Vertical movement 1,5 m/4,9 ft  Moveable counterweight  Heavy pantograph with reach of 4,5 m/14,7 ft
  8. 8. AL BIDDA TOWERConstruction of a 215 meter/705 ft tall, 43-storeytower with an unconventional diagonal curtain wallderived from the concept of a tornado with anaggregated nett rentable area of 41.500m²/446,702 ft². LOCATION: DOHA, QATAR Year: 2009 Number of units: 1 Type of units: Climbing roof cars Specifications:  Climbing angle of 20,5 degrees  Glass replacement unit of (160kg/352.7 lbs)  Heavy pantograph with reach of 1,5 m/5 ft  Soft rope system to follow the facade
  9. 9. GATE DISTRICT LOCATION: ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATESLocated on the Al Reem Island, the Gate District hasa total of 6 towers, Year: 2011ranging in height from 22 (Arc Tower) to 74 storeys Number of units: 9(Sky Tower). The Sky Type of units: Traversing roof carsTower reaches a height of 312 meters (1023 feet).Part of The Gate Towers isthe world’s highest penthouse bridge structure, forresidential development,situated at a height of 245 meters (804 ft). Specifications:  7 x fixed jib with reach of 4,3 m/13.1 ft  2 x fixed jib with reach of 10 m/32.8 ft  Luffing of 30 degrees  Glass replacement units (350 kg/771.6 lbs)
  10. 10. IPIC HEAD QUARTERS IPIC tower located in Muroor Road, Abu Dhabi. Upon completion the headquarters is 35 story tower scaling a height of approximately 185 meters/607 ft.LOCATION: ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATESYear: 2011Number of units: 3Type of units: Traversing roof carsSpecifications: Telescopic and fixes jib roof cars Horizontal outreach of 23,5 m/77.1 ft Vertical movement of 8 m/26.2 ft Heavy pantograph with reach of 2 m/6.6 ft
  11. 11. More information about facade access systems: xsplatforms.comor contact us at